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  1. I’ve looked everywhere for nexus 8000 😞 nowhere online or in a store. They had one in a 12” at the LHS but nothing else sadly. It‘s awful 13” sr is all I need. JR is way too narrow and shallow for an adult.
  2. Been looking. 14” is the smallest they come. They must be wide for the pros haha. I want old jofa rbk but as was mentioned I may just get them cut and done properly when find a pair I like. May try to cut a cheap pair and give it a go as well. Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks I’ll look into it. I’m pretty much stuck at this point.
  4. Ok. I found 14” 1S pads. They were awful. My legs felt so heavy and the pads felt as if my legs weighed an extra 5lb each probably due to the length pushing down. The 2S Pro 13” I tried in the store aren’t deep enough. I’m seriously stuck. 14” Sr The depth is perfect! Length is too long. 13 length is bang on and the depth will not work.
  5. And I’m not even a big person. I’m very confused. It was worse with the x60s
  6. Well, they are huge. The stick out and yes it does affect my skating. The straps don’t go around my leg over or under. So they hover off. I have external straps and tape. They just won’t sit flush. It’s not the best feeling. It should protect around the side a bit too. Not sit on top. It’s because I’m an adult in jr pads is my thinking. Without he liner they fit flush enough. But ifs not comfy at all. I’ve tried that and it’s not much better. I may just switch to nexus if I can find a pair
  7. I really don’t want to buy more shin guards. I’ve tried -Bauer x60 WAY worse than these for sticking out. -Bauer S190 they gave me the wrong lenth -cheap warriors. Ok but super low quality and didn’t feel safe in them. -these CCM super tacks. I have used a heat gun on them a few times but was nervous to bend them too far or get them too hot. I just need them to hug my leg not to stick out on top. And I feel the liner is some of the issue. It’s not very padded and just hovers off the pad instead of being more on the bottom
  8. I’ve been looking. Like the length is good. I removed that additional piece of padding as it says if you wear it over to remove. I’ve pushed the liner up too. Like the liner doesn’t touch the skate. Just the plastic part. But it just makes my legs look massive. I’m 5’4 135 lb woman! Like no one else has shins that look this huge.
  9. I don’t know how to direct upload photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/LpiPOkt im not a big human. What the he’ll do they stick out like that. None of my teammates have this issue as bad. And they are perfect lengthwise.
  10. A 13 is too small to go around my leg. A 14 almost fits as I’ve been told but about “an inch too long for senior” I’m exactly a 13. The issue is depth not length. I tried without the liner and hated it. But it did fit much better against my leg. The shin just isn’t wide enough and deep enough. Length is bang on.
  11. 5’4. And it comes to about the middle of the tongue
  12. I’m looking at fixing my tacks liner as well. Where do you find something that work well to pad the area? Like what kind of foam. I wish they made 13” pro stock pads. They don’t seem to exist. I just want a cushiony liner as compared to the awful one in the tacks.
  13. It’s more of a depth thing. The length is fine it has a removable price for those who wear it over the tongue. It is how much it makes my shin stuck out. Then the kneecap doesn’t quite fit right or bend with my knee.
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