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  • Skates
    TRUE w/ XS holder & Black Step Steel
  • Stick
    Pro Stock 2N Pro (Pro Stock FT2 Back up)
  • Gloves
    Bauer 1X Lite Pro
  • Helmet
    CCM 310 w/ FV1 Shield
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    CCM HP70 or HP45X
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM FT390
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer 1X Lite
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer 2N Pro
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Q20 Black

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  1. I own FT2 and 2N Pro after years of using low kick. To me... FT2 feels more like low kick on all shots/passes except hard slapshots (which I never really take). When I'm making one time passes, I really feel the lower end of the shaft moving in the FT2, whereas I don't feel that really with Nexus. The shot on the FT2 is unreal though. I've never blown so many shots by my goalie in warm ups as I have with that stick. However, I use the 2N for all my games because I like passing with it better, and the puck feel is better... It's also lighter.
  2. Did you check your pro stock for accuracy? The trigger 4 I got from hockey stick man was actually a FT2 build dressed up. Ymmv.
  3. How long have you been in the boots? How long have you been playing hockey? I'd say wrong size skate due to foot pain but when you say shin pain... Makes me think your muscles just simply aren't used to skating and or shating in that boot. I've personally never experienced shin pain from hockey... Calf soreness... Yes, but never "pain" which to me is different than just being a little sore. Mako is a touch on the softer side for an top tier boot but I have no idea how skater body weight relates back to boot flexing, and how that in turn relates to the body from a biomechanical point of view.
  4. Bake them. After baking and wrapping my skates feel like money. They also "open up" a little bit when you break them in so you might find that glove like fit to go away just a touch after maybe 10-20 hours in boot. Bake will fix this.
  5. Side line swap ftw! So I've played twice now, still haven't taken any shots off them or fallen but I might have taken a hack to them today? Tough to tell... Didn't feel anything so if I did, then these worked well lol. If any one wants to buy my 1s shins... Pm me. Got then new, wore twice.
  6. I tried really hard to take a clapper off the shins last night but to no avail. However, the fit was really good and I realized after the game I didn't even tape them and they weren't moving around on me at all. More protective feeling/looking than the 1s and remind me a lot of the One80s.
  7. Yeah this is just one of many that we have there... There's some at 0% still but they don't effect my line of business so I'm not realy concerned haha. Either way, it's not a great situation ands a lot of companies will be expecting delays in shipment because of this. First and foremost though is the health of the people.
  8. So this sounds like your 4th or 5th broken steel on this skate.... your holders are probably misaligned, putting stress on the blade and then once a big force like a puck hits it... snap. I've had multiple pairs of step for years and years now, not a single issue.
  9. One of my company's factories in China is back up at 60% capacity. Word (or hope, rather) is back to 100% within the next few weeks.... we'll see.
  10. My company has plants in China. They are shut down still, nobody allowed in until further notice basically...
  11. Picked up a lightly used pair of 2Ns for like $85. Will report back on how they are... Still may look to find a set of pro stock 20k or something for my back up set.
  12. Yeah I'm pretty much a CCM stick guy now. I do have a 2N Pro which does have the best blade for passing and feel that I've ever used... but my shots are snappier with my FT2. I don't like a reallllllyyy stiff blade which a lot of the higher kick sticks seem to have but I've always been intrigued with Connor McDavid using Tacks line for a while, if there's any hype.
  13. I agree, reebok line is confusing. What's the top most top model and then maybe the next one down? I see a few pro stock floating around...
  14. It's okay. I'm not sure mysekf but when I tried them on in store they didn't feel protective, if that's a thing. Like the internal padding was pretty minimal it seemed.
  15. I've got decently wide calves lower legs (just kind of skinny ankles) so Nexus coukd work. I usually see a pair of two of nexus on sideline but I have yet to see any As1 shins.. Decent price difference between the two.
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