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  1. Thanks for the input so far. I can’t remember where I found it, but I believe the Warrior lies are 5, and the Bauer are 6. The lie hasn’t been too much of an issue, I didn’t have a problem using a True stick with a lie of 5 for a while. As for flex, I currently use an 85/87. I’m 5’10 and hover around 225. While I don’t lean into shots too much, for lack of technique, I’m a little leery going down to the 70 range.
  2. For those that have tried both the Alpha and Covert lines, which have you noticed to be more forgiving and helpful with shots? To preference that a little more, I'm a newer player, that takes mostly wrist or snap shots, and I know I don't have the greatest form. Experience wise, I've used both the Vapor and Nexus lines, and I know that the Alpha would be somewhat of a mix between those two. I'm looking for a stick to upgrade to that will do well to aid my lack of skill (for now) in shots, and also help me to get more power and control as I get better with shooting skills. I've seen mixed things as far as the blade pop for passing and such, which I can't say I've really had too many issues with as far as passing or receiving passes. My main goal is looking for one that will give me a little more help with my shots as my form and technique continues to improve. So between the two lines, should I pick up a Covert QRE variant, or wait a little longer and an Alpha DX variant? Thanks.
  3. I currently use the CCM insoles, and like them. I liked having the adjustable arch. I was using the Superfeet for a while, but couldn't quite get use to the arch support.
  4. Helmet: Bauer Re-Akt 100 with Re-Akt cage Elbows: Bauer Supreme 1S Shoulders: Bauer Vapor X900 Shins: Bauer Vapor 1X Lite (Went from Bauer S190's, to Vapor 1X, to Vapor 1X Lite which feels like nothing is there, just molded to my leg) Gloves: Bauer Supreme S170, I have a brand new pair of Bauer 1X Pro's, just rocking the Supremes still Skates: Bauer Supreme S180 with CCM adjustable inserts Pants: Bauer Vapor 1X Sticks: Bauer Vapor X900 105 flex with P88 and 87 flex with P88 flex, and a Bauer 1S 105 flex with P88 Considering my skill level, and amount of time I have to play, some of my kit is way above my level. Something I enjoy and didn't mind spending some money on though.
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