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  1. If anyone is interested in our STX gear and you do not want to sign up for the New Membership code DM me and I can get you a 10% off code. If you are worried about trying different sizes use the discount that I am offering to offset shipping costs.
  2. We loved our experience with Chase and had a great time walking through our products with him. Due to our new business model, we hope that you can make your own opinion and determination on sticks buy testing it out during our 14 day Risk-Free Trial. If you are curious about our sticks and do not want to put all your trust in product reviews or videos you can purchase an elite level STX stick and demo it during our Risk Free Trial period. If the sticks are not what you expected or want to use a different curve/flex you can activate a return and we will give you your money back or exchange the stick for your new curve or flex. Product videos are great but why not try the stick out for yourself. We hope this new business direction becomes the new norm in the hockey industry.
  3. Nicolas G we would love to do Team Sales and Custom orders! send us your email and we can walk you through our new offerings.
  4. Nicholas G if you could provide me with your email I will make sure one of our Ignite Rep reaches out to walk you through the program.
  5. BlueNux thank you for signing up. Please check your Spam and or Junk email it most likely is in one of those two folders.
  6. Nicholas G if you could provide me with your email I will get you in touch with our Ignite Rep to walk you through the program.
  7. If you could provide me with your email I will have our Ignite Rep reach out to you to walk you through our program.
  8. We are working hard to bring STX to Canada. We currently have a few dealers in Canada who sell STX equipment but the prices will not be the same.
  9. I love the X9 but unfortunately, when we were selling the RX/RX2 the X9 was not as popular as the X28, X92, and X88. I wish we could offer more curves, but since we are offering a more affordable pricing structure we had to cut back on our SKUs. I personally use the X91. If you are interested in the X9 we do offer a very aggressive custom stick program. The custom stick program is less expensive then our competitors Elite level sticks. I can dive into this program for you if you are interested.
  10. I have the weight for our Senior Large but I will ask our product team regarding the Senior Medium RX3 shoulder pad weight. The RX3 shoulder pad features our HD2 foam throughout the pad that helps create a hydrophobic barrier to repel water and sweat. We have also added HexLite foam throughout the pad for enhanced body mapping. We have added targeted zones of Ice Skin material to critical areas of the pad to help pull sweat from your body to the front of the pad for evaporation.
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Matt and I am the Brand Manger for STX. We are super excited to launch the Surgeon RX3 line as well as STX Direct. I am here to help with any question you may have.
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