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  1. Are you talking about the endless Base curve thread? Trying to get useful info out of long threads with meandering vectors is the worst.
  2. Hey, I am wondering if anyone has used one of these sticks before. They have a couple of curves that look fun to try and I am thinking about getting a custom "Super Natural". Are they worth the price for a beer league / drop in player? What is their reputation as far a durability?
  3. Has anyone used these sticks? Ive heard a lot of bad news about the durability of the 2N Pro, either breakage or whipping out. But I haven't seen anyone commenting on these. There is one I really want but $200 is a ton of $$ and while I realize there is always some risk, I feel like Bauer in general is known for whipping out, losing pop and breaking. Has anyone used these?
  4. As a coach, I hate stuff like a backhand toe drag. It's such a low percentage play that if you're playing a competitive game just chip it in and go get it. Even if you're 1 on 1 with the goaler or a dman, there are so many smarter plays you could make. If you're playing beer league or drop in, dangle til some breaks your stick bud!
  5. Hey sorry just saw this. It has a lot of pop. It is a very stiff very lively blade. Definitely built for release and durability. It's not my favorite blade of all time but I do like that there is not even a hint of it opening up on any shot.
  6. Either way it's whatever because these sticks are tanks. Mine has seen some wicked slashes from my own teenage boys (way worse than league or drop in games) on the pond this winter and is A OK and still feels like new. The outer finish does have scars but the stick is fine.
  7. One thing to consider when chosing is how you pull the puck in. For some people a square toe is just what they need, for others it can be a challenge.
  8. I find super old pucks are not bad.
  9. I am looking for skates for my son and just browsing the internet and I realized the only twopeople I have ever seen use Graf skates are ankle skaters. Is there something about these skates that makes them stand out to that kind of skater? Should I consider them for my son? He's an above average height and strength 11yo with 100% average skating. Not bad but not turning heads.
  10. It's probably because of all the guys out there who go into a rage about how "IT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FLEX!" when you cut a stick, either to be contrarian or not understanding that it is simply a common metric used to note the difficulty of flexing a stick. I can just imagine the emails their customer service departments get on stuff like that.
  11. So what does the M on CCM pro stick codes mean? I always thought it meant the stick was made in Montreal for some reason.
  12. I liked the ST 2.0 team sticks and I like the Jetspeed, but I feel like the blades are different. The ST seemed very very stiff.
  13. If love to see Gretz get a hold of the flex and start snapping it.
  14. Yes exactly! Though I paid waayyyyyyyy less for mine. Thanks OYG! Though this seems to have retail specs listed but mine is clearly labeled "LK" and does not have concave sidewalls. Which makes me sure the rest of the construction is a mystery.
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