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  1. As far as pants— I’m 6’2” and 310 with a 46-48” waist. The Nexus 3XL pants fit me very well, and are even a bit generous in the thigh and rear, which is great for me since there is still some former powerlifter left under the squishy exterior. And Scott’s guide was basically my equipment Bible when I started up about a year ago.
  2. Dude, thanks for looking out for me. The upper body stuff was never the sticking point for me. I grabbed a set of XL CCM JetSpeed shoulder pads that fit great and were super cheap. I’m all legs— it was always the pants that were going to be the problem, and you helped tremendously with that. Oct 11 I hit the ice again for the first time in over a decade!
  3. So, they arrived yesterday and fit absolutely perfectly around the waist, hips, and upper thigh, which for a former collegiate offensive lineman who can still squat close to 600 lbs is pretty impressive. The thing that shocked me is how roomy they are toward the lower thigh— I can fit my fist underneath the thigh pads. Plenty of room to maneuver. Going to feel very well protected.
  4. Yes sir. I actually just did that. One step closer to getting back on the ice. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Scott— I created this account to tell you how thankful I am that you took the time to share your knowledge. I don’t have it quite as bad as you do in trying to find equipment (I’m 6’2”, around 300), but it’s still difficult, and your guide has saved me hours of research in my efforts to pick up hockey again after a decade off. I’m actually about 40 pounds lighter now than I was then, but I could get Tackla pants in a 60 off the shelf back then. So, in order to pay it forward and help other big guys, my experience: I called Montreal Hockey about the Tackla pants. I have about a 46” waist, so I thought their size 58 is about my only hope, unless I order direct from Europe. Unfortunately, they’re sold out. However, he told me about the JAMM 5000/1 girdle, which is currently available on hockeydogs.com in 3XL, and it allegedly fits a 46” waist. It runs a shade over $100, and the various shells are around $40. I’m going to order one next paycheck, and I’ll let you know how the fit is.
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