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    Bauer Supreme S150
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    Reebok 11K VN pro stock
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    Tackla Pro 9000
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    Reebok Jofa 7K pro stock
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    CCM Tacks 7092
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  1. CCM bought Step so I doubt that they can get their hands on it for a reasonable wholesale price.
  2. If anyone needs some big pants on the cheap, these popped up on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174362949407
  3. Has anyone seen what sizes and widths would be offered with the retail models? I haven't found that info anywhere.
  4. Our rink reopened yesterday, played last night. I forgot how much I missed it.
  5. I forgot about moving the tongue. That will help eliminate negative space on the top of the toes, if that is the issue. If you want the tips of your toes to touch the toe box, True usually will tape in some space pads. They should be able to ship you some if you need those. If not, I may still have mine in my box of hockey junk.
  6. Try rebaking them and then do the shrink wrap (or whatever the stuff is called) technique. The video on how to do it is buried in this thread somewhere. That should help with issues in the heel and ankle area; don't have any tips for the toe box as I had the opposite issue.
  7. Bay Area Hockey Repair can do it.
  8. I've made that suggestion before; that is @JR Boucicaut's call...
  9. If you have arch pain, I would recommend doing the cut out method on the red insole. I actually use two red insoles and the blue one. I cut out the arch on the bottom red insole and use an intact red insole and blue on top. I needed the extra cushion of a second red insole as I found the footbed too hard and uncomfortable without the second red insole. You can email their customer service and request additional insoles of both types, if desired.
  10. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pratt-Retail-Specialties-5-in-x-1000-ft-Stretch-Wrap-5005001/202029371
  11. No, you want to get the shrink wrap stuff on a handle that you can find at any home Depot or moving supply joint.
  12. Flair out your eyelet cuff as stated above with a heat gun and I also use the next size up on laces so I can get in and out of my skates without having to fool with that. So if you you usually use 105" laces, get some 120".
  13. They no longer make the 3xl Nexus so you're only option without searching far and wide for a used pair of Tacklas or ordering a pair from Finland is Bauer S29. If you read the description, it says it's the same fit as the discontinued Nexus...
  14. https://www.bauer.com/en-US/hockey-pads-protection/hockey-pants/supreme-s29-pants-senior-675865.html
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