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  1. I have the Bauer Mx3 girdle and it has great tailbone protection. Bauer s190 girdle or 1s pants can be found on sale and if not go with the 2s pro girdle
  2. My only experience is with bauer 1s, 1x lite, and 2016 x900. I found the 1x lite to have the best fiting shoulder cap but the sternum and spine protection to be bulky. The x900 were not bad but overall found the 1s to best best all around low profile fit for me.
  3. Helmet: Bauer Reakt pro straight shield Shoulders: Bauer Supreme 1s (haven’t worn yet) Elbows: Bauer Vapor 1x Gloves: Bauer Vapor x800 Pants: Bauer Supreme Mx3 Shins: Bauer Vapor 1x Skates: Bauer Supreme S190 Sticks: Bauer pro stock nexus 8000 p92 95 flex Bauer vapor xte p28 102 flex Bauer pro stock Supreme 1s p28 82 flex
  4. Ok thanks. Eager to see the 2s protective that supposebly will drop this spring. Probably get the 1s when they go on sale.
  5. I wear the 2016 vapor 1x and they are great. Cant compare to the eastons though. I tried on the bauer 1s and vapor 2018 1x at the lhs and did not like the strapping system on the new vapor 1x and found the vapor to fit better than the 1s especially with my skate tongues flopped. I found a good deal on the 2016 vapor 1x and glad i got them.
  6. Im probably going to try the 1s pants Next. I Wear a Bauer Mx3 pant now and love it. How do you find the sizing to be on the 1s. Im 5’10, 36” waist and wear medium bauer pants.
  7. I was in the market for a Girdle and was very close to buying a 9k. Just seemed very bulky. Ended up going with the bauer supreme total one HP girdle from total hockey. Wore it for a 5 skates or so and felt like it was restricting. I ended up finding a brand new Bauer MX3 for a great price even though i was reluctant to try another girdle tryed it anyway. Glad i did because The Mx3 is great. Mobile and light weight. I am eager to hear your review of the 9K once you get it.
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