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  1. thanks for the replies, I hadn't really considered going to the local store, mostly cause of the time it would take (i'll spare you the details of work/family commitments). I will at least call them to see what they have and gauge their knowledge of fitting someone. It is overwhelming looking at the equipment manufacturers websites and trying to make a decision without just thinking that buying the top of the line is the only way to go, and I don't really have any preference when it comes to manufacturers, and from looking at equipment lists on here it seems like most everyone mixes and matches. It was nice to hear directly from someone at stx that is on here via pm
  2. thanks for the advice, I checked out stx, I do like how their gear looks, I'm definitely going to consider it. I'm trying the Facebook ad for the makos you posted in the other thread, the have my size so I might pick up a second pair from them.
  3. yeah they fit great, I've only had bauer skates up until now, and I've never been fully happy with how they fit.
  4. greetings everyone, I've decided to join a recreational league in the fall, I basically need to get everything other than skates. As I'm over 2 hrs away from the closest hockey shop I will be doing probably all of my purchasing online. I'm 37, 6'5", 230lbs, I've kept skating through the years but its been awhile since I played pickup hockey in college. Since its a rec league I could get by on the cheap, gear wise, but I'm going to try and research things and get some decent gear. Skates - already have purchased some Easton Mako II, found a second pair NOS, should I get a second pair? Pants - looking at some new old stock easton stealth+1 on sidelineswap shoulder, shin, and elbow pads - considering NOS sherwood t 90 from online Helmet - no clue, other than I want a full cage Stick - currently have a wood montreal stick, I had a sherwood 9950 that i really liked before, Is buying another 9950 dumb, or should I just get something composite right away Anything else I'm missing? Any recommendations/tips would be appreciated, especially from the taller guys that will fit similarly to me.
  5. just picked up some new old stock mako II's, and now have found another new pair? is it worth buying a second pair?
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