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  1. I wasnt happy with the fit. the donut pads were killing my ankles, causing bruising. there was a pressure point just before the toe box on my right foot. i just overall was very dissatisfied with the fit. My scan wasnt very accurate the first time, it was blocky. And even my second time the scanner had major issues to the point where we did about 7 or 8 scans and then just opted to take pictures of my feet to use along with the prior scan.
  2. my remakes just came in, wrong laces again lol. will get em baked and throw some waxed laces on to see how they feel.
  3. I dont even remember specifying when i ordered. No one asked.
  4. that might have been me regarding the donut "holes" lining up to the ankle bones. thats true. and I am under the impression they toss in the ankle pads in a stock position. im fairly certain of that.
  5. I went with Total Custom FT2 also. Donut ankle, beige clarino liner, 1/4 advanced facing, metatonic tongue (stock)
  6. Have been communicating with CCM and they are remaking my skates from scratch. Solid customer support.
  7. Ill let you know when i hear back. The woman mentioned a rework program and asked about my issues...thats all so far.
  8. havent heard back since i sent my problem areas of the skate and what i tried. i actually found a piece of liner last night that spanned across where the boot meets the toe box. it was folded and i was able to pull it out of the skate easily (it was held in place by adhesive). this is what was causing the pressure in my right foot near the toe box because after i removed that it felt much better. not sure the purpose it had, but im glad that fixed my biggest problem area.
  9. yes i am in contact with them.
  10. Skated on these again tonight for 2 hours. Feet were asleep nearly the whole time even after untying and loosening twice. Emailed ccm earlier today and they mentioned a rework program and asked a few questions about where the pressure is etc.
  11. My total custom ft2 skates came in a couple of weeks ago and ive skated in them about 5 times. To be honest im a disappointed in the fit and i think you raise some good points about the scanning. When youre being scanned, your feet are elevated with no weight on them, which is not how your feet will sit in a boot with 190lbs of pressure on them. I opted to add the 1/4" boot cut to increase the depth which was a big help over the stock ft2 and ft1. I also went with the donut ankle padding. However the donut ankle padding sits too low and therefore the middle part of the donut is not actually around my ankle bone - so the thick part of the padding rubs along my foot and has caused bruising. I also have a hot spot on my right big toe that was not there in the stock ft2. The boot is incredibly tight, i hardly have to tie the laces to feel secure. For 1299 im not impressed with the fit
  12. Try em on and decide. The ft490 is basically the same thing as the ft1 in terms of fit (from what ive read).
  13. Bump for more input and response from nicholas g regarding ft1 vs ft490. I recently bought ft1's (after about 20 years of grafs). I need to have them profiled to put me more on my toes, but the right foot feels amazing. Super light and just about as perfect of a fit as i could want. The left side (my bigger foot) needs more room all around. Might need to go custom unless the ft490 heel pocket has a little more room to let my foot settle in more.
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