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  1. Are there right handed p90t out there?
  2. Is the TC4 a tad longer or ccm p28? The two lined up it seems the true is a half inch or so longer.
  3. Ended up going with 2018 a5.2 and a6.0 for $265 total shipped, taxes.....not bad. Will try the ft2 when I can. Seems the warrior gets no love.
  4. Ok thanks. The 2n is in the running too. Not 2n pro
  5. Been using vapors or coverts for a while. Been thinking about giving the jetspeed or alpha DX For a change. I hated the warrior HD1 so if the DX is anything like it I would pass. The last mid type I had was a true 5.2 sbp. So if jetspeed or DX is in that family I think I’d like either. Any suggestions?
  6. How have these been durability and quality wise?
  7. Thoughts on their low kick HT
  8. https://www.hockeymonkey.ca/bauer-hockey-helmet-accessories-j-clip-ims-reakt.html those are the ones. But I’m in the US
  9. The clips that come on a Bauer reakt or ims9.0 for a cage. The clips by the ear holes that the cage slides into. May be called j clips.
  10. Just to be clear, you can bake/sharpen AND use skates bought from PH and still return after 30 days?
  11. Forgot to add that I feel like I could almost size down by a half in the ribcor
  12. Sooooooo......I ordered ribcor and ft1 from PH to try on at least. I don’t get ccm. The ribcor feel like a nexus. I really have to crank down on laces to get a snug good fit. Even then there is a lot of volume in the toe cap area. This is all pre baking. the ft1 almost fit like a glove out of the box. I don’t think they have near as much volume as the ribcor. and the right ribcor feels much bigger than left. I may just try the ribcor for a month and see. If they don’t work I already know the ft1 will.
  13. Did you ever post a full review?
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