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  1. Are there right handed p90t out there?
  2. Is the TC4 a tad longer or ccm p28? The two lined up it seems the true is a half inch or so longer.
  3. Ended up going with 2018 a5.2 and a6.0 for $265 total shipped, taxes.....not bad. Will try the ft2 when I can. Seems the warrior gets no love.
  4. Ok thanks. The 2n is in the running too. Not 2n pro
  5. Been using vapors or coverts for a while. Been thinking about giving the jetspeed or alpha DX For a change. I hated the warrior HD1 so if the DX is anything like it I would pass. The last mid type I had was a true 5.2 sbp. So if jetspeed or DX is in that family I think I’d like either. Any suggestions?
  6. How have these been durability and quality wise?
  7. Is the SBP series going away?
  8. Thoughts on their low kick HT
  9. https://www.hockeymonkey.ca/bauer-hockey-helmet-accessories-j-clip-ims-reakt.html those are the ones. But I’m in the US
  10. The clips that come on a Bauer reakt or ims9.0 for a cage. The clips by the ear holes that the cage slides into. May be called j clips.
  11. Just to be clear, you can bake/sharpen AND use skates bought from PH and still return after 30 days?
  12. Forgot to add that I feel like I could almost size down by a half in the ribcor
  13. Sooooooo......I ordered ribcor and ft1 from PH to try on at least. I don’t get ccm. The ribcor feel like a nexus. I really have to crank down on laces to get a snug good fit. Even then there is a lot of volume in the toe cap area. This is all pre baking. the ft1 almost fit like a glove out of the box. I don’t think they have near as much volume as the ribcor. and the right ribcor feels much bigger than left. I may just try the ribcor for a month and see. If they don’t work I already know the ft1 will.
  14. Did you ever post a full review?
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