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  1. The holder on my 9070s were shocking. talking about 10-15mm out. They straightened them, but every time after 1 skate it shifted back. eventually I got them warranty’s exchanged for some AS1s.
  2. It may be a case that there’s not much they can do to prevent an injury such as mine. good news is though that I’ve already been discharged from the fracture clinic and district nurse. It’s not as bad as it first appeared, and it should be good in 4-6 weeks.
  3. Can’t feel anything inside the skate at all. May pull my laces off and see if I can get a real good feel around though with the tongue pulled out.
  4. Bit of a strange one this, but I blocked a shot on Sunday night which was right on the toe box of my skate. After mopping up some blood and a trip to A&E the day after it appears my toe is actually broken. The toe box is unmarked and undamaged, it made me wonder, are high end skate toe boxes stronger, would this injury have been worse in a cheaper skate? obligatory image gallery of a broken toe, note that there’s some blood and bruising in the photo gallery. https://imgur.com/a/IgKKLcM
  5. So I noticed that my tongue isn’t ever too straight when I lace my boots. So I was wondering if I just need to make sure it’s straight when I lace, or if the tongue is heat moulded. if it’s heat moulded is there an easy way to remould just the tongue at home without redoing the whole boot?
  6. I have similar in the right boot of my AS1. For me, it was caused by my heel lifting slightly Into the boot. Using my Stable 26 socks to tighten up the heel lock fixed the pain as my heel is fixed much better
  7. I had this issue with my tacks when changing out of S29s. i baked with stock insoles then did the speedplates myself at home. However due to the stiffer boot, the extra thickness was enough to push my foot up against the boot making my toes numb. it was fixed by rebaking the skates with the speed plates
  8. This popped up in my YouTube recommended. wondered if anybody is able to translate the key parts to English?
  9. So all collected and baked. i thought I knew what a tight heel fit was. Until these. Was a 2.5 hour drive home after moulding them. They looked very snug when I took them out of the box at home so thought I’d best try them out before leaving them over night. It’s the first time I’ve heard a suction noise as my heel goes into a skate!
  10. Any idea if the internal footbed size is the same as the 9070? Will I get away with remoulding my Speedplates that were cut to match the 9070 insole? Or should i get a new pair and have them cut to match the AS1 insole?
  11. Update: Retailer is offering to move me into a pair of Tacks AS1 instead
  12. Not all the rivets were replaced, but of note is that he added copper rivets to the back corners of the front set of rivets.
  13. The steel is straight, it’s all in the holder
  14. No luck! They managed to align them without having to drill holes. But after 1 hour on the ice, they have shifted back again to being way out of alignment.
  15. Or ask the store to get in a selection of 12s for you to try?
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