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  1. Sooooo I got the news today that my customs have arrived in store! That’s 4 weeks from when they received the order to ship them over to the UK. Pretty impressive. Only downside is that our current lockdown restrictions mean I am unable to get them.
  2. They are thin cotton dress socks
  3. The order has gone. They were great. Lots of photos and information has gone. just to wait now
  4. this is how little volume I have if I am to get a reasonable heel. This also doesn’t account for the fact that I’m still smaller than a D width
  5. It’s a reasonable thing to ask. The best fit width and heel wise etc are the vapor fit1 I have now. The issue is that I’m over the facing on nearly every eyelet. So I’d need extenders on every one of them. The thinking at the store with the fitter was that the thick tongue of the 2x pro would prevent lace bite and distribute the pressure. Except it didn’t.
  6. Yeah. I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing. It’s not huge weight. It’s 98kg down to around 85 where I should be about. So probably very little difference at the moment anyway. but hey! I’m a self confessed worrier!
  7. Bauer said it selected the fit based on ankle wrap, and and width. Regardless of instep height and depth. We don’t really get “box” stores in the UK. Being a fairly niche sport, hockey stores are specialist stores. unfortunately not all are as knowledgeable as others. im most certainly going to go all out with tries. After top end supremes, tacks, vapors, and making do. It would have been cheaper to go custom at the start. Just trying to ease my anxiety of £900 without trying them, which is probably normal.
  8. That’s good to hear. After a bodged fitting between Bauer’s scan, and the local shop being adamant it’s correct (I take some blame for not trusting my own judgement). im doing a 300 mile round trip to a recommended store this time. but the responses from the other store and Bauer were that. Yeah the scan has put you in the wrong boot but tough luck. this is the sizing that is forcing me custom 🙂 https://my.volumental.com/en/bauer_custom/e1d7dd6c-6857-4b51-a2d6-855d939caeb9/?utm_medium=myvemail
  9. I’m finally biting the bullet and going for true. I do have a couple of questions though after trying supremes, as1’s and most recently vapor 2x pro fit 1, all from advice of different fitters. With some working better than others none have been perfect. all skates have given me arch pain without either orthomove or speedplates, supremes were loose in the heal, tacks were a little better but on the verge of lace bite, the vapors seem ok but are too shallow. Even Bauer admitted that my foot isn’t going to go into a retail boot. my foot is narrower than a D, but I have a higher arch than an average person, a thinner ankle wrap, and an instep that is too tall for supremes. So essentially i need a vapor cut, with a narrower than D boot, with the depth of a nexus. now lockdown hasn’t been kind, I’ve not skated in 8 months, and I’ve put on maybe 10kg of weight. How adjustable are the ska the skates? When Im back on the ice in the new year, and I lose the lockdown weight and feet change slightly as the muscles readjust. Are the trues so set that they no longer fit? Or is it a case of just rebaking and good to go? after trying nearly every top end skate over the years, I want these the be the final pair for a long time.
  10. The holder on my 9070s were shocking. talking about 10-15mm out. They straightened them, but every time after 1 skate it shifted back. eventually I got them warranty’s exchanged for some AS1s.
  11. It may be a case that there’s not much they can do to prevent an injury such as mine. good news is though that I’ve already been discharged from the fracture clinic and district nurse. It’s not as bad as it first appeared, and it should be good in 4-6 weeks.
  12. Can’t feel anything inside the skate at all. May pull my laces off and see if I can get a real good feel around though with the tongue pulled out.
  13. Bit of a strange one this, but I blocked a shot on Sunday night which was right on the toe box of my skate. After mopping up some blood and a trip to A&E the day after it appears my toe is actually broken. The toe box is unmarked and undamaged, it made me wonder, are high end skate toe boxes stronger, would this injury have been worse in a cheaper skate? obligatory image gallery of a broken toe, note that there’s some blood and bruising in the photo gallery. https://imgur.com/a/IgKKLcM
  14. So I noticed that my tongue isn’t ever too straight when I lace my boots. So I was wondering if I just need to make sure it’s straight when I lace, or if the tongue is heat moulded. if it’s heat moulded is there an easy way to remould just the tongue at home without redoing the whole boot?
  15. I have similar in the right boot of my AS1. For me, it was caused by my heel lifting slightly Into the boot. Using my Stable 26 socks to tighten up the heel lock fixed the pain as my heel is fixed much better
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