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    Bauer Supreme One100
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    Bauer N2 - 87 P92
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    CCM CL
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    8K RBK, Bauer RE-AKT Titanium
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    CCM CL
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    CCM u+ Pro
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  1. The only point I was trying to make is that for the price they are charging they should offer some sort of guarantee. If it is just remaking the same boot but changing a few things than that seems perfectly fine. I had no idea what that True offered to remake a boot if something was wrong, for me that goes a long way to getting my money. The thought of being stuck with skates that cost that much.. I always try and but big ticket items(tv, wedding rings) at Costco over going to other stores because I know they have a great return policy. For that they litterially received over a hundred thousand dollars from me over the years.(15 year etc) Bottom line custom skates are to expensive to not have some sort of guarantee.
  2. Makes perfect sense to me but I shop at Costco and they seem to be doing fine. If it were not for the fact the hockey skates will soon cost 1000's I would feel sorry for CCM. I was looking at treating myself to custom skates since my next pair will probably be my last. And the guarantee would have gone a long way to trying CCM's. Now I'm looking at Tru's vs the FT6 coming out..
  3. You would think they could keep this for custom skates, given the price tag.
  4. Neoprene ankle guard to protect from friction Same thing happened to me. Would get a nasty blister on the side of foot. I got something like link above and it worked. Mine was for figure skaters thou. Good luck.
  5. Been subscribed to you for over a month now. Your videos are good.
  6. I would just stay away from 100 flex. After that pick what you want. For me anything lower than 85 feel like I'm shooting with a rope rather then a stick.
  7. I have my foot flexed forward while I tie them all the way up. Then I tweak it from there.
  8. The P92 is the best selling curve for a reason. It can do everything. A mid flex is probably the safest flex you can use as it can do everything. An 85 flex is probably the safest flex as, you guessed it, it can do everything. I think the only question up for debate is how long your stick should be. Short for better stick handling or longer for a harder shot. I found that shortening my stick 1.5 inches changed my game more than curve and flex ever did. All that said it didn't stop me from buying the Laine curve from prostockhockey.. It was a mid 85 flex though..
  9. The only stick I have ever used that would last was the Bauer Nexus 1000 from ten years ago. It weighted in at 415 grams and had something called eLASTech which was something they added to the stick to prevent micro cracks from spreading. If I were prostockhockeysticks I would look at that stick and reverse engineer it. Something about that stick worked. Weather it was the eLASTech or something else I have no idea. I own a prostockhockeystick blueline 85 flex Laine(sp?). I have yet to use it but it feels great it the living room.. I wanted to try the curve and the price was right. Bauer Nexus 1000 stick
  10. Took a shot with my PlayStation the other day and the thing shattered first shot. Of course it was past the 30 days so I was screwed.. Was going to pick up a pair of new Hyperlite sticks but it was too expensive so I'm stuck trying another PS5. Was thinking of using my old wide-screen OLED TV for a few games and maybe just wait for the Hyperlite's to come down in price..
  11. It is funny but sticks are so expensive now that I feel stuck using what I know and don't feel I can risk buying another type of stick. So I'm stuck using the Nexus till I die. How the F are sticks more expensive then a pair of BOSE's noise cancelling headset? Two sticks cost more then a PS5..
  12. I found while using these that I only needed to put one on the medial portion of my skate. Helped with the lace bite by increasing the range of motion just enough.
  13. Two other things you are going to notice. Crossovers will feel way stronger. I find I can actually use my crossovers to accelerate as apposed to just turning. Also you are going to last a lot longer on the ice before you need to take a break. That comes from the increased glide. In fact once you reach top speed you can actually stop pumping your legs and just glide with your head up cause your not losing speed as much vs a single 9' profile. The Quad 0.5 is a total game changer. Makes the game easier.
  14. Yellow laces have been around for so long they are kinda basic at this point.
  15. I think the full QUAD profile that jumps by threes between zones might take more to get use too. The QUAD 0.5, which jumps by twos' between the zones, will take you about ten minutes to get use too.
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