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    Bauer Supreme One100
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    Bauer N2 - 87 P92
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    CCM CL
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    8K RBK, Bauer RE-AKT Titanium
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    CCM FT1
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    CCM CL
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    CCM u+ Pro
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    CCM CL
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    HT4 - (Best new product)

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    BC, Canada
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    Hockey and family.
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  1. I think both were top of the line back in the day and elbow pads have not really changed for at least the last seven years. So... go with the CL:)
  2. I went from the cheap Sheerwood which nearly got me killed, got a shoulder to the chest when my head was turned and was coughing for about six weeks after. Went to a JOFA which was a tank but way to bulky. Down to a CCM mid price point which was OK. Then I found the CCM CL shoulder pads and could not be happier, I don't even know they are on and they have saved me at least twice with no problem.
  3. I forgot one question. Do you like them? Why or why not?
  4. Weight? Is it so stiff that it digs into the leg to much? Does the rubber on the top help? Is the toe box too snug? Is the bottom of the boot thicker to provide a better anchor to mount the holder? What was it like before and after you heat molded it? Does heat molding it change the bottom of the boot also because it wraps 360? Would standing up during the heat mold destroy the skate? What does it smell like? (just kidding) Thanks.
  5. Would love any kind of feedback on the CCM AS3 Pro skate from someone that has it.
  6. That is funny because I'm a huge fan of step steel. First thing I though when I saw the AS3 Pro skate was "I thought they bought Step. Am I suppose to buy Step after paying $1300 total?..."
  7. I know they put in a few extra mm of padding on the AS3 Pro because of how stiff it is. I was wondering did they add the extra padding to the AS3 version as well? I'm looking at getting the AS3 but I know the carbon is not as stiff as the AS3 PROs'. Also while I have you here... Does the AS3 carbon wrap all the way around the bottom like the AS3 PROs'?
  8. So how long till CCM switches to the New Bauer fitting system? How many more years is the Ribcore going to be around for?
  9. You and just send the steel in the mail to get them profiled...
  10. Funny you should mention this but I wonder if the ice I was playing on was harder than normal. Maybe that was what I was noticing...
  11. Ya I hit that tipping point alright. Just the left skate. Now I have every trick in the book to give the left skate more volume. Pads as described, changing the way I lace them up, even added a plastic extension piece for more forward flex etc. Now my left boot is... "perfect"? LOL.... Right boot is fine BTW...
  12. 75 flex sticks. I wanted to be like Kessel:(
  13. They have Velcro. Not sure what you mean. The Velcro stops them from shifting and since your tendon is in the middle it is basically locked in once laced up. They are pretty thick gel pads as well. Once you cut out the middle part it gives a lot of room for the tendon. Once you have them set up they are just a part of your skate. Mine have stayed there for a few years now. Either way the Forsberg idea is the best solution for bad lace bite and this is the fastest way to deal it as it takes 1 minute to set up. Plus it works. Then you can add other things if it is really bad like including a gel pad on top of the tendon. So Forsberg and gel pad. If that doesn't fix it... Wow... I wish I knew what caused the lace bite in the first place. I was doing fine for a long time then bang hit me hard and fast and never really went away...
  14. Buy gel pad seen in pic below but cut the middle part out. The two side pieces have Velcro on the back and will stay there. BOOM. Forsberg pads for lazy people like me... It works. Your welcome.
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