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    Bauer Supreme One100
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    Bauer N2 - 87 P92
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    CCM CL
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    8K RBK, Bauer RE-AKT Titanium
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    CCM FT1
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    CCM CL
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    CCM u+ Pro
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    CCM CL
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    HT4 - (Best new product)

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    Hockey and family.
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  1. Watched the Toronto highlights yesterday and it seemed everyone scoring goals had True skates on. Kinda funny.
  2. The future is custom. In a few more years I'm guessing getting real custom skates will be easier and way more common. So that bodes well for True skates because right now they are the gold standard for custom. So for those who makes basic cookie cutter skates today, who cares cause the future is custom.
  3. When it comes to basic skates I kinda see your point but when it comes to custom I think they are the gold standard.
  4. LOL totally. I think I'm getting it. First time putting it on you start to panic. It is a feel thing. Like one of those puzzles, but pain is your guide. If it hurts a lot try something else. It should only hurt a little. Basicly try and protect the top of your foot from getting brused by spreading out the contact to less painful spots of your foot. Then when it is moving forward you just grin and keep it moving.. Waxed laces are probably a bad idea for these skates. Honestly they are not needed and it makes putting on and off way easier. Skates seem to have cured my lacebite... I'm really glad I got them. The side of the boot looks funny because it is way wider than my other skates. The way it makes contact with the whole foot. It feels like the boot is always 1mm away from your foot put never touching the foot. Never touching but always touching. A TRUE extension of your foot..(see what I did there?):)
  5. Skates fit great. Very hard to put on but, once on they are gold.
  6. I have just purchased the svh that came with the shift max and it has that squeaking/popping sound when walking. Should I be worried? Anyone else get this. Just got them today.
  7. Has anyone tried both the Quad 2 and the Elipse 2 profile. What did you feel was different between the two? Was one better at something than the other?
  8. I'm only asking because I am in the market for custom skates and have been looking at True SVH skates and you can order without holders attached. I noticed that Mitch Marner uses Bauer holders with his True skates. I'm in older Bauers with Step steel now, Quad 0.5 profile.
  9. Quad 0.5 which is (8-10-12-14), notice the number only jump by 2's as apposed to jumping by 3's in all other Quad profiles. ie (7-10-13-16) It is basicly the gateway drug to skate profiling. It has a little of everything you could want and is ten times better than a single profile. And yes that is Quad 0.5. You can find info on it at the top of the page under profiles.
  10. That is the impression I am getting as well. The only thing is are their holders and steel any good?
  11. Last skates were very stiff and had a lot of lace bite issues which took some time to fix.. Looking for pain free skates that are also awesome. Want to go with a one piece build so I'm looking hard at these two. True SVH and the CCM FT6, when they come out. Which would you pick?
  12. The only point I was trying to make is that for the price they are charging they should offer some sort of guarantee. If it is just remaking the same boot but changing a few things than that seems perfectly fine. I had no idea what that True offered to remake a boot if something was wrong, for me that goes a long way to getting my money. The thought of being stuck with skates that cost that much.. I always try and but big ticket items(tv, wedding rings) at Costco over going to other stores because I know they have a great return policy. For that they litterially received over a hundred thousand dollars from me over the years.(15 year etc) Bottom line custom skates are to expensive to not have some sort of guarantee.
  13. Makes perfect sense to me but I shop at Costco and they seem to be doing fine. If it were not for the fact the hockey skates will soon cost 1000's I would feel sorry for CCM. I was looking at treating myself to custom skates since my next pair will probably be my last. And the guarantee would have gone a long way to trying CCM's. Now I'm looking at Tru's vs the FT6 coming out..
  14. You would think they could keep this for custom skates, given the price tag.
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