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  1. 9.5/10.5 dual would be a no brainer BUT QUAD 0.5 (8-10-12-14) could be your golden slipper:) Just remember the more steel you have on the ice the more you are going to want to drop your sharpen. I went from a 11' 5/8 to a Quad 0.5 3/4. I use to wear a mirrored visor so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
  2. The competitive part of me wants to keep the whole profiling thing to myself. The less people know the better..
  3. Makes perfect sense. I'm on a 9.5 skate. When I tried to look up what size skate that the Quad 0.5 was recommended for I could not find an answer. I think because that Quad 0.5 is not as dramatic as a normal quad( 8-10-12-14 vs 6-9-12-15), it could probably work for a wider range of sizes but that is just a guess. Great question thou.
  4. When I was doing research about skate profiling I stumbled on a YouTube video "What is hockey skate profiling" by the guys from Hockey Tutorial. In the end he said he liked the Quad 0.5 the best so I started there.. The best way I can describe the Quad 0.5 is it 'Just feels natural'. Note, I was coming from a single 11' profile and I changed my sharpen from 5/8 to a 3/4 when I changed profiles. These two things made a dramatic change for the better with my skating. I have yet to hear/read anyone say they hate the quad 0.5 and I can't say that for the other Quad profiles. Please note that I use to wear a mirrored visor and have used T blades in the past. So take everything I say with a grain of salt.
  5. I don't know why but you just blew my mind.
  6. I don't understand how putting new hockey players on a larger single profile would be better in any way over using something like a larger dual profile. For example I started on a 13' single profile but I can't help feel that I would have learned the game a lot faster on something like a 11'-13' dual profile. Having more steel at the back of the skate just feels "more natural" and biomechanically sound. I don't understand the logic of using a single profile anymore other than tradition.
  7. No Quad profile has a 20'+ radius in it but I'm not here to defend the Quad profiles cause you might have a point. I do like the 0.5 Quad thou so let me explain why I think it is different than all the other Quads. I think of the 0.5 Quad as half as dramatic as an average Quad profile. For example a 8-10-12-14(0.5 Quad) is not as dramatic as a 6-9-12-15 (QUAD 1). I would have no problem recommending it to anyone at any skill level. Just remember to drop the sharpen because you are going to have a little more steel on the ice. I think you would like it also.
  8. Do you guys think that the demand for the 100 flex stick have gone down over the last five ten years?
  9. Lots of different profiles out there. I think it took the advent of quick removable blade to bring the new profiles to the masses. All I know is the days of the single profile are numbered. Best quote I could find on the topic from poster PBH, if people like this are giving new players advice I think profiles have a bright future: "I'll throw my hat in the ring here as someone who does a ton of profiles and also tests them. Owning a full-service hockey shop gives me the ability to have access to try all different combinations of skates, steel, and profiles. Yes, I am lucky, but this also comes with negatives as well considering I change configurations so often I sometimes physically hurt myself s and it most certainly does take its toll on my skating as well by changing equipment so often. Such is life..... BTW, when I say I hurt myself testing, I am dead serious. I hurt my back not too long ago, slipped a disc. I was testing an unreleased pair of skates with a very aggressive Quad 0 profile that was applied, it still had the full pitch in it and my back just couldn't handle the strain exerted with being so far forward. My back and core were constantly engaged fighting against the extremely stiff skate and the pitch of the profile and something had to give... Something did. My back. Anyway. Quad 0.5 is a great overall profile and as mentioned, what I typically like to start players on if they are coming from steel that has not been profiled previously. It's also very good for new adult players, as the pitch is something they are not yet accustomed to and can throw off their skating. For the young kids, I prefer to put them on a single longer profile until they develop advanced edge control. This allows them to focus on skating and not worrying about balance as much. Quad 2 would be my second go-to. The Quad 0/1 removes a very large amount of steel and also add quite a bit of pitch. Once you blend the toe properly many people feel too far forward and they get short choppy strides due to balance issues and such. There are so many factors I think we can all agree that its truly impossible to say what is the best method and what to use for each player without seeing. Not to mention that some skates have a built-in forward pitch, like TRUE, and many other skates are very neutral. For example, skating on a Quad 0 using the "Pro Sharp recommendation) on my TRUE skates makes me feel unbalanced. When I do Quad 0/1 I tend to remove most of the pitch from the profile to preserve steel and also lessen the forward pitch. I can always add more pitch later but I cannot add steel back once it's been removed. "
  10. Comments from another thread talking about profiles etc. Studies done etc Good read.
  11. There have been some studies. I'm sure some people here will be able to point you in the right direction. Two things I took away from the one study was: 1) Just because you feel better doesn't mean you are skating better. Thought that was kinda interesting. It was why they had to measure change versus feeling it. 2) I think out of the profiles they tested (they only tested a few) they found the dual profile 9.5'-10.5' to have the best results which is a lot like the Quad 0.5 which is a 8-10-12-14 profile.
  12. What is skate profiling Everything you need to know about skate profiling in the link above. My story. I went from a single 11' profile sharpened at 5/8. To something called a "Quad 0.5" which is a 8'-10'-12'-14' profile sharpened at 3/4. It was the greatest thing I have ever done to my equipment. I was faster, more agile and more stable on my skates with this one change. The difference was night and day. After all these years it felt like a miracle. I became a better player over night just by changing profiles. No joke. I will never go back to single profile again.
  13. Everyone is bashing it so I will play devils advocate. Looks good if you have a broken jaw or something. Also for people like me who went full cage, I can bring back my beloved mirrored visor out of retirement:) So you can have that visor you love and you can protect your expensive dental work at the same time.. Also if you love being chirped. With this set up of mirrored visor and cage, you will never be lonely on the ice again.
  14. Off topic: I wonder what percentage of the people here play in no-contact leagues. I would guess 90 plus percent.. Total guess thou.
  15. The one piece Ribcore 100K in the new fit profile, with it being stiffer then the 80K, intrigues me. PS: I think I have seen your videos online. Unless a lot of people have two artificial hips... Didn't you buy costume 80K's?
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