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    Bauer Supreme One100
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    Bauer N2 - 87 P92
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    CCM CL
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    8K RBK, Bauer RE-AKT Titanium
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    CCM FT1
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    CCM CL
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    CCM u+ Pro
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    CCM CL
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    HT4 - (Best new product)

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    BC, Canada
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    Hockey and family.
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  1. Just a guess. If the quad(0,1,2) usually jump by three like 7-10-13-16 ie. The quad 0.5 jump by two like 8-10-12-14 The elliptical probably jumps by one. So 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16. ie. So when you make this way it basicly turns it to a elliptical.
  2. People who didn't know just thought I was skating hard because of all the noise I was making:)
  3. Pump the breaks. T blades worked and you never had to worry about someone giving you a bad sharpen or messing up your profile. That surgical steel was awesome, loud but still awesome. If T-blades came out with FBV or QUAD profiles I would use them today in a heart beat. Dear T-Blade: QUAD 0.5 with a 3/4 sharpen please. I use to wear a mirrored visor so take everything a say with a grain of salt.
  4. Try the Quad 0.5 next. It is very similar to the 9.5/10.5 you are thinking of trying. Good for you for trying all these profiles out for yourself.
  5. You did a good job my friend. Do you think the others are more gimmicky/different?
  6. You know your stuff and I'm not a pro, not even close. All I can say is that switching to the QUAD 0.5 makes playing hockey easier for me and therefore I'm having more fun. I can stay on the ice longer as I don't have to do much to maintain speed. My crossovers are solid and more powerful. I feel solid on my feet. It feels way more natural then balancing on the single profile I had before(11'). I'm just excited about this profile. I don't remember feeling this way switch from a 13' to a 11' to a 9' etc. The first time I skated on the QUAD 0.5 I liked it so much that I was literally mad that I wasted my time skating on a single profile for so long. So maybe it is best not to listen to me cause I'm a total fan boy at this point.
  7. Did pros use wood sticks? They did. Do they use them now? No. You get my point.
  8. Stupid question but I have to ask: Did you drop the sharpen when going to the Quad because that could be the problem? Went to the Quad 0.5 and they are a huge improvement over the single profile 11' i had. I had to drop the sharpen from 5/8 to 3/4 thou. The Quad profiles are not overrated IMHO but I only use the QUAD 0.5 which most people never talk about... I only ever hear about Quad 0,1,2.
  9. I still use this today. Best shoulder pads I have ever tried. Super light, don't even know you have them on yet can save you if you get into a car crash.
  10. You probably listed the most popular combo out there. Mid flex p92 87flex. I would bet these sell the most in most stores but I don't know for a fact.
  11. 82 sounds perfect for you. I'm 215-220 and use a 87 flex that is cut a few inches. I tried the 77 flex and found it to be unforgiving, great for wrist shots but it was a coin toss for the other shots.
  12. I talked to the guys at Prosharp through YouTube and your right in your logic. They said they made the Quad 0.5 because people in North America are use to a single profile, so the Quad 0.5 was made to be less jarring for the North Amercian players that has never tried Quad Profiles before.
  13. I like the 'Coreshorts' garter belt system as you can put the jock where you like it and the compression shorts lock it in. Here is what the company wrote me when I emailed them: 'Good day Michael, As a matter of fact we do have a coreshorts hockey model with a jock insert. We have not released them yet on our site . The short runs $86.00 USD . If you decide you would like to order one, please let me know and i can have someone from our office reach out to get the necessary information. On our site there is a sizing chart . It is important to use that as a guide tool as the short should fit like a second skin. please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. happy holidays ross 226-927-3773 ross@coreshorts.com ' Hope that helps.
  14. I think both were top of the line back in the day and elbow pads have not really changed for at least the last seven years. So... go with the CL:)
  15. I went from the cheap Sheerwood which nearly got me killed, got a shoulder to the chest when my head was turned and was coughing for about six weeks after. Went to a JOFA which was a tank but way to bulky. Down to a CCM mid price point which was OK. Then I found the CCM CL shoulder pads and could not be happier, I don't even know they are on and they have saved me at least twice with no problem.
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