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  1. The geo feels very stiff for a mid kick and is still high at 390 grams ( compared to competition ) The jet speed has way better load and shot power with lighter and better feel. The spine on the Geo is also just weird to hold and twists in your hands. The ultrasonic is the biggest log for the supreme line ever. the taper feels so stiff you can barely load any shot, its balance is worse than the sticks it replaces and feels oddly heavy due to the weird taper. CCMs as3pro is lighter, better balanced and shoots in all shots way better then the sonic. The sticks they are releasing are basically a year behind, they should either redesign and use full adv tech or they will be 2-3 years behind CCM by the time new sticks come. This is from a bauer fanboy who hated CCM. but bauer just isnt trying hard enough to justify their pricetags on high end sticks.
  2. Bauer really needs to work on its graphics that hyperlite is dull. and if its anything like sonic or geo it will be dated already
  3. Bauer shit the bed on the flylite and ultrasonic both already dated. CCM is killing it right now. But yes it will break really fast if you are a heavy shooter, my ft3 pro was only 3 games. 210 pounds though and 90 plus clapper.If its your kid prob not the same. I have a geo as well and although its a great stick its no FT3. go with the trigger if you want performance.
  4. Bauer phasing out the P14 from retail sucks.
  5. you name products for bauer dont you
  6. I never noticed the flex thing at the bottom either. It has the rubber high friction zone there and i think that is a cool feature. Shins for me can screw up my feel and skating. one size difference or how they sit can catch my pants, rub my skate wierd whatever. I was impressed these fit so well and avoided all of that. I think he will like them.
  7. shins have a smaller feel to them. more stream lined. But i maintained all the same sizing as I came from 2spro and 1xlite previous in these products. didnt change anything and havent noticed any differences in size.
  8. Just some game feedback on the vapor line. I now have the shins, pants, gloves, elbows, and shouldies. I am very impressed. Pros: extreme light weight, very comfortable, and nice fit. Pant belt system is actually very neat and holds well. By wearing all the pcs overall I feel like I am wearing nothing. add the 2xpro skates and flylite and you have zero weight anywhere. Makes you extremely fast, mobile and comfortable. The comfort edge stuff everywhere is a really nice feature. Cons; Pointy elbows, could be deeper and less point. Odd why its done this way. Protection is not high end contact safe. I would not use this if I was a high end player in contact, but i am not, But beer league all day. Overall: well done on Bauers part to meet what they were trying to accomplish. light mobile and comfortable. is it worth the $ over lower end gear, depends your situation. if money is no object its worth it.
  9. I get it. Just surprised that market research hasnt noticed people crying for this product and they have done nothing with it.
  10. If its a solid concept i am surprised it has not made its way back into Bauer
  11. alot of people reference the mako, just seems odd those are all features of todays top skates, but again to each their own i think on fit and feel.
  12. That would be great, its been a staple for so many years. I was surprised to see it removed on the ultrasonic but if it remains on vapor makes sense to give consumers a choice at retail. Just curious what is so great about the Mako? My last easton skate s19 i think was junk fell apart literally in a year.
  13. I wish i got the Nexus adv, but at the time I broke my ankle when it came out and couldnt justify buying one to wait. Then march hit and all rinks closed. I find the 2n pro dated feeling now compared to my flylite. The release feels slow. So i am hopefully for the GEO. I think the geo will have the same blade tech without the hole. Im sure they found a way. even if its literally a cover over the hole underneath. having a hole seems to scare people lol
  14. skates are such an interesting topic, and subjective. I have never been able to leave bauers skates as I found CCM to be behind in terms of feel on the ice and true and any other skate is bulky and clunky feeling. To each their own on skates i think. Iv also never had quality issues and the lacing system on the bauers i think its far superior and a huge selling point. Now its not on the ultrasonic and i fear it wont be on the next vapor when its time to replace my 2xpro
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