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  1. You may want to try a Fire cut. It lets you slide pretty consistently throughout the sharpened duration. The only issue I've had with it is the edge can go altogether like they say about FBV. That is really an issue on outside edges when you're doing crossovers and you'll go down completely, so maybe for a goalie it's not a big deal.
  2. I'm amazed to see you think 45 minutes each way is acceptable. 😉 I got a Sparx because I didn't want to travel 20 minutes (including highway) each way. Every time I go upstairs to the machine, I joke to my wife - I'm headed to the pro shop. And I'm back in 5 minutes.
  3. Not at that price it's not. May be unpopular opinion, but I think skating without knowing of perfectly-even edges is fine unless you play pros, but that's just me. I consider myself a pretty good skater of over 20 years and I take care of my kids' skates before every game, but no need to go overboard. If I can get one for say $30, I would use it... so why is this thing $80, $150 again?
  4. ^ Also awkward is which direction the skate sits in the machine in their videos... it's pointing left whereas I believe their support (or maybe even in the instruction manual) said to point it to the right. Does it actually matter?
  5. Since it's not an NHL requirement, I'm guessing old habits to have something there. Mantha constantly chews on his too. And so does one of my kids and I constantly have to get him a new one as they're req'd more or less. I'd rather have his jaw clamp on something than not when getting hit. My takeaway from that pic is that McDavid uses a really short stick.
  6. I'm missing the spreadsheet link somehow... can anyone point it out?
  7. How important is it to swap in matching pair of steel? I think the most important factor is that the profile is the same, but does any height difference really matter (perceivable) if you only swap in 1 steel to finish a weekend tournament? I know people can be really anal about their gear, but is it really a big deal in the grand scheme? Anyone actually go through this?
  8. ^ thanks for the thought - I may actually do that for one of them since they're close to sizing-out of it. I'm surprised there's no collaborative opinion on how Tours and Missions fit/feel in comparison to Bauer.
  9. They play ice full time and still use the boots including through spring. The boots don't last longer than a year regardless as they are growing teens.
  10. I am primarily concerned about feel/pitch of the skates. My 2 kids who wear size 6 senior Bauer Vapor 2x & Bauer Supreme 3s Pro are in need of roller hockey skates to play a single season coming up (keep it cheap). They have had a year of roller experience before but I'm looking for a clear picture of what's the most compatible brand in terms of feel now that they need new skates again. I wear Bauer Vapor ice skates and own an old pair of Tour Code 1 (not hi-lo) and wore Missions (hi-lo) before that. I feel like the Tours are an easy transition and the Missions were not, but again, these were very old skates and they may have changed the modern skates. Any tips on what brands work best if they want the least difference? Not many Bauer Vapors on the used market and I'd like to get educated on brand differences regardless. I've found some Tour Volt KV4, Alkali Revel 5, Mission Control Xi skates so far.
  11. We can easily figure that out by measuring the height of the runner and see how many passes it takes to cut it down say a full 1/2 inch. Volunteers? 😄
  12. I do suppose that's right. Interestingly, the 2 additional passes have made it less sharp again. I can't quite tell a difference yet between this 3/4 and 5/8 I had been used to. At least not after 1 [coaching] skate. Bottom line - it takes 4 passes or more to change a hollow going shallower. 2 doesn't cut it.
  13. I've done 2 more passes (total 4 each skate) and will test this afternoon. But I've been thinking more logically about this. If I was on 5/8, the hollow would be deeper than when I apply a new sharpening of 3/4. That 3/4 pass or two, if it doesn't reach down to the current hollow of 5/8, will effectively just make the 2 edges flatter & wider than it was. And that's why I was feeling more bite.
  14. How many passes to change your sharpening? I used the sharpie method and after 1 pass it was completely gone so that's unreliable IMO. I'm trying to change from 5/8 fire to 3/4 fire (more glide). I did 2 passes each skate and it actually felt waaay sharper while skating than 5/8 and even when I used 1/2 fire in the past. Lots of leg fatigue in a game. Maybe it's some crazy in between because I didn't do enough passes?
  15. I did the Tydan assessment and they recommended a Bauer Pulse DLC (diamond-like-carbon coating) and CagOne 35/65 profile. I checked their shop and it's all Bauer. What happened to their own steel? https://tydanblades.com/collections/player-blades Is that any different than the Pulse steel that comes on something like a Supreme 3S Pro skate?
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