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  1. not sure how I feel on this, the gold doesnt really match the gold from the uniforms. I would say this gold fits better.
  2. indeed is the ft4 stick to go along with the ft4 skates. only a matter of weeks till the ft5 twigs come out 😂
  3. there is a difference between video games and real life. I cant see many guys going full custom sticks, obviously bauer has the technology and machinery to do so as weve seen with kane and pastas winter classic twigs. I can defiantly see them for specialty games but not much after that. I mean come on if anyone were to do it, PK would have certainly done it by now
  4. defiantly, looks like bauer is going back to trying to 'stand out' so to speak. which is defiantly not needed, one of the leading brand in youths and now players are looking to minimalist designs
  5. thats actually the 1n from 2016-2017
  6. I could see that as well but with the league giving them the small group skates, then what seems like a whole 2 week training camp, im sure they would have time.
  7. yeah lol. thats exactly what I meant. I knew the line had something with sonic in it and couldnt find anything on it so I just went with boom as that sounded right. was also super late and did not feel like looking it up
  8. Now this might be looking too far ahead here, but when the NHL does return, how many guys do you think will have the new stuff, like the custom sonic boom skates, the ft3 stick, the sonic boom stick. if we get back to these playoffs like they say, could it be the most gear changes we have ever seen?
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