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  1. Has anyone been experimenting with the different inserts? I have been using the H5-T8, which as been fine, but I will try out the H8-T8 tomorrow during a game see if it makes any difference in my play. My biggest complaint about the regular chassis was always that "ski boot" feel, so movement in the Marsblades has been great, I just want to find the sweet spot for me. Would love to hear more feedback on the inserts and their effect on playing.
  2. Yep - it has been confirmed and they are working on replacing it with a medium. In the meantime, has anyone ever used a large base with a medium metal wheel holder? That‘s what I am running on now.
  3. Thanks sturdy22. I have mediums and the replacement medium of the new, more robust base is a bit longer. I may have received larges by mistake - the metal part‘s also don‘t match up. Here are the photos comparing the new one above and the definite medium below: https://imgur.com/a/H89RpYA
  4. Oh yeah, should have been specific. The R1.
  5. Can someone let me know what the base length is for the large and the medium chassis? I am referring to the the base that is riveted to the bottom of the boot.
  6. Yes! Got the "shipping soon" email as well. I think I am going to put them on some old Easton S15's. That should offset any weight issues.
  7. I would definitely agree with that. Unfortunately, the medium was available at a time when nothing else seemed be, so I went with that. I still love these things for what they were made for and I am very optimistic about the R1's.
  8. With the arrival of Corona, I have been doing a lot of testing of equipment for my own purposes (mostly to keep competitive during the aging process). When I was looking at the Marsblade O1 chassis originally, it was primarily going to be for training/drills. When we were able to start playing inline again, I tried to find comments on their usage in competitive, non-league environments, but couldn't find anything. I became very used to the Marsblade movements and chassis size, so I thought, "Why not try them out and see how they perform?" I did order the R1's and am looking forward to their arrival, but in the meantime, I used the O1's a couple of times with limited success. I was able to turn tighter, but because of the weight combined with the 72mm wheels, I was struggling to keep up. I went back to hi-lo 76/80's and was back to my original speed. While I continued to play inline, I did my training drills also with the hi-lo's, switching to harder wheels for outside usage. Now that the inline is over and ice will come in about a month, I am back to the O1's for drills and will test the transition to ice in September. So, in case anyone is wondering if they should use the O1's for competitive inline, you probably shouldn't. Stick with the hi-lo's until the R1's arrive. Now my next test is: Will the R1's become the answer to both equations = training and competitive inline playing? I will let you know once they arrive. Rob
  9. Received this last week, so end of August for mediums I would think.: Hi Rob, thanks for reaching out. We are estimating the Medium R1 Chassis to be delivered to our warehouse in mid August. We have not received any further updates on the delivery. When they arrive to our warehouse we will do our best to ship all orders as soon as possible. Please, let me know if you have any further questions.
  10. Were you able to repair them with the E6000 glue? I have the same problem and my glue arrived today.
  11. Hello Petter, I am primarily an ice hockey player, who also plays inline hockey during the summer. After skating with the O1’s for about a month, I tried to switch to a HiLo inline skate to avoid the abuse that rougher asphalt runs the composite holders and wheels through. I found that I could not skate easily in the HiLo’s any longer, so I went back to the O1’s for the game. My concern now is, as I have pre-ordered the R1’s, will I have the same difficulties going back and forth with the R1’s and the O1’s as I do with the traditional (Mission) HiLo’s and O1’s, or will the R1’s and O1’s be similar enough that the adjustment will be minimal? Also, for the medium chassis in both R1 & O1, what are end to end lengths with your standard wheel setups? Thanks, Rob
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