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    Bauer 8090 with custom+
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    ccm v8.0 shaft and rbk 6k blade
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    bauer bdp's, eagle cp94
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    CCM ht2
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    Bauer vapor 8 girdle
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    I'm old I don't need those anymore
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    Bauer somethingorother
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    jofa 5090/8090
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  1. Here's my dilemma, My brother has been skating on a pair of easton S15's since they were new. They are literally the only skates he has ever owned that have not hurt his feet. The adhesive that connects the softer materials to the carbon is starting to fail. This isn't exactly surprising, and is probably closer to impressive, considering the adhesive issues that easton had with composite skates back around then. (Were any Synergy 1200's not warrantied?) Anyway given the vast number of shoe glue and other adhesives on the market does anyone have any experience with one that worked for this skate? I'll be repairing them one way or another but was just hoping for some advice. Thanks
  2. Dear god they're going to make a fortune on that little piece of equipment.
  3. Take as much time as you need when getting skates fitted, the only piece of advice I'd give is to maybe ask the shop guys when the slower part of their day is and try to get to the shop then. I hate it when I'm trying to fit skates for people during the busiest part of the day because I can't spend as much time with the skate buyer as I'd like between helping them and running around ringing people up/ sharpening skates ect.
  4. Got my X02 on friday and set it up in the back of the shop here and did my skates and a buddies with the 90/75. The fbv is great and I can't wait to use it in a more competitive setting on monday night. Thanks to J.R. and Drewhunz for talking to me about it in Vegas and thanks to the Lady I talked to at blackstone, super helpful and very nice.
  5. She wanted me to match price on a pair of 1500's, I said I would just to get them out the door but aside from the size being wrong the shape of the kids foot was not a good fit for synergy skates, kid had barney rubble feet and I told her as much as soon as the kid took off his shoes.
  6. Last week this mom and her kid come into the store asking about skates and if we'll price match, I tell her that depends and that I'll do the best I can. Her kid is set on Synergy 1500's in a size 7, one look at the kid and you just know that those skates would be huge on him. I tell her that just to make sure lets go ahead and size him up for shits and giggles. After about 25 min and half a dozen pair of skates we're all settled on V08's in a size 5, we get up to the register, I've already told her we're going to sharpen them and that we will bake them after he skates because of course jr. is on the ice in 20 mins. Just as I ring them up she pulls the chute and asks if she can buy them online for less. First off I've already saved her $100 over the "bargin" skates she was going to buy on the internet, now her kid has skates that fit. I'm so fed up that I say to hell with it and look the skates up on hockeygiant, they're $20 cheaper there and I had to explain to the woman that after she paid me to sharpen them and bake them the internet skates would be more expensive. Makes me like my good customers just a little bit more each time something like this happens.
  7. Jesus Monty where on earth did you get those? Those are sweet, I've been trying to talk my old coach out of his.
  8. Little Caesars sponsors a AAA team in Detroit, so that's the teams name.
  9. The 8090, been looking for a while we had a pair in 15" but it was just too small.
  10. JR which pair would you be willing to get rid of?
  11. I'll second the BR200 for personal use, works well enough and the price is right.
  12. Or just take the 45 min hike down to lincoln
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