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  1. The seller said he is going to clean sticks and relist. They were trying to sell 5 sticks and letting me pick whatever one based on barcode but I wanted pictures of blade and shaft to make sure there weren’t any major cracks or chips
  2. I found a new seller for 1x lites. They claim that the sticks were just taped and not used and also said that they’d take the tape off the stick i want. I’m waiting for an email back from Bauer but I’m not sure how long it will take. Does anyone know if they serial codes look legit? They are the last picture. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/5715594-bauer-senior-right-handed-p88-vapor-1x-lite-hockey-stick
  3. Would anyone be able to tell me if these are fake? The specs on the bottom one don’t have “kane” and the blades look like they’re a different shape. https://www.ebay.com/itm/225255400730?hash=item347244a51a:g:9HUAAOSwKchjdViY&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoNVp%2Ba3RiKeCiLKB7z7%2B%2FwKR337rzIFPghDhgxtUY%2B8KBZTbxsN34l7rZ58zFupS5P0wOB7NHIKn78zo45wlRmHbW%2FpH5Uh%2BdbxXdJAejAyW6OwEO3H5BpL9u92s2%2FkSb9P9g8ItTtNf8qK3wQS8CaeXLrwt%2BnFRsnaL0V1GLaHNUS4gBJjWK2he4DaUuRI0CSS%2BLJQvUnobmWjPmbmJZhw%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8i75oeTYQ
  4. Does it start to open up sooner than the p28?
  5. How does the openness of the P90TM compare to the other 3 retail curves?
  6. Does cutting the extension off warrior sticks increase flex? Bauer claims that it doesn't for theirs but I don't know if that is the case for all brands.
  7. How hard is it to keep shots low compared to the p92?
  8. from other reviews it seems like the dx was one of the better sticks that had good performance and good durability in recent years
  9. Do you remember anything about the dx or geo? Those are the 2 other sticks I’m considering
  10. Are there any differences in quality depending on where the stick was made or is it more of a labor rate thing? I see that Warrior makes (or made) their top end sticks in Mexico while everyone else makes theirs in China.
  11. Does anyone else have experience with trigger 6/6 pro?
  12. When they do come back, is there any similar breakages or does it vary per stick?
  13. I definitely agree with that, which is why I came here for a 3rd opinion. The youtuber did show his trigger next to his geo, but I’m not sure how much abuse it went through compared to the geo, even though he said it was less. Reddit has too many people on both sides for me sometimes but if enough people complain about it then I like to look into the issue a little more
  14. It doesn’t scare me, but definitely gives me some food for thought. On Reddit there was a thread and 8/10 people said that they went through 1 or 2 sticks because of the blade. Also a youtuber said that the top of his blade split and would not be going back.
  15. How is the durability on the trigger 6 pro, especially in the blade? I wouldn't mind feedback on the regular trigger 6 either.
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