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  1. Ugh that’s not good. I might just get them to see how the boot feels and then return them if I feel it flexing too much.
  2. I only get the pain from skating so I’d have to use them. My thought was to just use the wheels I have now to test it. I didn’t think I could bake the trues and still try them.
  3. I want to get a pair of RSX to try the fit because vapors and tour volts hurt. I heard that volts are narrow like vapors but still a high profile fit. I was going to try true because of their current deal but I can’t bake them and they’re narrow too. My only other option would be mission but they’re a lot more and I may not be able to return them if they hurt. Should I worry about the two piece chassis bending? The only people that posted reivews saying that theirs bent were over 200 lbs.
  4. What is the difference between a steel and aluminum chassis besides being lighter. I'm 170 lbs. Am I going to have issues with flexing and possible bending/warping with a steel chassis?
  5. I’m looking for a cheap pair of inline skates to try to find something with the right fit profile because Bauer Vapors and Tour Volts did not work. I see that this is a wider skate than those two, but I also saw that the chassis could bend even though it was only on a few reviews. I’m 170 lbs looking to play in a low level rec league and will go skate around at a local rink. Will the RS skates hold up? When I was scanned at Pure Hockey they said I was a fit three, mainly because I was a little bit over and E width. He then said that a supreme style fit profile in a size up should work. Is this true? If anyone needs more information please ask.
  6. Not even the position of the curve. Just the overall shape minus how opened they are too.
  7. I only thought of the p28 because it hooks more like a p88 than a p92 at least from what I saw from Bauer’s 3D models
  8. I think I noticed what I’m feeling just from looking at the blades. I like the “hook” if you could even call it that which the P88 is compared to straightening out towards the toe. The P28 seems to have the hook to it. I looked at the pictures on Bauer’s website. When switching between the 3, the P92 seems to be a lot straighter than the P88 and when I switch from the P88 to the P28, it just seems to get more opened.
  9. I’m not really sure then. I prefer the feel of the P88 because it doesn’t feel like the ball is sliding off the blade but being launched off the toe. With the P92 sometimes the ball flutters off the blade and goes way off to the side. What does the P28 feel like.
  10. How similar are STX curves compared to other brands like Bauer and CCM? I’ve heard that the X88 is more like a P40 and the X28 way bigger than a normal P28. Haven’t heard anything about the X92 though. Anyone have experience with these curves?
  11. I was trying out my friend’s jetspeed sorry. Do you know about the P92’s depth compared to the P88? Also I’ve seen that the X88 by stx is really similar to the P40. Might wanna look into that one more tho.
  12. I know a lot of people who play ball hockey with a p92 or p28. Actually most of them do compared to people with a p88.
  13. It was good for going shelf but I found it hard to shoot low. Especially every time I aimed bottom right I hit the middle of the net. I was also shooting over the net with the extra backstop on top of it from probably around 20-30 ft give or take. Aiming for those magnetic targets that were placed in the corners and high weren’t too easy. Didn’t have long but I took around 50 shots and assumed that should be enough for a decent adjustment
  14. The p29 felt good while I had one for roller but I hear it’s more like a cross between p92 and p88. It felt easier than a tc2.
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