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  1. Is a deep heel and a high heel depth the same thing?
  2. Idk ball hockey is popping off. The National Ball Hockey League just had its top 5 plays of the week broadcasted on nhl network
  3. What do the skate dimensions heel depth, instep, and forefoot height mean on a Bauer scanner?
  4. What’s considered a high instep?
  5. @althoma1 @Miller55 sorry not sure if y’all got a notification from the last post
  6. What is an instep? I do have low arches. I don’t know if it’s that I need wider, it might just be that skates have too high of an arch. Would the trues work for them?
  7. At this point if I can’t find a skate for cheap I’ll just stick to ball hockey. I don’t wanna spend a lot of money on skates to be used for in house leagues since I most likely won’t be able to skate well enough for the 1 team that my school may have (inline is really dying around my arena and the coaches/toxic players don’t help the school team). It is very hard to deal with the pain because I can’t stand for more than a few minutes once it starts. If the itch to play inline really gets bad I’ll try sideline swap. Thanks for all the help and advice tho.
  8. I’ve tried tour volt skates, mission fz-5 and vapors and they all have the same problem even with different insoles. I think tour code skates and true tf7 are my only options left seeing that alkali are similar to the missions.
  9. Also what are alkalis similar to?
  10. Would you say that the mission E is wider than tour? Or just EE?
  11. I take shots from everywhere during games
  12. Yeah I was looking at the mission fz-5 when then went on sale. It’s a little too late for me to try to play with my school so I’d just try to play recreational men’s leagues. If I can get decent before June I might be able to play competitively. $475 is over my budget even with the 30 day satisfaction. Would the tf7 in W be wider than a tour in D or R?
  13. So should I try tours even though I can’t get them in a E width? I’m not sure if True skates are an option for me right now.
  14. Oh yeah. The Bauer scanner says either fit 2 or 3 and an E width. I always thought missions were wider than supreme The guy at pure hockey said that I should probably got to a doctor to get my problem looked at since it’s the exact same and I’ve tried 3 pairs of skates and multiple insoles. He said I probably injured myself from using vapors during hard training when I was learning to skate. He said he had something similar from using a skate too narrow and was the first person to accurately describe my pain. It feels like my arch cramps up and stays that way and starts burning really bad. It lessens if I’m not applying pressure and almost completely goes away when I take the skates off but I still feel some pain while walking.
  15. Ngl don’t really know what tapered and anatomical mean in the terms of skates sorry. Also does the code and volt have the exact same fit profile? I know the volts have that stupid retail insole and they didn’t work for me
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