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  1. If he has more to add then that’s fine by me. Someone else may wanna look at this thread
  2. Close lol. I wanna know for 2 reasons but one of them is I’ve seen hockey stick phone cases and wanna try to make one bc I think $35 is a little too much
  3. How does warrior compare to Ccm?
  4. Just like the overall shaft radius. Not sure if radius is the right term since it’s not a circle
  5. Are senior warrior sticks the same width as Bauer? Also are Ccm intermediate sticks narrower than senior sticks and if they are how much (compared to bauer/Ccm)?
  6. I feel like I’m like that with the p88, but with the p28 shots either go middle level or high, I have to concentrate in order to get shots low, but practice might help with that if I really want to switch
  7. With a p88, sometimes I have trouble getting the shots higher and with the p28 sometimes I have trouble getting shots lower. I could probably use some work on technique. I have the best shot on my team though. And by sometimes I mean maybe 2 or 3 out of 10 shots don’t go into a corner with a p88 or under the blocker with a p28.
  8. I do play with a ball. For wrist shots the p28 seems fine, but with slap shots there will be times where it goes straight up in the air so I must be hitting a weird part of the blade
  9. What is “better” for accuracy?
  10. I get that part about concentrating. I feel like with slap shots with the p28 I really have to focus to get them low, and if I’m not and even sometimes when I am concentrating on follow through I’ll go bar down instead
  11. How does closed/opened face and curve depth effect power if at all?
  12. What makes the P28 more of a shooters curve than the P88? According to most of the curve charts, p88 is deeper and more accurate, but a lot of people say toe curves are the most accurate. I know that the p28 is easier to lift the puck and is for snap shots, but how are slap shots and one timers? Also how do closed/opened faces as well as curve depth effect shot power and accuracy?
  13. Sorry for the late reply. I am using a p88 and I’m not sure what I don’t like about it. I kind of want to try something different. Not a big fan of the p92 at all but the p28 isn’t bad for me besides a weird out of the rink shot every now and then
  14. Are the shaft dimensions different? I know length is but what about their diameter? Does it matter by brand? Also are the blades different sizes?
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