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  1. My fingers end up like 1/8-1/4 of an inch from the tips. Sometimes depending on the positioning I am touching
  2. @nutters I just got my surgeon gloves today and I have a question. This goes for all gloves I just don’t really know how to fit them. Should the stitching right under the palm of the glove be riding the bottom of my palm or should it be on my wrist?
  3. Anyone have durability issues with either of these sticks or other sticks from their lines?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I do use a p88
  5. How much does stick flex matter with a ball? Would it be better to use a stiffer or whippier flex? Would it be better to use a low kick stick instead of mid or high since they don’t need to be loaded as much?
  6. I’d love to play dek hockey for my school. We have a bunch of teams around not affiliated with schools that play tournaments.
  7. Even in ball hockey, you can still use your body and play pretty physical (depending on the refs of course) without getting called for penalties. IMO really only the rules are more similar to ice and the fact that it’s 5v5. The game is different since there isn’t any checking or skating. With me, I’m just starting to skate and join a high school inline team and I don’t really have hands. I do have a nice shot though.
  8. Yes you still run. But, unlike inline as of right now, ball hockey popularity is exploding. There are even international tournaments.
  9. Dek is actually organized and has very similar rules to ice hockey while still being its own game
  10. That’s what I would think. I’m not sure if going down in flex would be bad. What I’m using right now is already a little low for my weight and strength but I can rip all shots with it
  11. How much does flex matter for face offs?
  12. Well I guess that does answer my question. I’ve had a few teammates with blade issues but I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke and a review i watched the guy broke one on his third shift
  13. Do you think a 58 flex would be too soft? I don’t feel like snapping sticks. I’m using a 67 bauer right now. I can definitely get some good flex on it and I feel it when shooting but never really paid attention on passes. I weigh about 165.
  14. How’s the durability on the ax9 or any of the other ones you’ve used? From the sound of it it doesn’t seem like 58 flex will be good for me
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