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  1. How’s the lie of the p14 compared to a p88?
  2. Does the toe hook and rocker like the 90? From pictures it looks like it’s a little less of both. Also are you talking about the p90tm or the ccm’s pro stock p90?
  3. How’s the rocker and openness compared to the p90tm?
  4. I was actually thinking of buying a lower end true to test the curve and hopefully get better durability than their higher end models. Is the lie actually a 6 or does it feel lower? I’ve read both from other places.
  5. Is it flatter around heel and mid of the blade? Also is the toe as rockered as the p28? I didn’t mind that curve as much besides the openness
  6. What is the rocker like on a Bauer p14 curve? I usually gravitate towards flatter rockers which is why I use a p88 but I would like something more open. The p90tm wasn’t bad but I felt like the toe was too high sometimes
  7. How are the rockers on the p14 and the w71? I prefer the rocker on a p88 and both of these look flatter than a p92.
  8. I think my issue was p92 was too high of a lie and p28/p90tm pocket was too close to the toe and I’m used to stick handling on the middle or heel of the blade. Is the p14’s pocket as close to the toe as the p28?
  9. As in the rocker is flatter?
  10. I’m not worried about that. I can get it in my specs atm and it’ll help me not buy a new stick every couple months lol
  11. How is the rocker and openness of the curve compared to the p88 and p90tm? I don’t like rockers like p92 and p28 but I want to try to find something in between the other 2
  12. How’s its performance? Is it still better than some of the newer sticks?
  13. JAY4114


    How similar is the P46 curve compared to the P88? Is it like a deeper version or is it like a more closed P28?
  14. I have the opportunity to get a vapor adv. Is it a good stick or is it very fragile?
  15. how is the lie compared to the p28 and p92? I use a p88 and the p92 seems a little too high and I lose the puck off the toe and heel, and I lose the puck off the toe of the p28 because it's a "lie 6" I believe.
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