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  1. Took it back to the store and they replaced it without going through the warranty by shipping one in. They said the marking could be a crack but it wasn’t big enough yet so they could continue to sell it. I decided to take a few extra paint chips and a fresh warranty instead. New twig has no sounds and I got 2 assists and some dangles in the first game with it.
  2. This “crack” is located on the upper 1/3rd of the shaft and is vertical. I can’t feel it through the overcoat besides right in the middle. I’m not sure if it’s just a dent in the carbon but I can see a line running through the weave. When I shine a light on it it looks yellow. What does the paper lining do? Does it make it break easier? I’m not worried about the sound if it’s not a death cry
  3. Ok I’ll for sure ask them about it. Hopefully they’ve gotten a few more in bc ive already asked about buy direct
  4. There aren’t anymore of my specs anywhere in my area and I don’t wanna order online in case I have to take it in for warranty. I might try online to see what they say. Anyone know if you try to warranty it once if Ccm will void it if you try again at a later date?
  5. How would I share a photo? I used some prior knowledge and talked to my coach about the sound. It got quieter since yesterday and every once and awhile there’s a tick on the return so it’s probably just glue. Although it looks like there may be a small crack which I just have a picture of. I can’t tell if it’s the graphic. There isn’t any light shining to the inside of the shaft though.
  6. Do you think it is still something I should return it about? Or do you think it’ll be fine? Even if it turns out not to be I still have the warranty
  7. Wow that was actually a really good one. Thanks for putting an even bigger smile on me!
  8. I really would but it’s the last stick with my specs in my area. This isn’t a crackle at all. It’s definitely like a ticking or clicking sound. that’s another reason why I’m not certain if it’s a crack because it doesn’t continue or get louder if I flex any further.
  9. Yeah my bad I’ve been looking at so many sticks that I couldn’t remember if this one was fused or one piece. I can’t really describe the sound that well. To me it doesn’t really sound like a cracking noise. It sounds more like bending something that was glued together. It only happens when I flex the shaft on my forehand and vertically. It doesn’t feel like it’s more bendable on my backhand but doesn’t make the sound. It’s around the green spiral and where it says trigger 4. When I flex I’m barely putting on any weight and I still get the sound always at the same volume. I’m planning on giving it a few decently hard slap shots tomorrow. Maybe it’s just how Ccm was making them that some had that click?
  10. I think it’s a fused shaft. I’m not completely sure. How does a broken shaft feel? Would I feel anything if it’s just a very small crack?
  11. I just bought a brand new Trigger 4 pro and I flexed it and there is a ticking sound around the middle of the shaft. I can’t tell what it is. I’m just a little concerned about it being cracked. Any advice would help.
  12. How was your experience with durability?
  13. Anyone have experience with the durability and performance of the trigger 4 pro? How does it compare to the trigger 3? I haven’t used any of them but I have a chance to get one or the other.
  14. Which curve would you say is easier to lift shots with?
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