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  1. How does the retail version compare to the pro ones?
  2. I didn’t even think about this. I’m interested in pro stock team sticks. I’m not sure what other brands call them but the Bauer “league” or “team” sticks without a warranty
  3. Can anyone compare team sticks to the top of the line in their family? I’m mostly looking at Bauer but I am open minded to other brands.
  4. Will also consider x900 lite and s18 ltx pro sticks
  5. is the p28 more concentrated than the p92 and the p92 is more concentrated than the p88?
  6. if anyone has a new/almost new 1x lite in 77 flex, right handed, in almost any curve, I would be willing to buy it.
  7. If anyone has a 1x Lite and can post a picture of the barcode and serial number that would be much appreciated! I want to compare it to the one on sideline swap.
  8. Does anyone know if the 1x lite was made in 70 flex at retail? Also if anyone knows how to tell a fake stick from a real one, that would be appreciated. Looking to buy a new 1x lite 77 flex off sls but not sure if its a knockoff.
  9. did you happen to radar the hyperlite and trigger? If so, did you notice a big difference in shot speed?
  10. Haha I fixed the autocorrect but looks like it autocorrected a 2nd time and I missed it. I watch your reviews on YouTube and I really enjoy them.
  11. Which family of sticks has a stiffer/more pingy blade? Also which one shoots better?
  12. Is this curve offered by brands other than Sherwood?
  13. What is curve has the deepest/most concentrated pocket? I know the p88 has a depth of 9/16 inches, which is more than the p92 or p28, but does it play as a deeper curve, or is it more spread out? Some people say it is the flattest at retail.
  14. How long would you say they lasted? Also which model?
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