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  1. How long would you say they lasted? Also which model?
  2. Does anyone have experience with Marner pro stock sticks? Also how are the durability on true pro stocks? I know their higher end retail models tend to break quickly for most people.
  3. Does anyone have experience with the tc4 vs the regular p28?
  4. Thank you for this. Also, for consistency and giving up performance, do you mean with stickhandling or all around play?
  5. Also to answer your first question, the unforgiving aspect of the p28 is what I don’t like too much. My first 3 shots of a game will be lasers that I can place pretty well, even when I’m just trying to get shots on goal they still go about mid height, but then that 4th shot will soar out of the rink. I’ve tried the p90tm for a few shots and liked it, but as @stick9 it has a flatter rocker. I’m beginning to like the feeling of the “dual lie”. Not sure if the p92 is considered that, but the rocker feels rounder than the p88
  6. For the tc2, is it a tad more opened as well? I’ve seen the w03 described as a little shallower and a little more opened than the p92
  7. Thank you for the clarification
  8. So the toe is meant to be off the ice for the p88?
  9. Question on the p88 because I feel like this is one of my reasons for making a move away from it. When stickhandling, is the toe supposed to be off the ground? I thought because of the flat rocker the whole blade should be on the surface the whole time. I feel like with a p28 or p92 when I have to adjust, it feels smoother since it is more round on the bottom. Same with stickhandling since the whole blade isn’t shaped to be on the ice.
  10. I see the term “aggressive” a lot when discussing the p90tm but never fully understand it. Does it mean how opened it is? Or how fast it opens up? Or something completely different?
  11. I am looking to switch curves and through some research, I’ve found out that all manufacturers have similar curves, but there are differences. Some are very minor but some feel different to different people. I am looking for a p28 alternative, something a little more closed. How to do the p90tm and tc4 compare? I don’t really want to go the route of custom orders like a kucherov from Bauer or trying to find a pro stock stick. Also, is the tc2 an exact clone of the P92, or are there any differences between them?
  12. What are the differences between dampened and stiff blade feels? Also do these impact durability in any way such as the blade chipping?
  13. If he has more to add then that’s fine by me. Someone else may wanna look at this thread
  14. Close lol. I wanna know for 2 reasons but one of them is I’ve seen hockey stick phone cases and wanna try to make one bc I think $35 is a little too much
  15. How does warrior compare to Ccm?
  16. Just like the overall shaft radius. Not sure if radius is the right term since it’s not a circle
  17. Are senior warrior sticks the same width as Bauer? Also are Ccm intermediate sticks narrower than senior sticks and if they are how much (compared to bauer/Ccm)?
  18. I feel like I’m like that with the p88, but with the p28 shots either go middle level or high, I have to concentrate in order to get shots low, but practice might help with that if I really want to switch
  19. With a p88, sometimes I have trouble getting the shots higher and with the p28 sometimes I have trouble getting shots lower. I could probably use some work on technique. I have the best shot on my team though. And by sometimes I mean maybe 2 or 3 out of 10 shots don’t go into a corner with a p88 or under the blocker with a p28.
  20. I do play with a ball. For wrist shots the p28 seems fine, but with slap shots there will be times where it goes straight up in the air so I must be hitting a weird part of the blade
  21. What is “better” for accuracy?
  22. I get that part about concentrating. I feel like with slap shots with the p28 I really have to focus to get them low, and if I’m not and even sometimes when I am concentrating on follow through I’ll go bar down instead
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