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  1. TF9 skates have kind of soft sponge or something in the toe area. What must be the feeling for the right size - when the toes are on top of this sponge or right by it touching it lightly?
  2. I tried them on the ice and it was fine, no pressure point anymore. I’ll stick to stock laces.
  3. Thanks for the link. The feeling is like around the toes, but I do realize that it must be above ones. Another try. I switched the laces to default ones (I used waxed before), lowered the tongue back to initial position and the pressure point doesn’t feel that much. I wonder how it’s going to be on the ice.
  4. Okay, it looks like tongue manipulation improved the situation. I was on the ice yesterday and I didn’t notice pressure point under the tongue. Another problem that appeared is that moving the tongue higher freed up some space close to the toe of the boot and it feels kind of loose in that place now.
  5. The main concern is area under the tongue. I tried to move tongue a bit higher and it added some room in that part. Will see how it goes when I’m on the ice. Another concern is on the right part. It feels like that tipping bone (sorry English is not my first language) doesn’t go in pre-baked pocket. I’ll definitely go back to the store to bake them again. I have a plan to try a different tongue (the one from tf7) and to see whether it gets less painful.
  6. I watched videos on youtube, the guys say that knees must be right over the toes. I wasn’t told to do that in the store. Also, when the skates are warm, should I make the kicking motion to land my heel right in the end of the boot (as usually)?
  7. I tried them in store after and at home multiple times. But skating is different. Skating revealed that discomfort and pressure points. For example, on top of my foot between 4th and fifth eyelet right under the tongue, there is a pain point that I started to feel after 5 minutes skating, which I didn’t feel before. I’ll try to lift the tongue higher next time to see whether is makes any difference.
  8. Yes, but the rinks in my city have just opened. I didn’t have a chance to try them before.
  9. As I remember they baked them for up to 10 minutes or so. It was ~3 months ago, so it’s hard to recall. I think I’ll head back to the store and ask them to rebake the skates. Thanks.
  10. I finally tried TF9 on the ice yesterday. Wow, so uncomfortable and so many pressure points. I never experienced something similar with other famous hockey brands. Is it expected? Is there any brake in period? I baked them in a store. It’s so hard to believe the owner of the company: “The most comfortable skates you’ve ever had”
  11. I’m completely new to this brand. I came across these skates accidentally, I thought they have only custom ones. I also discovered a “how to” series on Youtube, it’s very informative. They do have in store, I just didn’t have time to go there. And since it was the last they of promo, I had to act fast and I decided to order them online. They rest assured me that I can take care about the size later. It turned out I needed 7.5, even though I have 8 ccm and bauers.
  12. This is https://www.thehockeyshop.com. It’s not actually Vancouver downtown, it’s in Surrey. I hope it still counts I’m going to try your advice now. It’s not typical routine, but whatever works to put them on. Thank you. SkateWorksPNW, thank you for the tip and for the posted video.
  13. We have a store that sells both tf9 and tf7 here in Vancouver. I ordered both online and went to the store to bake them. I decided to go for tf9 because of carbon fibre material which supposedly has to last longer. Finally these are kind of skates I was looking for. They are suitable for skinny guys with a narrow ankle. As I discovered in the store and especially after baking (and yes, they wrap the ankle around with a transparent band that is usually used for wrapping sandwiches) it is incredibly hard to put them on. Is this the way it supposed to be? Could it be a defective boot or something? I really struggle to squeeze my foot into them and I have a feeling that it is even possible to hurt a foot in some way. Does anyone have the same issues? But they feel so comfortable once they are on. And ugly
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