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  1. Howdy, I accidentally bought an extra pair of Jersey 3rd gloves. It wasn't the colorway I thought it was. 14" Warrior Covert. New, w/o tags. Thumb loops are cut. "Rooney" on the cuff. If I did it right, more pics are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/L9cLkNqsTiKWo9FD8 $125 shipped to USA. Mark
  2. Howdy, I probably missed it in my search, but does anyone know the screw specs for the tendon guard screw? I'm guessing 8-32, but the piece is small enough that its hard to tell. Like the poster above, my screw snapped and I need to replace it (after I get the piece out that's still in there). Mark
  3. Howdy, So... Is this ~$200 for TF7 deal available to anyone else? I've been nothing but happy with my TF7's. And that's independent of the price. Factor in the price and they're a GREAT value if they work for your feet. Mark
  4. Howdy, FWIW the ProSharp profiles can be applied to skates outside the size range... For instance I have a Zuperior S (6/12/20) on my 254mm steel instead of a Zuperior XS (5/11/13). This is because when I went to Trues from Makos I dropped from a 7.5 to a 6.5. My recollection from the profiling thing that JR did was that I didn't feel a ton of difference between a Zuperior S (6/12/20) and a Quad 0 (6/9/11/13). That experience means almost nothing for what you'll like, etc. though. My advice is to just take your best guess and then try it out. In your position if I wanted a bit more rear stability compared to today I'd go with the triple and if I didn't want that, I'd go with the quad. Mark
  5. Howdy, Re: skate lock harvesting... Be prepared to need to drill out the screw holding the lock into the old skates. On all of mine, sweat / whatever turned that screw/t-nut into a single piece. In terms of otherwise finding replacements... I have decent luck in the past just asking at LHS's if they had them. Often someone would open a drawer and there would be a baggie of them in there. I had essentially zero luck finding any online however. And count me as someone that's still grumpy that skate locks disappeared. Love them. Mark
  6. Howdy, Got this the other day. Exactly as described. Thanks! Mark
  7. Howdy, Seriously? WTF? Man, don't mess with house league. Mark
  8. Howdy, Usually. Sometimes it doesn't seem to solve it though. But it can't bunch up if its not in there to begin with. As a bonus, maybe someone will chirp me about it and I'll have an excuse to cross check someone. Mark
  9. Howdy, I need to start doing the socks over the tendon guard thing. Occasionally I get a build up of the hem / bunched up sock between the tendon guard and the back of my ankle and its irritating. Mark
  10. Howdy, I do something quite similar. First step is 1.5" for 10 wraps, 2nd step is 1" for ~20 wraps. Makes a knob about 1.75" on the long side. I used to use a pro/kane tacki-mac, but after I hurt my wrist I tried a bigger knob and that helped a lot with the pain I was getting. I've always been bummed that I can't use Tacki-Macs any more, since I really liked the grip / glove wear. And I have probably 10 of the stupid things laying around new in the package because I got in the habit of just buying a couple every time I went into the store... Anyway... I've been trying the VukGripz for the past few games. Reduced my tape job above by 3 or so wraps and put the VukGripz over the top. In general I'm pretty happy with it so far. The provided grip is pretty interesting. It almost feels like your hand is locked onto the grip, but there's no stickyness at all. So when you release pressure a little bit, these no "residual grip" or whatever. Looking at the grip tape, it looks like up close its a bunch of very short 'hairs", each maybe .5mm or so. I haven't noticed any change in grip due to wetness. It has gotten a bit dirty, but again, nothing like tape does in terms of the adhesive pulling off tiny bits of the glove or getting dirt / whatever ground in. No issues so far with the adhesive failing and the grip peeling away either, which I was worried about. Applying it was a little weird. It doesn't stretch very much at all, so when I went over my stepped grip I got wrinkles, etc. etc. I also use a twisted up section of tape down about 6" or so from the knob to provide a rib. If / when I do it again, I don't think I'll do that... Laying the VukGripz over the lump the twisted up tape does made it a decent bit harder to apply and I'm guessing with the increased grip that I won't miss having it. I did an overlapping method vs. the edge to edge method as well, and the edges of the overlap also provide a bit of a ribbed texture. Anyway, its working well so far. Not that excited about $15 per grip, but it is what it is I guess. If it lasts without the adhesive getting loose / whatever then the $$ isn't quite as bad. I think next time I might try cutting it in half as well and only going down the shaft maybe 3" or so. Thanks to @PBH for the recommendation! Mark
  11. Howdy, So all the C level teams are supposed to be at the same level? Like four house teams that all play each other, each with different coaches? I would probably have a group chat / email / whatever with all four coaches and bring up what you saw along with some comments about "this is supposed to be a developmental league" etc. Probably CC whoever runs the show. I would strive to keep it cordial and if it started going sideways, I'd almost certainly just drop it. All of you coaches are supposed to be adults with the kids' best interests in mind. At least give that idea a shot. How are the rest of the players on that team? Is the one really good kid balanced out by some poor players? It sounds like it was a close game despite that kid? Mark
  12. Howdy, I'll say. You've done a great job cleaning that up! Did you end up painting, or is that all elbow grease? NM: Looked at some earlier pictures. You've put a good bit of work into reconditioning that thing! I'd wondered if it was designed with a thinner grinding wheel in mind. Mark
  13. Howdy, Can't help on the different types of wheels. If that were my machine, I'd pop off the red cover and see if there were spacers for the grinding wheel that were reversed or could be changed or whatever... But I agree with Buzz that it looks like it would work the way it is since it looks like at least the center of the diamond 'swing' is on the grinding stone enough to accommodate a skate blade. It would bug the hell out of me though. And I suppose on a new grinding wheel you'd waste more of it getting the initial radius onto it. Mark
  14. Howdy, I used to use Tacki-mac and loved them, but something happened in my hand/wrist such that if I play without a big knob, my wrist hurts pretty badly. I can't get a Tacki-mac (or Butt-endz or anything else) with the knob that seem to work best for me, so I just use cloth tape. I solve the glove palm problem by constantly buying gloves and rotating them fairly often. I don't seem to tear them up as badly as I used to with cloth tape and a small knob though... I wonder if the bulk adds some give to the knob, so that the palms don't wear as badly? I might have to try one of the wrap overgrips over a knob built up with cloth tape. Mark
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