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    True XCore
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    QRL Pro
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    Bauer Re-Akt 200
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  1. Howdy, Way to go! Glad to see a pic of you up and smiling. Well, "New England Smiling" anyway. 🙂 Continued progress on the healing! Mark (You're gonna get little tattoo stiches next to the scar, right? And go as Frankenstein for Halloween? :))
  2. Howdy, Hey man, been travelling and just saw this. Hope the procedure went well and you're annoying nurses right now! Mark
  3. Howdy, Stopped there this morning on the way through the area... Pretty decent! New Sticks were $140 iirc. Hockey socks for $10/pair, half shields for $10, game jerseys for $100. Lots of other stuff too. And this was at 11am on day 3. Thanks for posting it! Mark
  4. Howdy, Huh. I'm travelling to Maine this weekend and spending Saturday night near there. How good is this sale usually? Mark
  5. Howdy, "Like" isn't really the right emoticon here for "holy fuck, I hope this goes well and sending you good vibes and hugs". Mark
  6. Howdy, Holy shit! Hopefully catching it early (I hope?) means treatment goes well. And yeah, having a puck bash your face in ending up being a good thing... Wow! Mark
  7. Howdy, I really need to show my wife that sticks picture. Mark
  8. Howdy, I like my Tacks as well, and agree with the "tanks" comment. But if you're looking for lighter / lower profile compared to the 20k I wouldn't imagine that would be it. Mark
  9. Howdy, Maybe to some extent (and I think its due to the stiffness of the boot vs. anything else), but I still think there's a lot to be said for explicitly being able to set lace tension on the instep/forefoot vs. the ankle area of the foot. To me, lace locks are one of the things I wouldn't mind having back on my skates for sure. The bigger question is how easy they would be to integrate well on a boot with normal eyelets. Mark
  10. Howdy, Brace and ibuprofen is what I do as well. A doctor buddy that I played with for a while basically told me that there's nothing that's going to 'bring back' my knee. His advice was to do a brace / ibuprofen and when it became something I couldn't deal with anymore that I should come see him for a replacement. In my case, this is coming from an old meniscus tear though, so maybe your situation is different. Mark
  11. Howdy, So, I finally baked one pair of the TF9 skates I've had for a while, since my TF7s were showing some more significant signs of wear. And then started using them. I don't like the thin TF9 tongues, as it puts a lot of pressure on a bump on my instep. I also don't like the thick felt tongues that one of the tf9 pairs I bought came with... I'm not sure of the name, but they're a thick felt with a sewn on metatarsal pad on the upper part of the tongue. I finally swapped in the tongues from my old pair of TF7s and they're just right. However, when I search for TF7 replacement tongues I'm not finding much stock. Ice Warehouse shows some in size S, which apparently goes up to a size 5 skate. I'm in a 6.5. No stock on the Mediums, which starts at a size 6. Does anyone know how dimensionally different the tf7 replacement tongues are size S to size M? If its just how long the tongue is, I probably don't care. and I have to tuck the sides in when I lace up as well, so if its just a bit narrower... Also probably don't care. Otherwise.. Are the felt cat 7/5 replacement tongues the same as the TF7 tongue, other than the color? I can probably live with the color. Edit: Are the goalie skate replacement tongues the same as the player skates? I see some of those on SLS. Appreciate any leads / advice. Mark
  12. Howdy, Damn dude, that doesn't sound pleasant. You need like a frequent flyer card for medical shit or something. Like an automatic upgrade to the first class waiting room. Mark
  13. Howdy, Maybe counter-intuitive, but if you make the thigh pad sit lower down, will it be less likely to get caught by the top of the shin guard in a deep bend? Mark
  14. Howdy, Holy shit dude. Mark
  15. Howdy, If you're handy, this isn't crazy to do yourself as well. The blade straightener tools I've seen make it easier / faster, but some sockets and a vice let you do the same things. Mark
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