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  1. Howdy, Never seen this before... Sparx 1/2 - 5/8 grinding ring... https://www.ebay.com/itm/363308089038?ul_noapp=true Anyone know what this is? Mark edit: Ah... Cross grinding ring?
  2. Howdy, Reads to me like you're overthinking it. If they fit, they fit... Doesn't matter what letter is on the tag and what numbers are on a chart. When you're playing if you find issues, that's a different story, but play and experience the issues before you try and solve them. Mark
  3. Howdy, Also, this review by Matt seems pretty on the money... Mark
  4. Howdy, I've got a set of Skaboots and used them for a game where I changed in the parking lot... They're for sure clunky and a bit of a PITA to put on / take off. I only used them once and I'm sure I'd get better at it & they'd break in a bit, but still... Hard to believe they wouldn't remain clunky and a bit of a PITA. On the plus side... I think you could walk forever in them with no damage to anything. There's a heck of a lot of rubber surrounding your blade. That said.. The idea of a soaker with a bottom that could be walked on for a while on concrete / asphalt without destroying itself and which would protect the blade seems like it would be a better solution. Mark
  5. Howdy, When I was a kid, I was sure that the thumb loop was there to stick the end of the stick through. Mark
  6. Howdy, I think I'm a little more old school. And probably just older. I don't think a parent's role in sports should be to advocate for their kid. Full stop. They should encourage their kid, cheer when they do stuff well, boo the ref when they make a correct call that happens to be against their team, etc. But in terms of "Hey coach, little Timmy should <blah>, <blah>, <blah>"... Just no. Their interaction, particularly for a purely volunteer coach, should be limited to "Thanks!" with a side of "Hey, seems like maybe you could use a hand.... How can I help?" If a program is bad enough that you feel like you need to volunteer criticism as a parent then you should be offering ways _you_ can fix it or be figuring out how to move on from that program. And that focus should be the _program_ and how the kids are generally being handled, not whether YOUR kid's special snowflake needs are getting met. I expect we agree more than we disagree btw... We're probably just stating it in different ways. Happily, when I've coached my son's teams (mostly soccer, a little hockey before he stopped), most parents have either been overtly supportive or at least haven't been noisy about problems they've had. I think its important for people that are considering coaching to read about issues like this as the exception, rather than the rule. I mean, you certainly need to have a little thicker skin at times and be reasonably self confident, but generally speaking my experience with parents has been a positive one and they've been clearly glad that I was willing to volunteer to coach. Mark
  7. Howdy, There's nothing wrong with coach to parent communication during the season. You can do it in a non-asshole way like "Hey, so one parent asked me about how ice time was working and <insert lots of your first post>". Presumably the bulk of the rest of the parents aren't assholes, so an explanation like that gets them on your side and when jackass parent says something to another parent in the stands, that other parent can say "Oh, didn't you get the ice time email? I thought that was a nice balance and a good way to approach it". Mark
  8. Howdy, Bench his kid next game and tell the kid that if he wants to play that he needs to control his parent. Seriously... When a parent comes with a suggestion / complaint, evaluate what they're saying. If there's nothing new there, stand your ground. Do what you did and explain civilly what the plan is, that the ice time will all even out in the end, etc. If the parent keeps pushing, get your commissioner involved. Sorry you're going through it. Sounds like you're already doing everything right and I'm sure the positive thoughts and appreciation from the other parents greatly outnumber the squeaky wheel, even if they don't communicate it as effectively! Mark
  9. Howdy, Seems pretty likely that the creator comes here when he can / wants to / has time / whatever. I've also seen weeks to months go by here without a post from him. Also seems pretty likely that the company's official channels for communication aren't answered by the creator, vs. someone working off a queued "first in, first out" system. Mark
  10. Howdy, This seems like a good place for this article... https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/12/04/hockey-covid-transmission-outbreaks/ Lots of "we don't know" going on with this stuff still. Interesting that typical rink air handling may be exactly what you DON'T want. Mark
  11. Howdy, Sports psychologist sounds like a good choice. Your description makes it sound like he isn't sure what he should be doing in full game context. I see these "game awareness" type training things... Maybe that would help? Might also be pressure to perform... Any player knows there's a difference between the game and practice. If that's the case, and if he sees himself as having to perform for his team, I wonder if dropping him to a "less important" role would help him gain more confidence? Take some of the weight off his shoulders. But really... Sports psychologist sounds like the best idea to determine what's happening. As to how to introduce that to him... Depending on age and what the parents are like, I might go through them. Wouldn't hurt to have an example of someone he looks up to that's used a sports psychologist successfully as well. Mark (Way not an expert. And I haven't stayed in a holiday inn in forever.)
  12. Howdy, I know that's the excuse they use. But I can't see it without thinking that someone is throwing a ball to a sad elephant / elephant that had an unfortunate encounter with a car and got its trunk run over. Mark
  13. Howdy, That's the hammer cocking so that the trigger works. Mark
  14. Howdy, 5 best: Coyotes, Capitals, Jets, Rangers, Stars 5 worst: Pittsburgh, Detroit, Islanders, Blues, Avalanche 5 honorable mention: Ducks, Vegas, Flyers, Jersey, Carolina Pittsburgh in particular is a disappointment. Just come out with a totally blank jersey if the best you can do is spell your team / city name across the front of the thing. Horrible. Agree that Detroit looks like a practice jersey. 100% agree that the Islanders just didn't want to play and sent in their current jersey design. The Avalanche jersey is more about a stupid logo (why is there a sad elephant on a hockey jersey) and "Hey Quebec, we took your team away, but at least we made a jersey to remind you of that". Outside of that, the jersey itself is fine. The Ducks jersey has promise, but its like someone snuck in and stole the logo before the designer had time to add color. I actually like the Vegas jersey, but no team that's been around for 3 years gets to have a retro jersey. Stop it. Always liked the Flyers colors and this retro jersey looks good. But its not some huge departure from normal and I live in Pittsburgh, so I'm not allowed to like it anyway. New Jersey's colorway is good. Uninspiring in terms of logo though. I feel like I should like Carolina's throwback, but the colors mostly kinda suck. I have a little less of a "hey we stole your team, here's a jersey" reaction. Not sure why. Maybe because they stole the team from Hartford rather than the land of hockey. But really... Mostly I'm posting just because Pittsburgh's jersey is such a disappointment. Mark
  15. Howdy, Style is such a personal thing. Outside of the whole "Can't see" thing, I like that quite a lot. Mark
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