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  1. Howdy, (side note: If you're going to take the time to post about how you hope something you said isn't too non-PC... Maybe instead just use that time to change your phrasing? ) Only you will end up being able to answer your question. That said... I had the same concerns as compared to my Mako M8's when I got my TF7s. Over a period of a couple weeks I felt like I got the TF7s dialed in, then played/reffed in them for another week or two. I then decided I'd wear my M8s again for a game I reffed. Luckily it was a lower level game, because the M8s that'd I'd previously loved / was really worried about moving on from felt like totally floppy pieces of junk. Same runner profile / sharpening, but it felt like I couldn't hold an edge nearly as well, wasn't as fast, wasn't as agile, etc. Literally nothing about them felt better than the TF7s. I was able to re-adapt over the course of the game, but even at the end I was never back to "feels good". I'm really glad I put those M8s back on, mostly because now I know how much better I have it. Mark
  2. Howdy, When I tried them both on, the only difference that stood out to me was the tongue. That definitely changed the way the skate seemed to fit my foot a bit and resulted in a little different feel. it wasn't better or worse to me, just "different". Just trying them on, I obviously couldn't evaluate any difference in the steel. I couldn't tell any difference in weight whatsoever. For me, the extra $$ wasn't remotely worth it and after 3 months of reasonably heavy use (playing and reffing) I'm not sorry I went with the TF7's. YMMV. Mark
  3. Howdy, They could do way worse things. If my choice is between execs falling over themselves to show they're good people / allies or the racist and misogynistic bullshit hockey (and lots of other things, tbf) tolerated for a long time, I'll take the allies. Mark
  4. Howdy, For me, I wear the same skates to ref, so I'm super boring and get straight white. Not even the black dots. Does anyone make rainbow / pride laces? I'd think that would do well. Not sure its realistically possible to die laces multiple colors though... Mark
  5. Howdy, Hey man, you do you. Rock whatever laces you want! Mark
  6. Howdy, So these came in. And @Buzz_LightBeer also noticed a barely used pair at a Play it Again when we were in Detroit for FallFest and I picked those up too. Couldn't resist for $20! Wife played in the used ones last night and LOVES them. No more readjusting gloves for her / feeling them loose / falling off / whatever. We went with the size 13, which is supposedly the length of a normal 13 and the width of a 12 and they seem perfect for her. Build quality / etc. etc. also seems fine. I'm no Hills though, so I have no idea on the true protection, how they're made, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, thanks again to @Asian Tomatoe for the recommendation! Mark
  7. Howdy, 3 more months and the Grit bag still looks identical to the pictures above. No QC problems at all. Living with the bag, I still sometimes get a little annoyed that it doesn't hold its shape a bit better, but that's it. I've given up trying to keep my spare jersey in the mesh pocket and it just lives on the bottom of the bag in a ziploc. Both issues are extremely minor. Otherwise the size is exactly what I wanted, its been holding up great to playing 3 or so times a week, etc. Recommended, if you want a "Pro Bag" with internal pockets / modern features. Mark
  8. Howdy, Reading the descriptions and a few reviews, the Starks sound like exactly what we're after... Price wasn't bad either. Ordered a pair. We'll see! Thanks for the pointer! Mark
  9. Howdy, Forum, forum on the wall, who makes the tightest gloves of them all? Wife needs hockey gloves. She has narrow girl hands. Anything out there tighter / narrower than the Warrior Covert stuff? She's been in 13" Warrior Covert Pros, but even they are a little big width-wise, though finger length is about right. Are Junior 12" gloves typically narrower? Wondering if we could find a pair of those that have long enough fingers. Mark
  10. Howdy, So I did get the Howies one. Unlike what the Howies guy told me, its not actually rigid. Sigh. Shift steel does indeed fit though, so that's good. I ended up deciding to 'stack' the runners in one slot to maximize the stiffness and minimize clinking. We'll see how it works. Mark
  11. Howdy, I'm not sure I can say. I think so, but ?? I've had my TF7's profiled with a Zuperior S like the Makos were though, so I'm hardly comparing stock to stock at this point. Mark
  12. Howdy, Thanks for the baking advice. Hope to have time to try it out in the next few days. Last night for a slower game I was reffing I used my old Mako M8's... Two immediate impressions: 1) putting those on was like putting on a pair of slippers. No pressure points anywhere and my feet were seriously locked in. I definitely need to work on the TF7's to get them fitting like that. Wow. 2) The TF7's are SO MUCH stiffer than my old Makos! I was amazed at how much more I had to concentrate on getting over onto my edges with the Makos to get anything like the bite into the ice I'm now used to with the TF7s, for instance. The Makos felt almost floppy on my feet. I was pretty much used to it after 30 minutes or so on the ice, but it was really crazy just how different that felt. Mark
  13. Howdy, That certainly can/will affect things! I agree that you should check and make sure that your edges are level, but past that I tend to agree that this sounds more like a profile or pitch issue to me. Unfortunately, I think (particularly remotely) you're in for some trial/error getting it figured out but perhaps post some pictures here of your runners from the old skates overlaid with the new runners to highlight the differences? As for baking... I would think that would impact comfort in the skates much more than actual performance on the ice. That said... Yes you should be baking skates, IMHO. Mark
  14. Howdy, So... struggling to get a good heel lock on the TF7s. Its not horrible, but I can feel my foot lifting up/down a bit. If I tighten laces enough that my foot is locked in, my arches start to hurt. Thinking I should rebake. I can get the plastic wrap. My understanding is that the procedure is to lace up through the forefoot/arc and leave the top 3/4 eyelets undone, with packing wrap around the ankle area. Can I expect that to tighten up the heel, or should I be looking for a way to apply more pressure from the sides? I could probably rig up a clamp against some boards with foam between the boards and the boot... Anyone have the heating instructions for home baking for TF-7's? Mark
  15. Howdy, True TF7 here, coming from Mako's. Because of the size change, going from 263 to 254 runners. Felt a little clumsy at first, but after profiling the 254 runners with the same profile I'd been using on the 263's, that went away. I haven't switched back and forth between them though to know how much of that is me getting used to things and how much is "they feel like the old skates". YMMV. Mark
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