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  1. Howdy, Here or on the FB group, I can't recall someone really recommending the Pro base. And there are lots of comments about "shouldn't have gotten it". YMMV. As for your actual question re: oiling/waxing the blade prior to a last pass... I've never seen anyone recommend that. AFAIK, that's only done with a traditional grinding wheel vs. the diamond grit (?) ones that Sparx uses. I can say that it would be a bit of a pain as well. No question that for me I would use (and do use) a Speed Skate rather than that. The only thing I don't like all that much about the speed skate is that it rubs at the finish on my Shift Onyx blades. But I think that's more an issue with a fairly non-durable coating vs. the speed skate itself. Mark
  2. Howdy, One of these helps #3. https://wissota.com/product/speed-skate/ Mark
  3. Howdy, Still a $250 stick though. Hard to swallow. Wasn't the FT3 like $150? Mark
  4. Howdy, Another 7.5 Mako person here that is now using 6.5 TF7. I was using a 7.5D Mako that almost certainly should have been a 7.5EE but still seemed to work for me. The 6.5D TF7 definitely fits 'wider' and with more volume. And yes, they're also a LOT stiffer than my used Mako M8s. I never compared them to new M8's of course. YMMV, but I've been really happy with my TF7 skates. I've also got a pair of TF9's in the same size, but haven't gotten around to baking them / putting them into the rotation yet. Mark
  5. Howdy, I have no particular advise, but I would assume its going to be reasonably specific as to where you are today and what your goals are. My "I'm a computer guy, not any type of exercise expert" opinion is that with age comes things like: * a slower metabolism, so diet is even more important / you will struggle more to lose weight * slower injury recovery time * more incidence of 'cumulative stress' type things like bad joints / arthritis I've certainly experienced / am experiencing all of those (I'm 52 now). I'll be interested to hear what people say. My gut reaction is that you don't change because you're older per se... You change because something about being older makes what you were doing before not work as well. So if you're doing a bunch of strength training today and its working for you... Don't change just because the odometer rolls over to the next decade. Mark
  6. Howdy, I replied in the other thread, but just to make searching easier... 8-32, 1/2" long. I would order these if I were buying some specifically vs. just had something lying around: https://www.mcmaster.com/92210A194/ True's replacements also have blue thread locker pre-applied. Mark
  7. Howdy, Yes, just checked one of the screws. 8-32. 1/2" long (from top of flathead to the end). I would order these if I were buying some, vs. just had stuff laying around: https://www.mcmaster.com/92210A194/ Mark
  8. Howdy, Its a left handed stick, but the rest... Maybe? Mark
  9. Howdy, I'm still wondering if anyone knows how to decode the barcode sticker to confirm that this is a mid kick or anything else about it. Mark
  10. Howdy, My "I don't know very much" guess is that RY still means just what factory the stick was built in. Its just a (new?) Chinese factory. The stick weights on the sticks I just got don't like up to any retail models, as far as I can tell. They're heavier than the <400g top of the line models, but less than an AS4 non-pro or AS4 Team. Mark
  11. Howdy, Yeah. Talked to the seller. He didn't know, or was at least good at acting. I assumed when he advertised them as as4 pro construction dressed as trigger 6's that he knew what he had. We did a partial refund so I ended up getting a little money back and I'll try them out. I'm still curious if anyone knows what the "MHSRTSMSP" code means. Sounds like "SM" likely means tacks / mid-kick construction? Mark
  12. Howdy, Picked up a couple sticks on Sideline. Advertised as AS4 Pro construction. RY/80/T/S15115/V01 on the shaft. Sticker has MHSRTSMSP RICHARTZ BLAIS (T6R) S15115-01 One weighs 427 grams and the other is 417 grams. AS4 Pro retail has an advertised weight of 374 grams. What have I actually got? https://photos.app.goo.gl/W9FLouzYJXZyULDy5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/EB1pPbRuyTv3nG2s7 Mark
  13. Howdy, Depends on whether its loose or the screw is snapped. If its just loose, pull the inside foam pad out/aside and use the tool they provided with the skates to tighten up the screw. If the screw is snapped (this happened to me), then you'll need a replacement screw. True can send you some, or you can cut down a flat head hardware store screw to length. I can't remember the thread specs, but if you need them ask and I'll dig them up. Mark
  14. Howdy, Any Summer Jam folks interested at $100? Mark
  15. Howdy, How's the width/depth? I'd have said that the TF7/TF9 were both wider and deeper than 'traditional D width skates'. Same hold true with the Catalyst? Also True, this is where you sending a pair to @Hills for review might save you money on that 30 day fit guarantee... Mark
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