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  1. Thanks Sturdy22, I told the seller to unlace the skate, push the tongue forward and they would see it stitched to the side. They assured me they tried and still couldn't see it. I bought the skates anyways and if they aren't the right size they said they would take them back. Mike
  2. Thanks! That's very helpful. They look pretty close to some of my current 13D skates. Would be nice if the seller knew more about what they had as I'm sure the size must be listed somewhere. Oh well, if they don't work out I can likely recoup some costs and resell them. Mike
  3. Hi Buzz, Here's a link to the very limited ad. The seller is Play It Again and they couldn't find a size tag and are simply going off what the customer dropping them off said they were. Just curious if these were ever made and tagged as 13D's. https://www.playitagainsports.com/product/11735-S000322020/used-bauer-supreme-power-senior-14-ice-hockey-skates Thanks, Mike
  4. Hello, Have a quick question about an ancient skate I was hoping someone could help with. Does anyone know if the Supreme 7000 ever came in a 13D? I found an ad for a pair listed as size 14 which I'm assuming is incorrect. Speaking to the seller they can't find a size tag. I was able to confirm they have a 306mm custom tuuk plus which is the same holder on my size 13D Nike Ignite 2's and Air Accel Elites. Thanks in advance for any help, Mike
  5. So I ordered these awhile back to see if I'd get lucky. The fit and finish was surprisingly good, but they were really soft when squeezing the sides together. They also run really wide and the tongue isn't thick enough to provide much protection from pucks or lace bite. Removing the foot bed they didn't have the pre-drilled holes that skates with the Tuck Custom + holders came with. I'd still recommend the skates for beginner to intermediate rec skaters and occasional hockey players or people with size 14+ feet just looking for a reasonable rec skate. I sent my pair back as they were too wide and soft for my level of play. Hope this helps for anybody considering these, Mike
  6. My understanding with custom skates is you buy before you try and no returns. At least these Bota's would be returnable, so less of a risk. Anybody else had a chance to either try or put hands and eyes on these? Thanks, Mike
  7. Hello, Has anyone other than the original poster had a chance to skate these or see them in person and can comment on fit, volume, quality etc.? I'm seriously considering taking a chance and ordering a pair as I'm not having any luck finding high end skates for my size 14US feet. I'm aware of the custom route, but in Canada that option is really pricey. Thanks for your time, Mike
  8. Thanks JR Boucicaut, Appreciate the help. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Cheers, Mike
  9. Hi SkateWorksPNW, I've been on the hunt for awhile now trying to find a pair of narrow 13D high end skates without going the custom route due to monetary reasons. I suggested a few skates in an earlier thread that was moved and I'm unable to view currently. Was hoping someone on this site might now of a site online I could purchase from or another forum member might have a pair of 13D's. My local skate shop only has the custom route available to offer for my 14.5 US feet. Apologies again if this in the wrong forum, Mike
  10. Thanks JR Boucicaut, The link you posted doesn't seem to work for me. I'll try again later. Thanks, Mike
  11. Hi Guys, I'm a new member looking for skate help and/or a particular skate(s). How do I go about doing that without having a post deleted? Previous post appears to be deleted or maybe it's just waiting for a probationary period to end? After searching around this site I'm still not clear what forum(s) I use. Thanks in advance, Mike
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