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  1. Scott , what's happening slow but sure is you are getting what we call hockey legs .... The getting up from the one knee on the ice one blade on the ice : don't forget you can use the muscle on the knee down leg by pushing your toe cap into the ice to assist the quads on the blade on the ice leg . Grab the dinning room chairs or kitchen chairs and use the to assist you doing squats. Do ten or twenty twice a day . Use your arms as much as you have to . Two months you won't need the chairs .
  2. Hi Scott, sounds like you are having progress. My advice is: be strict about skating position,, knees bent and over your toes and your shoulders over your knees , feet shoulder width. I would be happy to spend a weekend working with you one on one for nothing. There's two hours of public skating on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Hey op . That sucks. Imo you need to aggressively ice the lower back area near l5 & s1 . This and get an x Ray of the coxic . Ice does wonders . Are you new to the sport relatively speaking.? I ask because of skating form is important. The lower you can get your body (knees bent and over your toes,ass down almost to the point you could sit no a toilet,legs shoulder width. ) in this position your mass is low . You won't fall as easy . The bend gives you a tremendous range to make balance corrections. And if you do go down you are close to the ice. First taking on this skating form your legs are going to feel it in the quads. Quick lactic acid build up is going to give you burn in the quads. To train these muscles: a)Roman chairs till failure b)Then do lunge walks c)back to the Roman chair till failure. D)chair squats till failure e) chair squats with a vertical leap at the end of the movement. Till failure. ...... f) slide board exaggerate the leg bend and position. Ware a weight vest .. really grind it out . Stretch before and after these drills. Skate all you can and do this routine 3 times a week you will be amazed at your increase speed and agility and stability performance. Work on abdominal every day. Get all areas. Hope this helps
  4. Hi all , I reached out to Botas to buy a pair of there skates after seeing them in pics on line . The sizing was very simple; stand on paper trace your feet then measure the two longest points . You take that number and go to the sizing table and pick your size.. The boot runs wide . The skates can be ordered with no blades so the holder of your preference can be installed. My skates I have the Botas blade holder with there best steel . They arived , opened the box and each skate was wrapped in paper , the boot had a introductory manual and a warrnty card , i examined the stitching, the centering of the blades then i put the laces in and noticed the laces felt more substantial then many factory laces. The blades were sharpened . The blade holder looks identical to the tuuk custom but higher in the heel . Putting the skates on you have to work to get the heel home in the pocket. There is lots of ankle padding. The heel seated and the skates laced and tightened the foot is wrapped nicely. I then set the sharpener up and put a 5/8" hallow. The next day I go to a public skating session put them on and go on the ice . With in 3-4 strides I felt home on the skates. I am so happy with them . What I didn't do is pick up the insoles to see if there is access to the runner fastener to see if the steels can be replaced with out removing the holder . I'm very impressed with the skates .
  5. What kind of skater are you as far as leg bend or form ? How tall are you? . I will tell you up front I am not current on the curve patterns. My self I like a blade that has a that's more at the toe and gradual back. I played with a lie 5 I believe that would enable me to have room to stick handle and evade without feeling bound up . I also used a stick that was just about at the height of the where the neck goes to the sternum. I did modify my stick blade by twisting it . I don't know if the composite sticks can be heated and tweaked. Maybe some of this will give you ideas or experiment.
  6. They are giving them selves room to receive a pass . It also can make the d chomping at the bit get drawn in and caught up (not likely in nhl) . Other wing heads up ice ,center should have read this and be dam near the blue line. Wing hit the other wing with pass as he is in motion, then he hits the center now moving on a diagonal ,then weave off the back of the center. Puck is now almost in the o zone. The wing that started the play is digging up the back. Center fakes a shot drops to the wing who should have a clean shot top right. Center is going that post for a rebound or recontrol the puck on a wide shot . The other wing is driving hard for the rebound . If the play goes to hell the center is looping to center either with the puck that went wide or without and it coughed out to the point. Lots of sweeping movement crisp passes are hard to defend. The set up for this all started with the wing creating room in the d zone. If another another player is fast enough to take off from his position and cover your man and beats you to the man ; he was right you couldn't get to him . In this case roll off formation and take his man that is probably closer to you or give him a fail safe . Cover for your team mates always
  7. Like the way you worded that. One of things that's great about hockey is no situation is ever identical . I running a blank here on the exact term been so long since used . At around squirt level I remember coaches breaking both ends into grids . Using this and basics like don't turn your back to the puck. Stay moving . This seemed help getting folks close to the place to be ..... it would be nice if beer league teams had a practice . A grid can be made with a chalk line a carpenter would use.
  8. Well the lhs is a business that we all need as hockey players. To keep the business open helps all the players in a specific area . Yeah you may pay a little more on something. But that service will be available to you come time for cutting a profile and sharpening. The two lhs that were around when I was coming up threw youth to eventually pro ; were instrumental in my career. I worked on cars starting at 10 to pay for most of hockey. They spoke well of me to local college coaches power skating and conditioning coaches . These guys got me the opportunity. One shop was owned by an ex Boston bruin . At twelve I went threw four pair of skates needing my fith from growing. Gives me super tacks . I know it' not always like that . We need guys like that around. We gotta keep the lhs open. I thinking about a mobile hockey shop . Sell choice brands. Give red carpet service. How do you think that would be received?
  9. Wow there is a blast from the past . I went there in 1979
  10. From my experience the best knee rehab is cycling get a fixie use a 54 ring in the front and 11 or 12 in the tear. Do walking lunges with dumbbells in your hands . Lots of reps till failure, feet wider then shoulder width and do side lunges from side to side with out picking up the feet. Same leg position and go deep on one leg and hop to the other .go deep and hop . This you want to work on firing those fast twitch fibers. Also good to do in a pool. Stand on a bench, one foot down and up the other down and up. Get used to it and pick up the speed. Do a cold water soak . Then hot . Stretch real good. Ride a stair master backward. . Do all this stuff braced then as months pass work to no brace. Another good leg building drill is one foot on a 4×4 and hold hockey position till failure one leg then the other and go very deep . This will increase speed . You make routines up wit these drill change it up it will be fun
  11. Hi Alan. If the guy at your lhs is an engineer type and fabricator/ machinist he can most likely do it . However if he mis interprets what I designed then you won't be receiving exactly what is going on in my head. Again Alan I can't stress enough ; the parts to my rig do no exist . Going to take machining, welding, thread incerts,thread incert installer , band saw to cut the load carrying plates. Not typical equipment for a lhs . As far as I know it has never been done . One thought to about the wedges you are going to have significant pressure at the point of contact on the tuuk . Make sure you have contact on both sides of the bolts. Also be mindful of the force wanting to push out the wedges . I will be looking for the status yes Shane is correct .
  12. With what I am talking about completed with the rig encased in urethane no one will know you have it . I think the problem is so pronounced now because of the skate being so much stiffer and the range of motion so little . If you like I can make up and install the units for you . I think this kind of stuff is fun
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