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  1. The label on the inside of the skate was correct. After baking wrapping and skating the skates they seem fine, but the true rep also pretty much dropped contact with me.
  2. i dont think its too big, when i first put the skate on and kick my heal back to set it into the heal pocket my toes still touch the toe cap. I wear a 10.5-11 depending on brand. most of the time its 10.5 in the shoe size.
  3. Do you think the superfeet could help my issue any? After the re-bake and shrink wrap it give me a little more room. My toes still touch, not feather.
  4. This! my right is a little longer than my left also and that was the skate that felt a little too tight. I re-baked them and also did the shrink wrap and they still seemed a little tight but not as bad as before. I skated yesterday with them and they felt much better than the original skate but a little tight on the right foot. Doing the wrap helped bring the foot back a little bit and also tying the skate as tight as possible helped (my ccm's i would tie tight at the toe, leave a little loose in the mid foot area and tight up top). I am going to skate with them one more time and see how it goes.
  5. Interesting! Thanks for checking on that.
  6. Now if I could get this true rep to call me. Said he would yesterday afternoon. Still haven’t heard anything even after I left him a voicemail
  7. oh im not disagreeing with you after this situation. It has been a while since I have ordered skates online and I have never had an issue before. lesson learned!
  8. unfortunately the closest hockey shop that sells true for me is 2 hours away. I am still in contact with the rep and he is working on a solution, i just hope it gets fixed before mens league starts back up
  9. Yea its in True's hands now hopefully. The rep for the southeast is working on it for me. hopefully he comes up with a solution
  10. I did not get a chance to ask him that, but the supplier I ordered them from confirmed for me that both the 8R boot and the 8.5R boot had the same sticker in the same spot. They also checked the 9R and the 9.5R and the both had the same sticker that stated 9R for the right skate and 9L for the left skate. When he calls me back I will find out
  11. So the regional rep from true called me a few minutes ago and is calling true in Winnipeg to verify if i need to pull that padding out in the toe box. If they say there is possibly an issue he would let me know. I should know something this afternoon or tomorrow.
  12. Just checked and there is padding at the very end of the skate in the toe box. Waiting to hear from true before I remove anything
  13. Hopefully they can chime in and answer. They don’t return phone calls or answer emails very quickly.
  14. I think I have this solved! I was checking around on the True boot (inside to be specific) looking to see if the put a size on the boot anywhere. I thought to myself no way they wouldnt put the size only on the tongue if the tongue is interchangeable. I unlaced both of the skates that have the 8.5 size on the tongue and under the footbed toward the toe cap there is a white sticker that has 8R for the right skate and 8L for the left skate even though the tongue of the skate says 8.5. So I grabbed the 9R True that I had ordered because i thought the 8.5 was too small and low and behold the 9R has 9L for the left skate and 9R for the right skate. I believe someone at the factory has put the wrong tongue on the wrong boot. I just hope that True will work with me now to get this issue solved.
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