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  1. I've had my TF9's for about 7 weeks now and once passed the annoying part of getting them on and off, they have been a great skate. Also I was thinking of switching out the Shift holders to Tuuk, but gave them a chance and now they feel really good for me.
  2. I found that there was too much room and went with the inserts and works great for me.
  3. Decided to not switch out to Tuuks right now. Brand new skates so I'm not keen on drilling new holes. We made a slight adjustment to the blades to set me a little more upright feeling. I was on them for 3 hours today and they were starting to feel much better. Still a pain to get on and off but better than the first few days.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I felt the same awkwardness and forward lean as you described. I thought about giving them a chance but feel I’ll be better off with the tuuks.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has switched out the shift holder to tuuk? Coming from Bauer definitely felt different on the ice. Still need to get them profiled which may help a bit.
  6. I have to use the arch supports as well. I will try out the carbon superfeet instead. Also ordered some Powerfoot inserts to help with the room in the toes.
  7. Curious if anyone is using superfeet with their tf7/9s.
  8. I decided to give them another chance today and I was able to get my feet a little easier. I’m still not a fan of them being this hard to get into. I got a skate with them, overall good minus they are not profiled to my liking and they felt a tad roomy in the toe box when skating. I’m still on the fence on them but may give them another try or 2.
  9. Sadly looks like I’m going to return my tf9s. After baking them and doing the eyelet cuff flare out, when they cool down it’s still too difficult for me to get my feet into. High arch and wide feet be damned!!! :( I Tried putting my foot in with the skate sideways and twisting but doesn’t work. The outside of the boot digs into my foot and wants to take a layer of skin off, ouch!! Once they are on, they fit great, sadly just too much hassle. I don’t want to over due it on heating and widening the outside, then the fit will be compromised.
  10. Hey everyone! New to the forum from NS, Canada. I've been reading the posts and lots of great info and insight on these skates. I've been interested in True skates since they first came out. I was a CCM skater for a number of years and switched to Bauer last season. I have a wide foot and went with Bauer Nexus but have not been happy with the feel and fit. I started thinking about True Custom but then I saw retail versions coming out. I went down to my local store and tried a pair out. I could not get my foot in at all, crazy how stiff these are, but once they were heated up, I was able to get them on and I was impressed with the fit. I see its common for them to be hard to get on and off. I found out there are some tricks putting them on and heating up the eyelet cuffs to flare it out some should help. I'm looking forward to getting out on them in the next few days and will report back after some ice sessions.
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