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  1. Thank you Kris for responding and yes the orthotics I have are super feet not specific one’s crafted for my feet. It aids in arch support and we have an internal wedge underneath that raises the inside of my foot to pronate less or not as quickly while skating. Good news though I am going to see if I can have a local podiatrist can make the one Dr. Humble had showed in his article. If that does not work (fix it entirely) then I will shim and use everything I have gathered from trying to fix my pronation that is effecting my skating to fix it once and for all to the best of my abilities.
  2. I have been calling people and people either seem to not know or be mixed up about solving the problem for pronation. I spoke with the guy who wrote the article for aapsm skating alignment and he said if it’s minor pronation you move the blade and get a custom orthotic. When my dad and I were talking to him he mentioned minor but, believe me I have taken pictures and it seems more moderate or severe. Probably not severe or I wouldn’t be at the level I am considering it’s harder to skate with pronation. So I don’t know why but it just irritates the _ out of me for why he thinks that my problem is only minor and a orthotic will fix it on its which I already have had done and does not make a huge difference. So to get him to configure getting something done ASAP because it is always seemed to be denied and held off saying I need to move my feet and drop my butt, is shimming the best option plus internally an orthotic to also help it from the inside as you cannot move the blade. Also I do move my feet my coach last year would yell at us for everything so I was forced to skate 110% full speed. To be honest I almost hung up the skates but that was a short thought as I knew something was wrong and besides that I wanted to keep on working harder. I will keep reaching out but should I shim like it’s the bigger priority that will make a huge difference in alignment over the blade. I have found a place in Windsor, Canada that says they shim but we already bought skates at the beginning of the year (hockey season) and right now Canada is on lockdown from movement across its borders from other countries. It just makes me mad because I work so hard (still am and will be) and I know that this will help me (a lot at least from what I researched because my dad says it won’t do me a miracle. I know it won’t but I am sufficient in every part of make game besides the parts where pronation effects it) so I really want to get this done with out him rambling making excuses while I have been trying to solve this problem for so long.
  3. Vet 88 when you talk about contacting a professional that specializes in feet do they know how to shim? I thought those people were from aapsm which talk in that article about how to shim or resolve pronation? Also when I clicked on the link it sent me to a guy in Minnesota. Would that be the person best to call first who knows the most information. I would like to shoot them a call or anyone for my matter to advance further in solving this problem.
  4. I use a footbed with an arch but it seems like we’re getting off topic and I just wanted to clarify on getting shims and then how to do them I’m pretty sure I need them and like you said if I don’t like them I can take them out. Sorry to bug you on all these messages so if you could just kinda say the process and steps. Also it helps your balance and your balance only? Outside from me being tired that was not meant to be the problem with me falling off balance. Thank you for your time this conversation may go on longer but thanks for what you have done so far.
  5. http://www.ellismethod.net/ankle-pronation-effects-in-skating.html This is why it thought pronation effected your stride maybe I’m wrong. Besides you have it on all your skates. If it helps balance only I would still be willing and wanting to get shims.
  6. No it’s over pronation and is anatomical not my stride technique. Also I have gone to the doctor or whatever it is for feet and they said I had flat feet/over pronation and that is why I have an orthodic in real life. Also I can physically see my foot over pronates. On the other hand I condition for sports so I’m sorry I got that in there because it may have confused you I just want to get shims if they are necessary and based on what I have researched they are.
  7. I feel like I get more tired easily because when you stride your pushing from the (pronated) inside of the foot making you expend more energy. So I would be tired and get knocked off balance easily because of the weight over the center. I have played many sports and am very athletic although not like buff but fast. So I just wanted to clean this problem up as I think it is hampering my game.
  8. I’m am an experienced skater and am not new. So just to touch up this helps with balance? Anything else? I though it changes the angle at which it contacts the ice so that creates more efficiency compared to you when pronating. I should get this since I pronate because it’s gonna help me skate and balance better correct? Lastly, it is trial and error for the shim and that goes on the outside on the back only opposite of the problem right? My biggest thing is, is this essential for over pronated skaters?
  9. So shim both internally and externally. Use a wedge and foot bed. Correct? I know Vet 88 had said what you told me Ben but I don’t think I have enough ice time every day to drop eyelets. Also do you know where I can get this done. I know figure skaters do blade alignment (which you can no longer do with hockey skates) so do they also know how to shim? Midwest area here so Minnesota to Michigan kinda range any where in between there.
  10. For me when I shoot five hole where I’ve scored all my goals I usually do it like a silent pass. Mine are never usually off the ground when doing so and it’s unpredictable for goalies to stop. Other low corners not so sure about.
  11. I would say over pronation and the fact that it’s a bone structure issue that’s not fixable through strengthening the foot.
  12. Can somebody inform me of shimming a skate for a pronated skater. Does this improve balance or speed? If this helps for when a skater pronates on the ice please let me know how to do it. Thank you
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