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  1. If that's shinguard tape it's stretchy and may not have anything to do with support. I do that to keep the tongue from sliding to the side. Just sayin'. I find the AS3 PROs to have better forward flexion than my AS1s and a more comfortable cuff. I'm admittedly a gear junkie, but these release cycles are ridiculous. Not even pros need updates this frequently. It's wasteful and tough on retailers who have to keep up. IMHO anyway.
  2. I played in them on Friday night. Don't know if I was just "on" or what but it was my best skating game in a long time. It was definitely worth the time and effort to get that toebox widened. I didn't think I could like a pair of skates more than the AS3 PROs but...it's a least a tie at this point! For whatever reason...there's definitely a difference in the toebox shape between the two models. It's strange. I get the top-bottom cuz the shape is different, but looking down from above...you would've thought they'd be the same. Anyway...great now...awesome ride!
  3. Exactly what happened to me. Weird cuz my AS3 Pros are the same size (albeit D v "regular"). The rest of the left skate feels great, and the right was perfect out of the box...hence the solution I described. Before you do any mods...check the CCM return policy so you don't end up stuck if they don't work out.
  4. So now they're perfect! I took the tongue and laces out and clamped it in the vise. Took the heat gun to the toecap inside and out. Took a puck, which turns out is just a couple of mm's wider in diameter than the toe box, and tapped it in with a hammer. Heated again for a little bit. Let it set for about an hour. Tried it and it was waaaaay better, but I felt it wasn't quite there. I repeated the process only this time I increased the diameter of the puck. I used painters tape to fasten a Grolsh bottle washer (have a ton...I use them as guitar straplocks) to the edge. Tapped it in again, with the washer pushing against the problem spot and left it a few hours to set. I skated in them today and they felt great. No more squished together toes or pressure points. We all good now. I played Friday night in my AS3 Pros but next game up...these 100K's are goin' in
  5. Hey All! I really dig these socks, as they're well-made, comfortable, and most importantly...super-thin. Well...I can't find them anymore. I see other Drymax at IW, but they aren't the hyperthin ones. Anyone know either where I can get some or a good substitute? I skated barefoot forever, but I'm thinking that these modern skate lining materials aren't going to stand up to that as well. Maybe I'm mistaken. Anyway, I'm used to these now so...Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  6. Practice last night...my left pinky toe was feeling it. May have to push the toe cap out a few mm's. Not sure why it didn't bother me before. I do notice that the toe cap is a bit more narrow than the AS3 Pro. Not sure why, but...it's fixable. Other than that...noice!
  7. Very true. I will say having spent a lot of time around pro players...they're all over the map. Many customize and...a lot actually do use out-of-the box skates. In any case...yes...to each his or her own for sure.
  8. These are now baked, punched, and perfect. 100% dig these things. I skated for about three hours on Sunday. Probably two in these, 45 minutes in the AS3 Pro, and 20-30 in the 2xPros. 100k felt very nice and performed exceptionally. I'll reiterate...you definitely can play any style in any skate. I felt no lack of power in the 100ks or 2xPros and no loss of agility in the AS3 PROs. They just feel different and I like that. McDavid was wearing Jetspeeds (not sure about now)...would anyone say he's not a powerful or agile skater. How about Barzal...AS3 Pros...I don't think there's a more agile skater in the world than Barzy. Just bugs me that some players may never find their perfect ride cuz they just read the marketing. As a coach, I get asked all the time about "which skate should I get..." So many players come back and say thank you..."I would never have even tried those on and they felt the best of all of them." Same with sticks...if the balance and shaft feel right...I can play my game. If not...kickpoint will mean nothing to me. Ok...end mini-rant. 100K...can't wait to get 'em in da game...Friday night
  9. Re-baked today...my old way...185 for 4-5 minutes. Waaaaaay better molding to my feet! Punched my left skate and now they feel perfect. I'll see how they move tomorrow. I'm planning on using them for Tuesday's practice.
  10. Baked them tonight. I went per the CCM instructions (just like you see posted). Not sure how I like that compared to 185 for 5 minutes. I baked my own 80k's, 2xPros, and AS3 Pros successfully using 185F for 5 minutes. This process of 220F for 2 minutes didn't seem to result in the skate being as moldable. I have a gas oven; it's high quality and very accurate so I'm sure of the temps. Anyway...I'll see how they set and do it again if necessary. Perhaps these foams and composites form with lower heating times. They were already comfortable so just really a fine-tune. It'll be interesting to see if I still have to punch. I put two cloth wads under a silicone sleeve inside my sock. Hopefully they punched the boot enough to do the job. If not...it's easy enough. Anyway...slide 'em again on Sunday. I'll post an update.
  11. Those who do your own...what do you like to use? I've been using a ratchet clamp and a golf ball into various cups. It works ok, but I'm considering a screw clamp for more force and less slippage. Wondering what you guys use.
  12. I went fro a 2xPro 7.5 D to a fit 2...the forefoot is a bit narrow even in fit 2 (but not by as much), but the heel doesn't seem to lock as well. In contrast...the AS1 7.5 D, AS3 Pro 7.5D, and 100K Pro 7.5 "regular" fit like they're part of my anatomy in every dimension. Might end up selling the Vapors...might not...still like the way they ride. Might just use them for coaching. CCM just seems to be the best fit and feel for me. Wouldn't mind trying a 7.5 regular FT4 Pro...might have to paint them though .
  13. Well...I skated practice tonight and I like them a lot! They feel like Tacks with more forward flexion. That's what I wanted. I believe I will have to bake them and maybe punch. I felt great for about 45 minutes...then the ankle bone protrusion began to get irritated. It wasn't terrible but in a game I think it would have gotten worse. So...bake first...then see about punching. As far as skating style and this particular skate...Personally, I think the marketing for all of these lines from Bauer and CCM is pretty much BS. I can skate any style in any skate if it fits and feels right. I can skate with power and agility with any of the skates I've mentioned. My advice for anyone looking is...close your eyes...try them on...get the skate that fits and feels best...then play your game.
  14. A couple things to add...put the regular thickness D30 tounges in from my AS3 Pros...perfect. They aren't perfect in the Tacks...they are just a bit narrower than the stock Tacks tongue and that makes them slide the side when I skate. I haven't been using them...I will now. Also...I had Adrenaline Powerfoot inserts in the 80ks and they were still roomy. No room for these in the 100ks. Skating tonight...I'll let you know how it goes. I'll bake them later.
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