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  1. You are 100%...but...I'm used to skating 6x week...I have nothing to do but ask (sometimes) meaningless question and watch 70's playoff games on YouTube Fit is fine...just wondering if there are any with less outer bulk...and that's all...just wondering. It's like if I was hanging out with hockey people at a bar, and turned to someone and said, "Hey, whaddaythink aboot...?" Anyway...watched the Isles v Flyers game 6 from '75 last night. Probably the first game I ever saw as a kid! What a trip!
  2. Might be a strange question but...which helmets have the smallest profiles? I have a small head, and I feel like Marvin Martian or a kid trying on dad's gear. Helmets look huge on me. I'm wearing medium Tacks Resistance and 710's...comfortable...protective, but... Any thoughts. I certainly don't have to fix this "problem," but...it wouldn't bother me if I did. Thanks folks!
  3. And just as an entertaining aside...I coached 4x1.5 hour practices on Sunday (the 4 age groups)...caught edges and fell hard twice...no pads...just a helmet The only aftereffects...whiplash from my head hitting the ice. Man...in the 90's...we didn't wear helmets for practice ! Probably gonna wear padded shorts until I shake this rust off.
  4. I'm really pretty solid with regard to the robustness of the hip pads in the pants and girdles (but I like your idea...I'll try that too)...I'm just looking to eliminate the spots with zero-crappy padding. I've taken some big falls and hits (no-check but...it happens...it's actually one of the things I missed the most), and it's been no big deal...except for the couple of times landing where there's nothing in the way of protection. That's what I am trying to eliminate. I'm fairly confident that cutting this D3o motorcycle back pad into shaped inserts is going to be a perfect solution. If there's leftover...I'll reinforce the tailbone pad. I've also acquired various McDavid padded shorts, so...a lot of fun experimenting coming up...hopefully soon! One thing that's so different about hockey now is the insane number of choices in gear! Last time I was active...One pro skate from Bauer (Comp 5000), one from CCM (952 Tacks?), and the occasional Graf. Also...no Internet...not like this!
  5. Appreciate your response. I am trying that. I know it sounds strange...why is this dude buying all of these girdles and pants. If you read some of my other posts...you know the background.. if not... After a lifetime of playing from jr.high-college (just D3...nothing amazing) coaching and men's league...my hips were gone. I was out for about 15 years. Finally had a 2x hip replacement in 2018 and I am playing and coaching again...6x week (pre-Covid). I'm finally playing at a pretty high level again, and I want to last. Thus...the quest for the perfect gear
  6. Appreciate the responses! Turns out...D3o is available, so...found a used motorcycle back pad for $20 that's 16"x10.5"x1/4". I'll cut small pads from that and insert them as needed. Will let you know how that works.
  7. Ok...during this hiatus there hasn't been much to do but train and buy stuff (both of which I dig). Onwards...I've picked up a couple of girdles...a SuperTacks and a QRE ($40...had to try it)...just to give them a shot. Both seem pretty cool...pretty different...both have what I consider to be a major shortcoming...no padding for for the butt. They both have tail padding (decent...could be better); however, on the actual glutes...these ridiculously thin perforated foam pieces that not only do nothing but also get wrinkled up and folded within their compartments. Useless! If you're a physical player...and smaller (I am...5'9" 165), you end up trying to make plays and inevitably...you land on your butt cheek...hard! There's nothing to protect you in either of these girdles. My pants are a bit better albeit not like my 70's Cooper pros. Granted...they were heavier and more significantly...never dried! Heck, they're probably still wet from the 70's Anyway...I am thinking of a homemade pro-stock treatment, adding my own padding to the compartments and sewing them back up. Nothing huge and bulky, but certainly something more protective on impact. Seems like a shaped insert made of CCM's D30 would be perfect, but...is there a commercially available equivalent out there? Any other recommendations? I've looked a snowboarding shorts as a possibility, but finding a pair that doesn't add bulk is the challenge. I only need butt protection (and maybe additional tailbone). I'm all ears and currently made of time Hope you are all staying safe!
  8. 33/34...depending. I'm 5'9"/165. My chest is 40-41". That seems to make a difference as well. Thanks for responding!
  9. Okay...so...if I'm a medium Warrior Covert (a bit loose), a large CCM HP45 (loose in the ab area...comfortable but snug in the hips...borderline short even unzipped for added length), a large Super Tacks girdle (good fit...a little long in the thigh...yes...even with adjustable height)...what size would I be in Bauer? Notice how all over the place these things fit As an aside...I got to skate last Saturday...all day...helping with travel tryouts...man it felt good to get out there. Six hours in skates is a long time though Very well managed...temps taken at the door...12 players in the building at any given time. No locker rooms except for coaches and we were masked up...two of us did the whole day. A couple of others did one session or another. Props to rink management...they did it right. Our camps are scheduled to start 6/8...I'm gonna need it more than the kids...my games are starting 6/13...all contingent on safety...fingers crossed !
  10. Will check that out...thanks. I've gotten a couple of medium PP90's, which seem to be a good fit and one SuperTacks large that I haven't tried yet, but...you'd think since it came with that girdle...it should fit.
  11. Yup...those be them. Mine were black.
  12. I had a pair but can't remember the model #. I think they were $249...best that I could find. I believe I got them from either Ocean or Great Skate. They were like skating in a bunker...in terms of protection and bulk. They also took about as long to dry as my 70's Cooper Pros. I can't remember if I found them to play heavy. I'm much happier in today's pants. Any reason you are looking for these particular pants?
  13. You masterfully distilled that down to its essence
  14. Looks like the bottom line is...just not worth the effort. I thought maybe you could just cut and insert, but...I'm not seeing that's the case. i did it on a Synergy years ago, but those aren't true one-piece sticks like the current ones. Unless I'm not reading things correctly. Thanks folks...saved me some $ and wasted time!
  15. Thanks for the response. Yeah...in the early 90's I had some...T-flex, Koho Revolution, and a Synergy in which the blade broke and I put various blades on them. I'm just not familiar with how these one-piece sticks are put together. A lot of them taper but they're not standardized. Be interesting to see how a low-kick shoots upside down.
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