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  1. I'll probably cut the bicep "protectors" off the 94 caps and put the S1's back on...they are very comfortable and actually offer protection!
  2. Sewed the caps from my Cooper SB94L's on my Supreme S1's...perfect! How do you post images here...I'll show 'em to ya. Now all I gotta do is wait for the world to de-crazy Frankenpads Frankenpads 2 Frankenpads 3
  3. I use AS2Pro's, which I understand have very stiff blades (comparatively). I find the feel (passing and receiving), shot power, and accuracy to be the best of anything I've tried. It seems to be different for everyone depending upon your mechanics. That's just what does it for me.
  4. If these RBK Kinetics don't do it...I may go the Frankenpad route too!
  5. Well...for the last five years before the hip replacement, I couldn't walk. That's a great way to get fat! Actually, I couldn't do anything...stand, sleep...nothing. I just took pain meds to keep going but that only made it bearable. My wife finally made me see a surgeon (doctor-phobic). When he said that I'd be able to skate again...I never imagined that I'd get back to this level! Anyway...it's a gift to be back. I'm skating 6 days a week between playing and practicing (I was anyway until the world went nutz). Now...when I'm not at school...I just train and skate, so...yup...25lbs
  6. One thing I might try (if none of this works out) is to grab a pair of jr. pads at Play it Again, cut the caps off and attach them to my cap-less Supreme S1s. Problem with playing hockey for so many years...ya get mighty particular
  7. True...that's a thought...I'd have to order and return though. Nobody here has anything but Bauer and CCM.
  8. The 9080 might be...the caps on the ones below that have a different design and sit higher. These Reebok Hybrid Kinetic fit pads look like they have the same cap design as the Tacks. For $30...worth a try.
  9. Actually...no...no gut. I dropped 25 lbs after my surgery I'm in better shape than I was in college...cuz I don't party anymore I don't know why it sits that way. Maybe I'd get used to it, but then there's still the bicep guard issue and the big caps. I tried the AS1 and it sat well and wasn't bulky...I was just hoping for a non-$200 option.
  10. If I was 3" taller...I wouldn't have this problem...then again...I'd have to give up my awesome low center of gravity
  11. Believe it or not...trying on CCMs...the FT1s were blockier than rmthe AS1s. Seems counterintuitive, but I had them on. Could also be different for different body types. I have a short torso.
  12. Nope. All I can tell you is that the way it sits...the front rides way up.
  13. Okay...never wore them all through college; maybe just like..Cooper SB96 or something like that. No real protection...I know...stupid, but what 17-18 yo isn't. Fast forward a gazillion years...I am back in the game after 15 yrs off thanks to a double hip replacement, and happy to say...at a pretty high level. That means there are guys who can bring it. I went back to my old no-shoulder-pad-ways...awesome. Then I took one on the delt. couldn't lift my arm for two days...ouch. Ok...I give...I'll wear 'em. My dilemma...at 5'9"/167/33w/40"chest....every pair makes me look like a block and the caps are annoyingly large. Tried or tried on...Supreme S1, Jetspeed FT1, other Jetspeeds, STX RX3...same issue with all. Closest was the RX3 but the neck was so high it was choking me plus the bicep guards only cover the side of your arm...not the bicep...it's going back (nice 14 day tryout policy). I found that the AS1's ironically are the smallest profile...so, I found a pair of Reebok Kinetic Fit Hybrid (padded shirt/shoulder pads) on Sidelineswap. They seem very similar to the AS1's and only $30! If they don't work...I guess it's $200 for some AS1's. If anyone has tried these hybrids...I'd love to hear about 'em. Anyway...you guys were right...being out there with a bunch of college players and ex-junior and ECHL guys without SP's is just dumb. I used to be dumb...now...not so much. I didn't come all this way back to take one to the sternum or spine or dislocate a shoulder!
  14. I've got P90 pro stock AS2Pro's and P29's...identical. Can't comment on P90T.
  15. I really like the Nexus 2n's. Very robust and great calf wrap. They are about 1/2 pound lighter than my Jofa 9060's and compare well. Don't expect any current pads to last like the old days, but...they are lighter, often more comfortable, and dry so much faster it's crazy. Depending upon the model...some are just as protective. In this case, I think the 2n's do. I sold a pair of Reebok 18K pads...these are better and those were really good!
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