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  1. Cake. Two laps, a couple of transitions, a few punch turns and stops...done. I could easily have played a game that first time.
  2. Great info. folks...thanks so much! I'll try this on my 1s...it's actually just the thumb that bugs me, so hopefully...that'll resolve. Really appreciate the responses!
  3. Hey Bros, Before I ruin a perfectly good pair of gloves...I have a few pairs with wear-resistant patches, and I really don't care for the resulting lack of feel. I think that they are just overlays. Has anyone ever tried to cut the stitching and remove remove these patches? It's just a couple pairs of retail gloves that I happen to like in every other way. I can live with it but...if I don't have to...ya know? I guess I'm spoiled by pro-stock.
  4. Hey All, I have some 14" that fit great and some seem a little too big. For example...Vapor 1X 14"...fingers just a bit long. They fit almost exactly like my Supreme 1s 15", which I've been trying to trade for 14" with no luck. Vapor APX Pro 14"...perfect. How do Warrior Alphas seem to fit? QRE/QRL? I wonder if 13" would be good to try. Thoughts?
  5. Well...my HP45 has a 1" zip extension...and no "X" designation, so...not sure that's accurate.
  6. So...I'm not sure what the difference is. It's not length adjustment because my 45's have the +1 and they're just plain 45...not "X." XP is extra padding, so...what's "X?"
  7. Interesting. I like the way my place does them, so it's all good. Shop couldn't tell me definitively as they were uneven.
  8. I grabbed a pair of new Blacksteels off Ebay and they arrived sharpened. The dealer didn't sharpen them...Step says on their packaging that they have an edge, but don't say what ROH or profile. I emailed them but nothing so far and I have a game tonight. I might just get them done by my shop anyway, but...seems a waste if they're already 5/8"-10'. Anyone know? Thanks peeps.
  9. I ran it again and it gave me 7.5D AS3. I probably messed up the first time.
  10. I put in 7.5D AS1'S...gave me 7.5EE AS3 Pro's.
  11. Interestingly...the CCM online fit thingy says I should be in a EE. Perhaps that's due to the increased foam? I'm comfortable in the D and just leave out the Powerfoot. On another note...the IW video with the CCM rep states that the D30 tounge is for protection, so I'll try it...I block a lot of shots. He also says it's for players who want the "cool" orange styling. Can't speak for anyone else, but I would not seek to be on a team with anyone who buys a $75 tongue cuz it looks "cool!"
  12. Hey Snipe...I don't know how to post pics, but...I did feel inside and that area to which you're referring does feel marginally softer than in the AS1. I only had a moment this morning to check it out, but I have to swap out the laces for waxed, so I will examine that area this evening and post back. I am curious as to how swapping the tongue for a D30 regular thickness would feel. I don't have lace bite issues, but I have taken pucks off of that spot and it's not fun. I could use shot-blockers, but never found any I loved. The description (I believe) states the D30 is for lace bite, so...dunno. Can't get my hands on them and don't want to pay return shipping just to check them out. If anyone tries them...love to hear about it.
  13. Well...skated three hours at public session on Sunday and coached an hour last night. Here are my thoughts... First...waaaaay more comfortable than the AS1's, which I mitigate with silicone ankle sleeves. The AS3 Pro...not needed. They felt great immediately, and no break-in...I could have played a game in them easily. The fit was just like the AS1. Yes, there is a slight decrease in volume in toe cap due to the tounge attachment. I use Adrenaline Powerfoot inserts on the AS1's, and I can't with AS3's. However, the reason I use the PF is to decrease the volume, so now they're not necessary. The flex profile is very similar to the AS1's, but I found that I had more forward flexion. That's great for me because I was getting more power out of my strides. It still has the support of the previous Tacks, and I really do dig the way these one-piece boots feel. I do tangibly get better performance and feel more confident making extreme cuts or all-out bursts compared to the traditional last and quarter package. That doesn't make them magical or diminish the quality of Bauer's top-line stuff (or anyone else's)...it's just my take. The tounge attachment...what many (well...some) are talking about. Ok, I felt it when I tried them on, but didn't really notice it. If I hadn't heard about it, I might not have even been aware. While skating, I did feel that attachment point, but it never became uncomfortable or a hindrance in any way. I can see that if you have a particularly tall forefoot that you might have an issue. There's a cool video that addresses how to fix the issue if you have one, and it's relatively simple, so I wouldn't let that stop you if you like everything else about the skate. I never had an issue with the navicular with my AS1's. I do have a busted up left ankle, so I get two punch-outs on my left maleolar. Even with that...I need the pads for the older Tacks...nothing for the new ones. Tacks just seem to be my skate...I can't imagine a custom skate fitting me any better. That said...I skated in the 80k's for the first time at the public session as well. In my observation, the Tacks are more comfortable! That...was a big surprise, as Ribcores are reportedly CCM's "comfortable" skate. I like the 80k and will likely coach in them just to change it up from time to time (my joints prefer I rotate skates). Maybe play a few games to see how they "perform." Definitely roomy in the toe, and I do need the Powerfoot in there to feel comfortable. I don't feel quite as "locked-in" in these. I like my skates form-fitting (11 foot/7.5 skate). To be fair, I didn't spend nearly as much time in the Ribcors and I baked them, but didn't punch for my ankle. I will and that will help a lot I think. One thing I did do to both pair immediately...Blacksteel! Huge difference. AS1's were the best skates I ever had...until these AS3 Pros...they are measurably better! If you have any specific questions...I'll do my best.
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