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  1. Anyone know the code for these? I LOVE this twig...and the FT3 Pro is also awesome! Balance is unreal and both are rocket launchers.
  2. Ok...no idea how these folks figure size but I am good in a large AS1. I have to unzip the +1 length feature to get coverage (same with my HP45). These are a little more snug than the 45's and of course the Warrior QRL is slightly loose in medium but with suspenders...love 'em. I can't figure it. I have no idea how someone with my dimensions but 6' tall could possibly use these pants. Bottom line...they fit and protection is insane! Beauty!
  3. ...wouldn't be necessary if these companies would standardize what s, m, l, and xl mean. Oh well...anywaze... I am still 5'9"...33-34" waist...165 lbs...40" chest...Warrior QRL medium...CCM HP45 large. What would I wear in... CCM AS1? Bauer Vapor 1X? Thanks folks!
  4. ...and...I'm swapping back. I got the regular thickness D30 tounge and unfortunately, it's cut a tiny bit different, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to cover/ pad the same arc at the boot top. There's a spot where the collar is digging into the inner upper ankle. I didn't have that issue with the original Metatomic tongue. The other observation is that they seem to shift outward as the game progresses and I have to keep pulling them back into position...annoying. That's another issue I didn't have with the original. I suppose I can play with heating...bending...molding...ect. or I can use the silicone collar that I use with my AS1's. They felt perfect before...maybe I just go back and take my lumps if I get hit in the instep. Or...maybe I'll give it one more game.
  5. I'm 5'9"/165...I love them! It's more about your stride, skating style, and power...I think.
  6. Well...I didn't get to take it on the ice but did handle it. I was excited because AS2Pro's are going to be hitting the market for less now. It is lighter, but honestly...I don't need lighter. The only thing that would make me switch would be a better snapper cuz otherwise.. the AS2Pro is dead solid perfect for me. I play D and most of my shots are clappers and wristers from the point down to the high slot. The A2P is amazing for those and as I mentioned...the balance feels perfect.
  7. I love these twigs! They feel perfectly balanced for me and I love the way they fire. Here's my question...never having tried any of the previous iterations (Ultra Tacks, SuperTacks, AS1)...Does anyone here like one of those previous models better, and if so...why... specifically? I've thought about trying the AS1, and a couple of reviews say the blade is less "pingy." How that translates into shots, passes, and handling...I don't know. Also, if the balance were different...that would shut it down for me. So...any thoughts?
  8. Just standard...with the added protection.
  9. Anyone tried the D30 tongue? I'm looking at giving it a go as that is where I tend to get a lot if abuse from sticks and shots...and I am not crazy about any shot blockers I've tried.
  10. Thanks for the response.
  11. My skating stride/style (according to my teammates) is "fast, strong, long, low, smooth, and technical." I feel like my balance point is just behind the ball of my foot, and I'm wondering if I profile to pitch forward a small amount...will that move balance to the ball and help my quick starts and acceleration as well as punch turns? All thoughts are appreciated.
  12. Cake. Two laps, a couple of transitions, a few punch turns and stops...done. I could easily have played a game that first time.
  13. Great info. folks...thanks so much! I'll try this on my 1s...it's actually just the thumb that bugs me, so hopefully...that'll resolve. Really appreciate the responses!
  14. Hey Bros, Before I ruin a perfectly good pair of gloves...I have a few pairs with wear-resistant patches, and I really don't care for the resulting lack of feel. I think that they are just overlays. Has anyone ever tried to cut the stitching and remove remove these patches? It's just a couple pairs of retail gloves that I happen to like in every other way. I can live with it but...if I don't have to...ya know? I guess I'm spoiled by pro-stock.
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