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  1. I love the AS3 Pro, but haven't tried the AS-V Pro. The AS3 Pro and Warrior LX Pro are the best shooting twigs for me. How does the V Pro shoot in comparison to the 3 Pro for the various shots?
  2. The AS3 Pro is definitely my favorite of the Tacks line. I prefer the feel, balance, and release to that of the AS4 Pro. I definitely have found that my preferred flex is not consistent from model to model...even within a line. Example...an 80 AS3 Pro is perfect for me. Have to go to a 75 in the AS4 Pro. In low-kick, I go down to 65 or 70. FT3 Pro...75 is perfect. I'd suggest just close your eyes and feel the stick...go from there. Don't assume that because you don't like a stick in "your flex" that you don't like the stick. Unfortunately...it can be an expensive fact-finding expedition.
  3. Have done several ways.. I've ordered D30 sheets (lattice-style)...cut them to shape and sewed them onto the existing tailpads with heavy braided fishing line (or dental floss will work) with a thick needle. It's easy...just watch your fingers. Also crazy glued onto a plastic insert and done the same...also sliced open the tailpiece sections, inserted whatever and sewed back up. Lots of options.
  4. If you find a pair that you really like save for the tailpad...take them to a shoemaker and have them sew in additional padding of your choice. D30, foam, plastic insert...whatever. It's cheap, easy, and you'll have exactly what you want. I do my own...even cheaper.
  5. I have two pairs. I also wear FT4 Pro, HP45, and Warrior QRL...I'm am medium Warrior, between M-L in the HP45, medium FT4 Pro, and large Tacks. Pants are all over the map. Protection is IMO, best in the HP45 and QRL. The Jetspeed is just about as protective and very light and maneuverable. The Tacks are ok but protection is not up to the others (I've one retail AS1 and one pro stock...no difference). I you like close fit...I recommend the FT4 Pro. If I could only keep one...HP45. It's a little heavier any a bulkier, but not restrictive in the least and it's a tank as far as build. Reference: 5'9"/34"/167lbs.
  6. Just a heads up. I wanted a Pacific Rink Pond Pack for coaching, but they are pricey. While waiting for a used one to show up somewhere, I discovered the Snowshine backpack. It was $79 from Thuro ($125 elsewhere) and it's essentially the same pack! Heavy duty construction, great straps, holds a ton, and I am thrilled! If you are in the market...check it out.
  7. HG97's are very old-school feelings with modern weight/evaporation properties. My favorite 4-roll. Vapors are also roomy and protective...just not traditional.
  8. Man...I'm sad, but...it's comforting at least to know that others have the same perception. Still...I'm gonna keep raging against the machine 😤. I teach middle school, so at least I can point out the ridiculousness of the world😖. If one kid hears it...that's one fewer a-hole in the world 👍😎🤣
  9. I get it but...I don't even see how that would convince a kid to try one, so why is HS sponsoring? That is the rub. There's plenty of idiotic YouTube vids...so...I get that. And Mark...I get your point as well but (at the risk of getting "deep")...maybe if more people would reduce their tacit tolerance for stupidity, we might not have the current high levels of same. New doesn't equal good...old doesn't equal bad. People need to actually think about stuff on a case-by-case basis. Thinking...period...not a societal strength at present🤣.
  10. Ok...decision made...ordered 271 holders. I was gonna just sell and grab AS-V's, but like I said...these AS3 Pros are like part of my feet.
  11. I'm curious about the AS V twig, so I am searching YouTube and I come across a person who has vids that are about 3 minutes +/-. I watched one. It's basically some kid dry-land shooting in a store with a music backing track. No commentary, no opinion, no insight...nuthin'! Fine, whatever except this kid is sponsored by Hockey Supremacy! WTF-in F🤯🤬? Where do I sign up Mr. Hockey Supremacy cuz I can shoot circles around this kid, and I can do it on-ice. Hell...I'm a guitarist...I cam make my own tracks. How much must that be worth? Seriously, what conceivable reason can HS have for sponsoring this? Ok...rant over, and please...if I am missing something, pleeeeze tell me. Happy Holiday everyone👍🏒🇨🇦🥅😎!
  12. Appreciate the response. I really don't care what they look like. I'm just wondering if a flatter radius could accomplish the same effect. I probably will end up just changing the holders.
  13. Preface: I rotate different pairs of skates for physio reasons with which I won't bore you. Onward... I was (and still am) skating in 7.5 AS3 Pro's w/263 holders. Nothing fits my foot like these do, and I have no desire to try AS-V Pros currently. I also skate in 100K Pro's. Because of the design of the toe-cap, I had to move to a size 8. The 8's don't fit quite as well as the 7.5's but I like them a lot. Here's the thing, the 100K 8's have a 271 holder, and I really prefer them. I am faster and more stable in all situations and don't find any loss of agility. The way I see it I have three options: 1-Just stick with them as is. 2-Change the Tacks holders to 271 and my actual question... 3-Change the profile of the 263 so they feel the same on ice. I don't know if that's possible...is it? I'm using a 65/35 CAGE profile @3/4" currently on both pairs. Thanks all!
  14. I'm also wondering if the 271 holders will fit my 7.5's without drilling??? Another thought...can I profile my 263's flatter to have the same amount of runner in contact with the ice as the 271?
  15. Just a quick update. Really diggin' the larger 271 holders! I'm finding I have more speed, greater stability, and the same level of agility. So much so that I'm considering going to 271 on my 7.5 AS3 Pros.
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