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  1. I would be...if they didn't trash the W02!
  2. Nope...proudly deformed since 1982
  3. I'm going to try that tomorrow. I didn't dislike the True inserts from a comfort standpoint. I'm more concerned with performance though. Lot's of things that feel ok at a public session don't work with force and speed. I'll let you know.
  4. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. I find that the 100ks have all of the response, lateral support, and energy transfer of the AS3 PROs, but with more forward flexion which leads to better maneuverability if I'm fatigued. In a typical week, I start with the Tacks in games and the Ribcores for practices. By the end the week I'm in the Ribcores. A few days off and the cycle repeats. I'm working some Catalyst Pros into the mix now.
  5. I guess I should add...I'm up a 1/2 size in the 100k Pros cuz the seam in the toecap of the 7.5 (my size) was digging into my left pinky toe to the point where I couldn't skate. I loved everything else about them. Last ditch effort...tried an 8. It was a tad loose but I did the True shrink wrap trick...perfect! They are great skates...I'd try whatever you have to in order to make it work.
  6. Punching is for spot areas. For example, because I'm an idiot, in my last college career game...losing 2-8 or similar, I blocked a shot with 2:27 left. The maleolar bone sticks out. I have to heat gun that spot and clamp a golf ball inside to push it out...probably 1/2"-3/4". Makes all the difference in the world! I will say that my Ribcores are the only states that haven't needed punching. AS3 Pros, AS1, 2xPros...couldn't skate without it.
  7. Search Ebay for... "2 Ankle Gel Sleeves for Ice Skating, Ice Hockey, in line. Protect Small ankles." That's the title of the listing.
  8. You should be able to heat it and mold your foot. I have to punch almost all skates because of a long ago broken left ankle. It's worth it if the rest of the boot feels good. There are silicone sleeves on Ebay and Amazon that I've used for exactly what you describe...they work great and can last a season or longer dependinguponhowmuchyou skate. I'll try to find a link.
  9. Re: Vapor 2xPro fit. I had a pair of 7.5 D and then 7.5 fit 2...not the same. The D was locked in all around with a slightly too narrow mid-forefoot that was fine after a little heat gun work. The fit 2 were slightly too loose all around and I couldn't get rid of the slop.
  10. Skated in the Cat Pros today. Just a public session but, that's actually a better diagnostic for me as there's nothing to "hide" behind. It's like playing a guitar without an amp...I know exactly how that guitar plays rather than having the amp "color" it. Anyway... Really like how they feel now that they are baked. Very comfortable and nice flexion. Seems somewhere between the AS3 Pro and 100k Pro. I like that piece of foam in the toe and hoping it'll mitigate the impact of shots as I block a lot of 'em. Was swapping between AS3 Pros, 100k Pros, and these. I like them! So.. I'm set with three pair to rotate through. Just need to decide if I am keeping my 70k and 80k's as well
  11. Skated on them today...felt great. Not better or worse...just different...but not by much. Went back and forth between AS3 Pros (7.5 263), 100k Pro (8 271), and Catalyst Pro (7.5 271)...no issues or concerns. Biggest issue was that my 263 needs sharpening and the 271s are fresh. Anyway...appreciate all of the input...as always.
  12. Damn that's disappointing. Have you baked already? I got these Cat Pros used and when I put them on, same as you...forefoot volume was concerning and the eyelets dug hard into my ankles. I baked/shrink-wrapped them last night and they seem much more friendly now. I flared out the top while they were still warm, and that helped too. That being said, I cannot lace these skates while they're on. I'll need long enough laces to loosen without removing from any eyelets. Tomorrow I'll go for a slide we shall see. They are definitely a different beast and will take some adjusting to...and perhaps further modification. Hope you get resolution one way or another. Interesting aside...the bottom of my skates look like the bottom of the TF9s...doesn't have the "PRO" graphic on them. Everything else is "normal." Strange.
  13. Interesting...thank you. I'm currently using a 65/35 CAG @ 3/4"...guess I'll start from there.
  14. So, I'm a 7.5 and all of my skates were 263. I recently added an 8 reg. 100k Pro, which solved the pinky toe issue. Was a tad looser than I like, but with the thicker tongue option...fits nicely. Anyway, it has a 271 holder. Also grabbed a pair of Catalyst Pro, which are 7.5 but have a 271 XS holder. The question...those who size up holders...why? What is your desired outcome? I'm curious.
  15. Mine's pretty "glue-ey," at least relatively. I have no experience with the full customs. I did notice that the TF9s I had for a hot minute were cleaner. I like the way these feel lots better. We'll see after I take them for a slide
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