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  1. I wish CCM would do what Bauer does with gear education. I am going through modules on BauerUniversity.com to prep for my summer job at my LHS. It does have marketing hype, but some of it is very informative. Example...it has videos that show and explain the flex profiles of the skate families in detail. Supreme has a stiff lower boot with a relatively flexible upper while Vapor is opposite. It shows the flex under force and explains the effects on the stride (choice will still vary for individuals but...). I found that very helpful, and I'd love to have the CCM version.
  2. AS1 Tacks also a good choice as is the 2SPro and 1S from Bauer. If you don't mind a little more old-school...Reebok and Jofa pro stock stuff are tanks.
  3. I'm working at my LHS this summer, so I'm going to try the 6P, but as far as Jetspeeds go...I LOVE the 3P. I'm usually a Tacks guy or LX Pro, but I do use the 3P semi-often. I may be lucky, but I've had zero durability issues...and I'm not easy on my game sticks.
  4. All of that scrolling wearing you out? Hockey training.com can help you build your stamina. Meanwhile...turn that frown upside down little guy...you'll find your binky. No need to be grumpy.
  5. I recommend the shrink wrap method for all skates...not just True. It looks like (as was mentioned) they were improperly or over-tightened when baked. That being said, there's a good chance they're not ruined...just doesn't look pretty. If the shop did that...they should make it right.
  6. Here's another thought for you. If you happen to need a pair of mitts, grab some CCM pro stock w/ shot blockers. I took the blockers off and used the D30 from those to make some wrist slash guards, but they'd be perfect for reinforcing knees in shinnies.
  7. I don't see anything currently...just keep looking. If I need to do it again and can't find D30...there are other good foams out there...I'll use those. I still have some D30 left but it's too thick (from a motorcycle back protector), otherwise I'd offer it to you.
  8. I pretty much limit my purchases to SidelineSwap except for the occasional support for my LHS.
  9. How do you initiate that process?
  10. I'll see if I can find it. If I recall, I just kept looking until I found what I was looking for. Eventually...I did.
  11. Yes...solid point. I'd already be there if Warrior wasn't still offering the W02...fortunately I dig the LX Pro, but it seems only a matter of time before they either move on to another model or stop making that pattern. An FT3 Pro or AS3 Pro with that curve...I'm all over it.
  12. I sure wish that instead of incremental "performance" updates these companies would put the resources into offering more than 4 patterns...and "max" doesn't count for me. That's what I wish. Thanks for listening.
  13. I got D30 on Ebay...just be aware of thickness...don't need it to be super-thick...maybe 1/4-1/2" max. I Used superglue...been on there for about a year and no issues. Also made some removable pieces for the flaps that protect the outside and inside of the knees, as I'd taken a few stingers there. I don't always use them (velcro glued on the shinnies and the D30 pieces). Hope that helps.
  14. I got a $7 D30 square, cut it to size and glued it into my FT4 Pro shinnies...they are just about as protective as my AS1's (whichhavesaved my Canadien bacon on many occasions. There are a lot of ways to improve gear that don't require another $200 expenditure. If you're a strong player...shaving a dozen grams is not why I would change up. Bulk is another story...I love the HP45 pants, but I will say, my FT4 Pro's are much slimmer and very close in protection to the point where I don't even consider that. We've had the discussion...IMO...current release cycles are too short, unnecessary, and irresponsible. But...that's kind of the world now, and I can't find another one so...guess I'll just go for the ride.
  15. Tacks 710...hands down for me. Checks all my boxes...light, cool, comfortable, protective. Has to be the right shape for you though...that's key. My first helmet was a Northland/Lange cuz I was a HUGE Denny Potvin fan. That thing was a nightmare! Weighed a ton and hard as a rock inside. Switched to the classic CCM...bingo. Been in those since 1979.
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