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  1. At some point the logical conclusion has to be drawn that these might not be the right skates for people who want to re-engineer the entire skate to match the feel of a previous owned skate. Easy enough to go back to what they had before and it's not that difficult to find second hand skates that have been hardly used, if you have the patience to search for them.
  2. I'm pretty sure the latest from True is 6-8 minutes baking time in a conventional oven, down from 10 minutes originally.
  3. I think those JR. skates go up to size 5 and they are readily available at a huge discount right now, I purchased a pair of 4.5 for my son, they are well made but a bit heavier than the TF7's and not as polished.
  4. Is there not a removeable toe bumper in the half-sizes? I have heard it can be removed to allow for expansion of foot length.
  5. Do you find the angle of attack of the TF7's similar to the Makos?
  6. Great, thanks for the replies! I bought a pair of 4.5 for my son online after he rejected the Mako 2's I found for him earlier this summer, hopefully he likes these better. He did not care for the Mako's steeper angle of attack as it put him off balance and I don't want to mess around re-profiling the blades as they are getting hard to find and more expensive than the skate now.....time to move on as I don't want to throw good money after bad. Question about the sizing of the Trues, I've read about the removeable toe bumper that allows for expansion but need clarification, is a 4.5 actually a size 4 boot with the bumper removed or is it a size 5 boot with the bumper intact?
  7. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of the True Junior Stock Skates currently on sale for $199 CDN at numerous retailers across the Internet? Not sure their history but my best guess is they are the predecessors of the TF7, possibly put out the year before they launched. Just wondering how they compare in weight and build quality to the TF7's. Thanks.
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