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  1. They say to leave the top, maybe top two eyelets undone, not 3-4. I have two different size feet due to ankle injuries so my right foot takes up quite a bit more volume than my left. I probably should be in customs but I’m too cheap. Anyway, I was getting a lot of heel lift in my left skate but the right one fit perfect. What I did was rebake the left and tied it all the way to the top and wrapped the laces around the ankle and tied them up a little tighter than they recommend. Now they both fit great.
  2. That’s true I just don’t have anything newer to compare, although idk if Bauer has changed anything in recent years in terms of sizing because the newer Bauer models fit me the same as any other pair I’ve worn and I have always been a 7/7.5. That does make sense because even though the footbeds are the same and the skates fit similar, my Trues feel just slightly longer in the toe box than my Bauer’s.
  3. Yeah so this is interesting. The TF9 goalie skate seems to be sized differently than the player skate if what everyone else is saying is true and they had to size down from Bauer’s. These are the footbeds in the size 8R TF9 compared to a size 7 from a Bauer Reactor 6000. They are virtually identical with the Bauer’s being slightly wider in the forefront https://imgur.com/a/9kfAeEN Here is the Bauer on top of the True for comparison. I used a straight edge to hold the Bauer down from curling up. https://imgur.com/a/kPA1BlG and the True on top the Bauer to show the really are nearly identical in size. Again this is a True size 8R vs a Bauer 7D https://imgur.com/a/huGhnl7
  4. Okay I'm scratching my head on this and I have a couple questions for True skate owners... How hard should it be to put the skate on pre-bake, and has anyone tried the TF9 goalie skates yet? Idk if True has fixed their sizing issues or if it's just me but I tried them on and they fit true to me, in fact I actually went UP a size from my Bauer Elites (2013 version) in 7D. My LHS just got the Trues in and after reading through the comments in this thread I walked in expecting to possibly go down to a 6.5 or a 6 and literally could not even get my foot into the 7.5, even with a shoe horn. I tried an 8R and it fit snug but comfy with about a half inch of room to spare in the toe box, which to me, seems a little bit long- my toes just brush the toe box in my Bauers when I flex forward. But like I said, I could not squeeze my foot into the 7.5 TF9 at all. Granted, I did not bake the 7.5 but it did not feel like that would have helped. They weren't hard to get on unbaked, they were impossible. I baked the 8's and they felt incredible. I tired every other skate in the store- 3s Pros, Vapors, Jetspeeds, AS1's, and the new Bauer Elites, all in size 7 and 7.5 and they all felt good, but the Trues in 8R felt the best. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried the goalie skates and found this to be the case as well or what because my foot is telling me the 8 is perfect but literally everyone else has said they've had to size down, so I'm second guessing myself.
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