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  1. @kkskate, @jimmy I just had a channel Z put on my blades; it is quite noticeable that the channel is not perfectly straight down the center of the blade; starts almost in the center at one end and ends quite skewed to one side on the other end. It would be due to poor technician skill and/or maybe blade being slightly bent/warped (it's Tydan)... anyway, will this affect how I experience the blades... much? TIA
  2. Good to hear. have not tried channel Z yet, but will consider it. I am playing around with hollows atm, between 15 and 25. Will try a 13 next go I think. Don’t think I’ll ever go much above 20, tho I have recently used 22 ellipse, and have used a 25 quad and it wasn’t terrible. I used 10 back in the day, but that was in Canada on smaller rinks, where I liked the responsive grip and acceleration. Pretty happy with the quad over the other profiles tho, and now really want to dial in on the hollow. I think the channel z (if I can find someone) will give me the bite/grip I crave, and the glide/speed… let’s see
  3. AS3 Pro is not stiff at all, specifically in comparison to Trigger 5 Pro (which I find lower flex too be stiffer than AS3 Pro flexes 5-10 'points' above). AS3 Pro is a weapon; haven't tried the FT3 pro, but from the guys who I play with (and are all lifetime hockey players) they much prefer the AS3 Pro over the FT3 Pro.
  4. I see this is old, but a 15mm is a DEEP hollow here in Sweden. If you're still searching for places to do sharpenings in Swe, drop me a PM. There's a great shop here in Gbg.
  5. And... well said @BenBreeg. I don't find them harsh... so I guess I found my answer. More marketing than anything
  6. This is true. I was assuming all else parallel to Quad... but i guess it's not as simple as that perhaps
  7. Yea, I understand. But from my understanding (at least) the OMNI Quad comes in all the same sizes (XXXS, XXS, XS, 0... etc), but just use a smoother transition between the "zones"... or maybe I misunderstood?
  8. Now that I'm able to "dial in" to how I perform with the profiles, I agree 100%. Quad XS on the 254s = awesome! Have you tried/what you think of the OMNI Quad (at least in theory, if you haven't tried)?
  9. Used ellipse XS (on 254 blades) for 1.5 hours of a good, fast beer league game last night. Noticeable difference (negative) in turning/pivoting quickly. Back to the Quad XS it is for me. Can anyone comment on how the blade responds to being re-profiled with a new profile? For example, I had a brand new Pulse Ti profiled to the Ellipse described above. I want to have to profiled to a Quad XS... will it effect the blade any; in specific will it be able to achieve the exact Quad XS that it would have, had I not had it profiled to Ellipse from beginning? My local guy says the toe/heel may be not get to where it would/should have... @kkskate, what you think?
  10. Starting to agree here as well. Didn't like the Zuperior (tho it was on a 263, and I'm unsure what size.) Now I have 254s (down-sized my skates) and have used Bauer's Power Profile (Quad XS, 17mm PP), a profile from Pro Connexion in Winnipeg that they couldn't tell me the name of but alluded that it was some sort of quad, and just came off an hour of ice time with an ellipse XS. I'd consider myself a pretty decent skater, played hockey my entire life; Jr. A, minors blah blah and I could hardly tell (if any) difference in the profiles now. Seemed few months ago I was bit intrigued by it as I had been off the blades for some years. Now that I have my stride and technique back... Quad and Ellipse (size for my suggested blade length anyway) feel very, very similar. I am starting to be more intrigued now by the hollows, and trying to get use to a more shallow hollow, allows for higher top speed, more glide. Anyone here try the FBV sharpening system? And who has an opinion on the OMNI quads? What about Quad 0.5? Happy weekend everyone
  11. Yea, i liked ellipse zero on 263s. Recently went down a size in skates and so am on 254s. Tried ellipse xs (recommended for 254 runners) and yea, ok liked it. But have really liked the quad xs (the stock power profiles for 254s actually, which is a quad xs). For me that’s the winner. As many have said here, there’s something not aggressive enough about the toe of the ellipse… but I’ll try them again tomorrow morning, just for a giggle… I’ll be back
  12. Been on them now for prob a month or so, skate often, 10 hours a week. While I can't say I notice anything about the flex stuff, I can agree with the "not tying them so tight, is better" sentiment. And these are comfy... really light. So far I must say I love them. I hope they stand up.
  13. Yes, easier to get up on the toes with the Quad I think. Try Ellipse a few sizes down from the recommendation, see if that helps? I will try that at some point. But still just want to get completely dialed inn to the Quad right now... love it!
  14. Separate. I will still experiment every now and then with the ellipse, might even go down an ellipse size or two (to XXS or even XXXS) as some people seem to experience that the 2-sized smaller ellipse is similar to the Quad (that is two sizes larger). So, a Quad 0 is similar to ellipse XXS, for example. Some people say two sizes down, some say 1... I haven't ran that "test" yet. I've several different sets of blades, but must say for me, the stock "power profile" which is a Quad XS for my blades, I really like!
  15. Sounds similar to what I experience on an ellipse, albeit its an XS (recommended for my 254 blade). Try a quad if you have chance, I love it!
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