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  1. Been on them now for prob a month or so, skate often, 10 hours a week. While I can't say I notice anything about the flex stuff, I can agree with the "not tying them so tight, is better" sentiment. And these are comfy... really light. So far I must say I love them. I hope they stand up.
  2. Yes, easier to get up on the toes with the Quad I think. Try Ellipse a few sizes down from the recommendation, see if that helps? I will try that at some point. But still just want to get completely dialed inn to the Quad right now... love it!
  3. Separate. I will still experiment every now and then with the ellipse, might even go down an ellipse size or two (to XXS or even XXXS) as some people seem to experience that the 2-sized smaller ellipse is similar to the Quad (that is two sizes larger). So, a Quad 0 is similar to ellipse XXS, for example. Some people say two sizes down, some say 1... I haven't ran that "test" yet. I've several different sets of blades, but must say for me, the stock "power profile" which is a Quad XS for my blades, I really like!
  4. Sounds similar to what I experience on an ellipse, albeit its an XS (recommended for my 254 blade). Try a quad if you have chance, I love it!
  5. Hi @mojo122. Do you know why the toe geometry differs from the stock Ultrasonic blades and the aftermarkets? (Aside from them having diff profiles if course). So what if I had a Quad out on the after market, the toe would still be significantly less material; do you have any experience with this scenario, of offer any opinion on what kind of difference I might experience between the two blades? Am in the middle of possibly switching out blades (well, getting an extra set). I do have the option to get original stock Pulse Ti Power Profiles, or aftermarket Pulse Ti blades, then profiled by the shop to a Quad... what's your thoughts? TIA
  6. Even a high powered hair dryer can do the trick
  7. Thanks. And yes, I really like the Quad XS; just want to try its 'equivalent' in a Ellipse... XXS it will be then.
  8. Agree. As many have sentimented here previously, the Quad sounds more like the agility profile and the Zup the "power".
  9. Thanks @Hockeydad03. My question is about me going from a quad XS to a ‘what’ ellipse? There’s been a lot of info on here about how the ellipse relates to the quad. If I really like Quad XS, should I try to drop down a size, and try a ellipse XXS? thanks
  10. @kkskate, @PBH, @Hockeydad03, @mojo122, @pgeorgan Are most guys here suggesting at least 1 size down then in ellipse from what is 'liked' in Quad? Really like the stock Power Profile (254mm) Quad XS; Ellipse XXS should be a fair trial? What you guys think? Thanks.
  11. Update: Just went with the stock Power Profile on 254mm (Quad XS, 17mm PP/pitch) in my True Customs this morning for 1.5 hours. Tho I didn't feel a HUGE diff from the Ellipse 0 (on a 263mm), perhaps too early to tell(?), there was a noticeable diff, specifically with how my feet felt "lighter" when doing button-turns and coming out of all swings/crossovers in general. Even in fwd-backward transitions tho I didn't do a lot of those today. Next mission now will be to try maybe a Ellipse XS or even XXS on a 254. Anyone care to weigh-in on what size Ellipse would be closest to the Quad XS in 'feel'? Early assessment, comparing the two mentioned, I like the quad more; more agile and didn't feel any/(very minimal, if so) loss of straight line speed, and was compensated for with linear-crossover ease. I'll be back with more updates as I continue to experiment... this is so much fun!
  12. Well said @kkskate, makes "perfect" sense. Thanks for ringing in! Have an awesome day everyone.
  13. Yes, the specs would tell us so. Maybe it was something like "optimal amount of blade in contact at all times." Here's a quote from @kkskate webpage, maybe this is what I am remembering, tho I thought I read/heard as I stated above: "Quad profiles are designed with four different radii's which are strategically placed on the same blade profile to provide perfect blade contact with the ice in ALL situations." Maybe I'm confusing "perfect blade contact" with "most...."? In any event, thanks again PBH.
  14. Cool. Thanks @PBH; as always, much appreciated.
  15. Does the True Custom boot come with more of a natural pitch to the boot then say, the Hyperlite? Within short I will be trying the same blade on both boots, but wonder in advance is there more of a natural pitch to either? Don't know what is on my True Customs (254mm) right now (bought blades from someone, didn't know their profile, pitch, hollow, etc.) and while I like the profile and hollow, I feel much more pitched forward than when skating on 2X Pro (263mm) Ellipse 0 (also which I don't know the pitch of). Anyway, anyone know if these boots would be similar in pitch? Thanks @PBH, @hockeydad3, @kkskate, @mojo122, @HockeyTactics.
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