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    Bauer Supreme One95 Custom
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    Bunch of pro stock different brands/models
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    Eagle PPF Custom Pro, Reebok Pro Stock TPS HG Pro
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    Rbk 8K pro stock, Bauer 5000 pro stock
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    Tackla Air 9000 pro stock, RBK 520 pro stock
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    Winn Well Pro Stock
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    Jofa 9177 Pro stock
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    Rbk 8k Pro stock, RBK 7K Pro Stock
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    Reebok carry bag

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  1. Actually just put the custom Supreme on one foot and the retail Vapor 2009 X:60 (brand new, unbaked) on another foot and the Vapors seem to be narrower. May wanna bake the Vapors and keep them.
  2. Nah, no traces. The only options were felt tongue and double stitching in 8.5 CAA. It could be the problem lays in the fact that I quick baked them just once in a by the way fashion. Will try some baking tricks that I know. Hopefully I am not gonna ruin them:)
  3. Yeah, may wanna go that route. Thank you!
  4. Yes, I am positive, I ordered them through a hockey shop in the US, paid full retail plus $100 upcharge and the skates have the specs I indicated on the order sheet. No changes to the last except for C/AA.
  5. My custom Supremes in C/AA don't feel or even look like they are in a C width. If retail 2009 :) Vapor X:60 in a D width are too wide for me is it safe to assume that the X1 in a C width with AA heel will work for me? Width is pretty much the only change I will need in customs. Can't be fitted by a specialist as I'm currently overseas.
  6. It may be well for hockey, I agree. Yet, it's kinda hard for me to agree that European players use shallower hollows. At least the majority of players request 1/2 ROH from me or 100/50 FBV. 100/75 FBV appears to be having too much edge for most here. Initially I did think that Prosharp uses a spinner of their own. My bad.
  7. I assume you do witness marks, don't you?
  8. I wouldn't get Prosharp's Skatepal if I were you. You'll be much happier with an X0 series machine. Learning how to shrpen is not that difficult.
  9. You got that right. NONE of my customer went back to traditional hollow (ROH). Been doing it for over 1.5 years now. All seem to like the combination Step Steel/FBV even better
  10. It also may be due to your passes. ESpecially the final pass. Dress the wheel before the final pass and do it slowly with minimal pressure using either one of polishers (Lube Tube or Fine Shine).
  11. Below is an e-mail message from Blackstone that I got: ______________________________________________ To all of you who purchased an upgraded X-12 or X-12-Youth skate holder for your X-series machines....we now have a calibration block available for sale! This calibration block will allow you to easily re-calibrate your holder. At any time, you can dial in the holder to its original setting! Simply insert the block between the lower and upper base plates at the three adjustment points. Dial up or down accordingly, until the two plates come in contact with the calibration block! The calibration block will be available for sale by the end of March at a price of $15.00 Thanks, Gerard Hebert Black Stone Sports 800.405.3433 ghebert@blackstonesport.com
  12. Absolutely. I was lucky enough to get the Turbo version of same. I'm glad I didn't go for a professional Prosharp
  13. This is what Jaromir Jagr bought http://blackstonesport.com/product_details.cfm?product_id=40
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