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  1. Yep, dkmiller, that's about where I'm at. If this team I'm currently on doesn't work out for me I'll just do PU games.
  2. Personally, I love 3 full forward lines...when they are all playing 60 to 90 second shifts. D guys are definitely a bit longer.
  3. This is month to month dues. That is poorly managed as well. There's no win-loss stats either. Often game times aren't posted until the day of the game...or the day before game. It's a total shit-show IMO. I keep looking for something positive in this league but can't.
  4. I hear ya. The more forums I read, the more I see this is a big problem everywhere. The probs all start at the top and the A-hole who's running it. And that trickles down to the refs who are supposed to be trained and abide by the USA Hockey Association....which IMO is another freaking joke.
  5. Where do I start? i could write a book on this so-called "beer league." It's a total joke and managed/run by a ex-Bruin player. It's dirty as all hell and the refs do nothing to control it.Guys are getting seriously injured. No matter what the level (E2 and E1(Novice), D, C and B they all get worse as you go up. Slashing, fights, slewfoots and many "intent to injure" stuff is rampant. Refs are useless. The overall mentality of this "butcher" league is "win at all costs" and almost all the teams sandbag.They'll bring in guys from higher levels as subs to sit back in the grass then score at the end of the game to win it. SMFH. Heaven forbid you make a mistake or a bad play and they jump all over your crap and then talk about you behind your back...or get right in your face. This is common place in the 11 months I've been with this league. Oh, and there's a array of shitty players who think they can coach you. Passing the puck in low levels? Non-existent and they degrade you with a cocky-tonal "shoot the fu**en puck" on a regular basis. This is not how I was coached to play hockey in my youth when I played on REAL coached organized teams. The low levels are a nightmare as well. Benders who have no intentions of improving, run 4-6 minute shifts and never backcheck. I'm a forward and there were games where I got 2 shifts per period ! Seriously??? Most all these players, not matter what the level, play like it's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm an older guy and have played house leagues (with coaches and practices) and I've played some Division 3 level (Community College) in my youth and have ever experienced this type of BS. I've gone to different teams and skill levelsin this bush league to see if anything gets better and it doesn't. My conclusion is that this is just how it is. Like it or leave it. And many choose to leave it, as no team stays intact as people constantly either get hurt or quit of fear of being hurt. Many leave as well as it's a big military town and they get shopped elsewhere. But overall it's a revolving door of new players in a unregulated goon-type atmosphere of non-hockey. Novice teams? Get this crap. Some have "try-outs!" LOL ! They have a new guy sub a few games and then decide whether he stays or goes.It's freaking novice for Christ sakes ! WTH is wrong with these NHL dreamers??? i could go on but I'll stop there.Is this the norm of today's beer leagues? I have more fun on the dam' PU games. I'm attempting to find a team that has halfway decent players, wins maybe half their games and just like to play for fun - but so far I've had no luck. One team I played for won 3-4 games in over 4-5 months (we played weekly!)...and that was only when they brought in a ringer. We lost constantly yet the team "leaders" thought they were NHL'ers. Total joke. Rant over. Are all leagues like this? There are really no other leagues in this area. It's an total embarrassment to the sport.
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