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  1. Yes but they don't have a thin layer of foam that the ccm version had.
  2. Update. I ordered a pair of Currex hockeypro insoles in low and got a chance to skate with them today. They were immediately better then anything I've tried and after about a 10 minute break in period I was able to skate with no foot pain or fatigue. Really happy that I can go skate and enjoy myself now! To anyone who has wide flat feet and struggling I recommend giving them a try.
  3. Yes I was fitted and have tried several. Tried a bunch of skates some which induced pain comparable to a broken bone. I landed on Bauer Vapor fit 3 in 8.5 (super comfortable) but after skating on them realized that they could be a bit shorter and the heel lock wasn't perfect and returned them for 8 fit 3's. my toes now lightly brush the cap when standing in a relaxed position. I've been scanned 5 times and every time it puts me in 8 fit 3. I am wider than EE in every measurement except foot height so the vapors work well for me. For comparison I wear a 10.5 running shoe in my everyday life. I realized that I buy my shoes big in order to get the width that is needed. I did look at some dress shoes I have that I was fitted for and they are size 9.5 (43 euro) which leads me to believe I'm in the right size. Again the sensation that I have is that it always feels like there is a giant hump smack dab in the middle of the soles of my feet. Like I'm standing on a baseball and the ball of my forefoot is just floating. This is what causes the pain or discomfort but I dont know if this is what is causing the performance issues.
  4. New to this forum but I've been taking in a lot of info here since my son decided to start playing hockey for the first time this summer. He's a first year PeeWee so he's gotten a late start but is holding his own in a low level traveling league. I never played hockey as a kid and looking back on it now it was mostly because my feet were always miserable in skates. I decided to get some skates and after going through a few models that reminded my why I didn't play before found that Bauer fit 3's were pretty good. I have wide flat feet with flexible arches. I can go out there and skate but there are certain things that are a battle and I get a lot of foot fatigue. I'm in the process of trying some different insoles but I'm already starting to come to the conclusion that it's probably my feet that need fixing and there is going to be no easy equipment fix. I'd really like to figure this out because my son has my feet and I notice he struggles with a lot of the same things I do so I figure what works for me will likely help him. The 2 biggest issues I have on skates are that I end up feeling a lot of pressure on the middle bottom of my feet. It's never feels as if my heels and the balls of my feet are supporting my weight. Best way to describe it is I feel like I'm standing on 2 baseballs in the middle of my mid foot (where most people have an arch). The main issue with my staking all seems to involve the outside edge of my right skate. Turning left, crossing over left, skating forward is not a problem. Trying to cross over to my right feels downright impossible. When I turn right trying to use my edges it feels like the inside edge of my left skate is doing 99% of the work no matter how hard I try to get on the outside edge of my right foot. I have a feeling these issues are due to flexible arches and flat feet along with other alignment issues. The thing is in tennis shoes I supinate. I think it's just an unconscious effort to stay off my arches. In skates I often feel my big toe and arch curling in. I never have the sensation that my entire foot is relaxed and applying force to the ice or supporting my body (I'm assuming that is how it's supposed to feel). What I have tried so far are Superfeet carbon insoles. When I used those I did immediately get the feel that things were lined up better on the ice but they seemed to apply way too much pressure to the inside of my feet and arch area. What was a dull pain in the middle of my feet became a sharper pain on the inside of my arch area. It was bad enough that I couldn't skate for more then a few minutes without needing to get off the ice. I returned those and just received a pair or Currex low arch insoles that I plan on trying tomorrow. They seem comfortable but I'm questioning whether these are going to make much difference. What would be some things I can check to see if I need to fix me or my skates/insoles?
  5. Those are interesting. It looks like this might be a speedplate concept with more comfort?
  6. Anyone else have any experience using both or at least the black in a skate?
  7. Hello FNG here with a first post. I recently decided to pick up some skates so I could skate with my son who decided to play hockey for the first time this year. I started out just wanting to buy a reasonably priced pair of skates which has now turned into me obsessing over getting the skates perfect for me. I have super flat wide feet and the only thing that works for me is the Bauer vapor fit 3. I originally didn't want to spend as much as I did but settled on a 3x as it was the least expensive model I could get in fit 3. The boot itself fits like a glove with zero pressure points and no slop. I couldn't be happier with the skates but the stock footbed leaves a lot to be desired. I do get a decent amount of discomfort/fatigue on the bottom of my foot but nothing like the excruciating pain I had with some stake models that were clearly just wrong for me. I believe part of the problem is the stock foot bed is so narrow through the middle of the foot and arch area. I believe Bauer literally slaps the same footbed in an 8 fit 1 and 8 fit 3. doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Anyhow I decided to give the superfeet carbon a try. I don't like the way the comfort models lift the heel. I sized them up to accommodate my super wide heel and had them trimmed. They felt great in the store but when I got on the ice and skated a few times it was apparent that they had WAY to much arch in them. I did really like the way they stabilized my heel and could tell it helped in that regard but it simply moved the discomfort from the center of my foot to a much more intense pain on the inside of my feet where a persons arch would be if they have one. When I say I have flat feet everything but the last 1/2" the inside center of my foot lays flat on the ground when I step. I can barely get a pencil to slide in 1/2" under my arch. I returned the carbon under the 60 day guarantee and the guy at the hockey shop recommended that I try the black superfeet which are not marketed specifically to hockey. He said they are designed with a much lower arch and have a wider heel. Does anyone have any experience with the 2 models? I'm afraid that they will still have too much arch support.
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