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  1. Put the pic on imgur and then post the link here. If you have a accessory navicular then get your boots punched, any half decent shop should be able to do it.
  2. I'd recommend you keep it simple to start, try a combi (10 / 13) or if you do a lot of backward skating try a detroit (10 / 20). Then if you want to experiment further from here try a quad 0.
  3. Take another look at the scan, you pronate and have a flattened arch (most likely as a result of the pronation as opposed to a genetic predisposition). In skates this becomes amplified as the foot rolls inwards even more. If you have red points on your foot when you take the skate off then this is pressure points or rubbing (most likely the former). If they are on the bottom of the foot, get a heat gun, heat the area up in the boot and use the handle of a screwdriver to try and flatten / push the area out.
  4. Have a look at the CCM AS-V pro skate, ultra stiff but it is cut lower than other models out today. I don't how they will relate to your VH skates. maybe @VegasHockey could chime in here as I think he has had both.
  5. I agree with this but I found it was small differences in different places. For example with Hyperlites, fit 2 was too big in the heel for me, fit 1 didn't have enough volume in the toe cap area and across the top of the foot whereas a D Vapour was ok for me in those areas.
  6. If they fit you well everywhere else just get the ankle punched, your shop should be able to do it. Put some lipstick on the top of your ankle bone, foot in boot and press it hard against the side, the lipstick will transfer and now the shop knows exactly where to punch.
  7. Make sure it's the right tool, a standard boot punch or stretcher wont do it. If you haven't seen one, here's an example (I don't know if anyone else makes one that will punch the toe cap) - https://www.instagram.com/p/BuefBhwAcuV/ and a pic of a toe cap punch underway https://www.instagram.com/p/BP9Kcz8gqh8/
  8. Get the toe capped punched? Only downside is you might have to send the skate away to a store that has the tool which means you have to mark exactly where it is to be punched on the toe cap..
  9. For the shrink wrap it depends, if the fit isn't great across the forefoot / arch then it should be wrapped also. A 1/2 size too big is a 1/2 size too big, it doesn't go away. Yes, you can remold the boot and squeeze / wrap / clamp the sides in but then they only stay there if your mechanics are good. If your mechanics aren't good then the boot is going to expand out again quickly. Don't be fobbed off with a rebake, if you believe they are made a 1/2 size too big (this happens all the time) you should be asking for a remake. These are customs skates built to fit your foot and you are paying for this.
  10. For me, those skates are at least 1/2 size to long (and big everywhere else) and after a few weeks / months of good use I suspect you'd be close to fitting a 1cm thick pencil down the back of the heel (this is around 1 size to big) - ergo I'd be after a remake. But you may be ok with your toes sitting that far off the toe cap and the boot fits ok everywhere else.
  11. You don't need holders on a boot to check it for length. Stick your foot in the boot, toes feathering the toe cap and if you can slide a HB pencil down the back of your heel to the bottom of the boot then those puppies are too long for you.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeyplayers/comments/d3s6hw/roh_vs_fire_depth_and_bite_angle_comparison_chart/
  13. Lol, after playing with it today your comment "is a nightmare" is so true.
  14. Skatepal pro 3 - I have to sharpen rentals with one of these, first time user of a Pro 3. they say the skate is self centering, I gather this is just self centering to the holder and not the wheel? You still have to adjust the wheel to the skate, this is why the machine has the ability to move the wheel? If you have used these machines, how often did you have to reset the wheel alignment ie did the alignment tend to wander over time? Is the alignment tool worth getting for the machine?
  15. Are you still able to answer questions on prosharp machines or has that ended since the Bauer takeover?
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