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  1. With all the various hockey camps around the US and Canada, thought it would be great to have a topic for folks to shed light on their experiences with those hockey camps. There doesn't really seem to be too much available on the interwebs, apart from the bigger camps (i.e. Heartland, Shattuck, Elite, Can-Am) that are always advertised in USA Hockey magazine. So with that said, let's hear it... What are people's thoughts on camps and clinics offered up in the summer or any other part of the year for that matter. If anyone knows a forum (or site) that this is previously discussed in, please share the link. Thanks
  2. I can't seem to find this answer on the interwebs so figured I would come here. Anyone know the height of the Bauer Fly Ti runner. Has anyone compared these to Bladetech DLC? Trying to figure out if it is necessary to use aftermarket steel or has Bauer finally put something together that is comparable. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if there are any aftermarket steel made for the Powerfly holder? My daughter has been on Step Blacksteel with her LSE holders for her past two pairs of skates. While I was lucky enough to find them in 212 and 221, I’m having no such luck with 238’s. If I had, I would have scrapped the Powerfly for LSE. So with that said, she just got Vapor X5 Pro’s in size 4 with the Fly-Ti steel. Not exactly keen on Bauer steel and was looking to see if anyone has snuck in under the wire and began producing DLC Black steel to fit the Powerfly holders before Bauer found out? Anything out there? Bladetec or perhaps another brand? Thanks
  4. Hey, thanks for clearing that up for me. It helps me greatly and saves me a little time and money. Mike
  5. I read the Bauer’s factory profile is set at what I am assuming is a Quad Zero due to the radio (6ft-9ft-11ft-13ft) out of the box. Pro Sharp lists this as a size 7-8 skate. Does this mean that if one has a junior size 1-2, the Bauer factory profile would be a Quad 3XS (4ft-5ft-7ft-10ft)? I have new Step Steel Blacksteel and want to possibly profile them with a Quad 3XS for my squirt. I’d like him to skate in the profile prior and if the Bauer factory profile matches Pro Sharp’s Quad profiling, I won’t need to profile the LS Pulse blades saving me money. He is currently on a Cag One 15/25 with slight lean forward and likes it but want to see what the Quad feels like. Anyone have any insight to this? Thanks
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