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  1. I had a chance to hold one the other day. Might be my imagination but the taper felt a little different. Thoughts?
  2. Bauer offering Mach skates, but only through custom. https://www.bauer.com/en-US/my-bauer-landing-page.html/customize-ice-hockey-skates/mybauer-skates-654081.html?family=SupremeMachSkate2022
  3. Give me a couple days. I promised a buddy that I’d give him first dibs. If he doesn’t want we can work something out.
  4. I just received two pairs in the mail. I bought the 13” and the 14” just to see which fit better with the intention of returning/reselling the pair I don’t want. I just want to give anyone interested a heads up that these gloves run very small. The 13”s are tiny. The thumb is very short. I’m even reconsidering the 14”s because they are also quite small overall. I may wait to use these until I can get a pair of 15” just to be sure. FYI I normally always select 14”s but admittedly tend towards 4 rolls which generally run larger and looser To be clear the gloves are awesome. Very well made, incredibly interesting, as comfortable as advertised. I’m just being really picky because I want to use these for a long time.
  5. Really nice review! You do a great job. Gonna have to subscribe now! I kinda already knew the carbonlite runner was gonna be a gimmick. I’ve been on True’s for a couple years so weight is actually the least of my concerns. I am mostly curious about the flex facing/lacing and the flexible heel of the outsole. Those are the two most intriguing things to me. I’ve historically been a “stiffer is better” kind of guy but recently have been seeing that flex in skates is a hot topic. I barely tie my True’s these days and have felt noticeably better for it. I’m now going down the rabbit hole…
  6. Curious about these skates. There seems to be a trend towards adding flex to skates. For those of you who’ve been on them for a bit now do the flexible heel area and facing make a difference? Is it noticeable?
  7. Can anyone confirm this statement regarding the stiffness of holders?! I’m genuinely curious. Been thinking about trying XS on my True skates and if they are demonstrably stiffer I am even more interested.
  8. I had my Shift holders profiled twice over the course of 3 weeks (8 skates) and could never get comfortable on them. Switched to Tuuks and felt completely normal in 5 mins. I too thought a simple profile would be enough but just didn’t feel right. Also I’m not overly obsessive or even observant about profiles. I usually just buy new Tuuk steel and go.
  9. My red inserts are different thickness. I thought it was something custom because of my feet but starting to suspect it’s just sloppy workmanship. I love my True skates but build quality leaves much to be desired.
  10. Are you referring to the elbows or shoulders? I’m leaning toward CCM FT1 Elbows and Shins.
  11. I tried on both the Vapor 1xLite Elbows and Shins but both felt really uncomfortable. The shins especially. Elbows felt like they would probably break in just fine but the shins did not form to my legs at all and actually felt like they stuck out further than my old Supremes. I’m gonna search for some of those CL shoulders! I have heard good things about the RX3 line of protective. I think they have a trial period for 1 piece of gear so I may give that a go.
  12. When selecting gear I’ve always leaned towards the more bulky, looser fitting, more protective stuff. For example I have always preferred the Bauer Supreme/Nexus lines over the Vapor stuff. Recently I’ve been considering a gear overhaul and wanted peoples opinions on what the lightest, most form fitting, and lowest profile gear is. Trying to go slim and svelte for quickness and mobility. I’m just playing men’s leagues and drop-ins these days so it doesn’t need to be top of the line stuff but still would like decent protection. Specifically looking for opinions on SHOULDERS, ELBOWS, PANTSvsGIRDLE, SHINS
  13. This is the holy grail of TF gloves... if only Bauer would be so bold as to do this
  14. Cooper Techniflex TF1000 Gloves. When I was a kid these were the bees knees. I still have a pair and they are absolute buckets with terrible range of motion in the fingers but damn they still look good!
  15. As someone mentioned earlier there is a lot of discussion about this on the True TF9/TF7 thread but I understand it’s tedious to sift through so here is a mashup of some of the posts I made about the Shift... When I got my True Customs I really wanted to give the whole setup a chance including the Shift. I could NOT get used to them. I struggled badly with the Shifts, especially backwards skating and transitions. I went so far as to profile the steel twice but it was just too much of an adjustment for me and I ended up swapping for Tuuk Edge. Felt 100% back to normal in 10 minutes. If you read around on the True Custom / VH thread a lot of guys talk about how the Shift holders are actually quite different from the others. I don’t know much about the CXN but I know that the XS is designed very much like the Tuuks for the specific reason of how popular Tuuks are with pros. I’m guessing the CXN isn’t far from Tuuk either since they dominated that era. I can’t remember all the details but three of the key points about the Shifts are: 1) They have a very aggressive forward pitch. More so than any of the other holders. Combine this with the boot that also is designed for more forward pitch and personally I felt like I was falling forward all the time and though I somewhat adjusted it never felt right to me. 2) The Shift holder is designed to put more steel under and behind the heel. Supposedly this is better for skating but again personally this was the most uncomfortable aspect for me. I felt like my toes were “hanging” way out over the front of the steel. Just not a good feeling for me and I “toe picked” a LOT amy first few times out. 3) The Shift is a Symmetrical holder. Meaning there is no difference between the left and right holders. They have the exact same rivet pattern and “down angle” to the steel. There is a lot of science behind this part and I’m not sure if this really made a huge difference but some people on here says this changes the distribution of weight and downward force into the steel this affecting stride and balance point. Again, there are some much more knowledgeable people than I on here and I’m just relaying my personal experience. I can’t personally comment too much on #3 because 1 + 2 were so prominent for me. Lastly I want to add that I know a few excellent skaters that kept the Shift holders and like them. Upon asking they all said that it was a bit of an adjustment but that after a few weeks they didn’t have any issues. I think it may come down to trial and error unfortunately. Good luck and I want to close by saying that my True’s are the best fitting and performing skate I’ve owned and I’ve owned many. Absolutely love the boot and will never buy a skate that isn’t built off a mold of my foot ever again. I think True was doing a 30 trial for the TF9 + TF7. If still going you could get a pair of TF9 to try out the shift holder but from what I hear it is extremely unlikely for True to do anything but ship with the Shifts so if you know you want the boot just get the Customs and give the Shifts a try. My LHS ended up putting on Tuuk with LS5 in a straight swap for the Shifts with Blacksteel and 2 extra regular Shift steels sets I had. Hope this provides some insight...
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