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  1. That does make sense. I also posted this to reddit and got response from Brown Hockey comparing the differences. Reddit Post
  2. I've been feeling unsure about whether I should go all in and get a Brown Hockey 2000 Jock or go with something more fitting and supportive like the Vaughn SLR Pro Carbon. When going back and forth and looking on the website I noticed the Intermediate 2275 Jock, and how unlike the 2000, It doesn’t have the Shock Roles. Now I'm wondering how this compares with the 2000? Specifically I'm wondering if it would make more sense for me to go with this model without the shock roles given my own concerns about the 2000 possibly giving too little support on its own due to it's Shock Roles keeping the cup further away from the jewels, and how the cup on the 2275 looks to sit closer to the body with its lack of shock roles. I get theres some cushioning inside both cups but I’d like to make sure theres not so much empty space in the 2000J that things are too loos. I’d like to feel comfortable and maybe have a little bit of support with out needing jock/shorts Again I get the “shock rolls” on the sides of the 2000 jock are there to cushion impact and keep the cup further away from sensitive areas, but would there be enough foam or cushion/material on the inside of the cup between the player so that things are relatively supported without the need of adding a jockstrap underneath? like I mentioned, Keeping everything together isn’t as important to me as making sure things are reasonably/comfortably supported, as opposed to being more loose to bounce around. though It looks like the cushioning inside the cup could possibly be enough to allow for things to feel comfortably snug/supported. Hopefully this would be enough helping keep the movement inside the 2000 to a minimum? Though back to the 2275 Jock, with its lack of side roles, I wonder if there is a potential risk for things slipping out during game, and whether the intermediate has a different/smaller cup than the 2000 with less accommodation? (Mind you I’m not lacking in that department) Any one who has experience with either jock or can offer any advice is appreciated!
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