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Found 12 results

  1. Pro Stock Gloves, Pants, Goalie, Bags Listing on behalf of a friend. All prices are USD and he'll ship directly from KC. Buyer pays snh. Skater stuff $40 used CCM gloves, used, 14s mostly, he has several pairs http://i.imgur.com/U31tHTl.jpg https://imgur.com/gallery/Fbya7 $120 new http://imgur.com/a/TZj5Y $25 CCM pants see tags for size and model http://i.imgur.com/WHluCFi.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PJjmbdz.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RHOf9uk.jpg better detail of the medium pair: http://imgur.com/a/ATMzc $50 St. Charles Chill bag, no brand tag that I can see, zippers are YKK, ID window, poly lined, reinforced bottom, outer dimensions = 35"x18"x18", he has 5 http://imgur.com/G3r8HUG http://imgur.com/WfrbmpA http://imgur.com/umDn3H3 http://imgur.com/yW1183t http://imgur.com/vCUQCbP Goalie stuff $50 Vaughn Vision goalie trapper http://i.imgur.com/OARViQn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9zZvxBn.jpg $75 each or $200 for all 3, CCM wood sticks http://i.imgur.com/TQqSzSb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/81cdYb7.jpg $125 each Bauer composite sticks http://i.imgur.com/sxtcZr2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nw1Ks4q.jpg $25 used helmets $30 new visors MODEL: VR831 (CLEAR STRAIGHT SMALL WITHOUT VENTS WITH SLOTS). New hardware available for an additional $5. https://imgur.com/gallery/GdKhe $175 Graf goalie skates. Size 11 https://imgur.com/gallery/wnVN0
  2. Hello All, Last year I was forced to play goalie for a lower-level beer league in short notice, so I ended up buying a lot of my gear from eBay. I was lucky enough to spend under $500 for everything, since I was (and still am) on a budget. Unfortunately 2 of the main pieces, my Chest Protector and Leg Pads, are causing some issues. I'll explain in more detail: I bought a Bauer Supreme One95 (not Pro) Chest Protector in size Medium for $85. It was in like-new condition. I can tell the arms are definitely a few inches too long because they tend to push my glove and blocker off a little, and also the elbow pads don't line up with my elbows. I looked at cutting and re-sewing the arms with a sewing awl, however, I am not sure how to approach this, and I definitely don't want to butcher them beyond repair. Also, they seem to be pretty bulky in the upper area, so I can't really turn my head without my mask (and throat protector) being restricted by the pads. So two questions: Is it difficult to mod gear while still having it hold up? Any suggestions on what to do with the upper area? My leg pads are Vaughn Velocity 7500 33+1. I am 5'7", and the pads seem to fit, it is just when I go down in a butterfly position my knees are exposed, and I have been hit there a few times. I definitely want to get some sort of protection there, but I also feel like the top of the pads should cover a majority of that area, is that correct? My concerns are whether or not the pads are the right size, or if I am going down in the butterfly position incorrectly. As far as protection goes, would you recommend thigh guards that attach to the pad, or knee/thigh pads that are separate? I mainly question whether or not I should get some new/used gear that addresses my issues. At the same time, I would save money by making some modifications to the gear. As I stated, it is a lower-level beer league, so the shots aren't ridiculously hard, but I still want to feel comfortable playing in my gear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on going to Play it Again and our local hockey store to check out/try on some gear as well.
  3. What's the big deal? I've heard it over and over; "Don't paint your mask, it'll make it unsafe." "The paint could degrade the mask". Etc. But how bad is it really? I'm using the NME3 playing varsity roller hockey. I won't be sanding it. And I'm pretty sure painting my death cage isn't going to make it any less safe to use. The spray paint I got is the 2 in 1, kind that has color and primer. Plus my mask is already white. On the can it says good for wood, plastic, metal. Okay now that safety question is outta the way, onto the technique. I hear you're supposed to sand the mask first so the paint will grip, but I plan on being able to repaint the mask. Should I not sand it? I plan on it going like this: 1- prep mask by taking off cage, scrubbing any fingerprint grease off , covering all the foam with tape, take off backplate because I'm not painting that part. 2- spray paint first coat without sanding. 3-let it dry 4-add more coats if needed 5- tape off simple design 6- another coat 7- final with clear gloss finish 8-dry & done Does that process sound right? Then if I get put on another team I'll sand it. So basically my mask will only be good for 2 paint jobs. I think.
  4. Some of you have heard this in other posts of mine... but 50yo noob pond and driveway hockey YEARS ago been playing out and skating for a month.... during a no check game , on D, I fell going for a puck dumped to our end,, tore an ab( dr said had to be tweaked before I fell and could of happened sneezing or coughing too) and had internal bleeding, hospital stay, and told no work for a month or hockey.... I am I Firefighter for a career, so not in terrible shape but not a calendar guy either. ( I have a repaired left tibial plateau, (broke leg vertically) and already have had 1st heart attack( 2 stents and cleared for work) I have always been more of a hundred yard dash guy as opposed to a cross country runner. considering switching to GOALIE, I had a full set of MYLEC street/driveway stuff in the old days ( with the JASON mask) and played plenty of 5 on none, where you knew you were gonna get beat but had a blast doing everything possible to not get beat. even HEXTALL ankle swats do you guys think I am safer as an older guy sitting in net? or am I safer out skating?? will only ever play in beginner or over 40 divisions or open hockey or the firemans friday night pickup league and if this is deemed a safer position for me, I am looking for gear, possibly used to save $$, I am 5' 10" 200lbs 34W x30 long jeans .... my skating gear now is adult large how do I size the leg pads so I can compare prices of stuff out there, do I have to do same with gloves? blocker? guessing other pads and mask would be adult large.... would probably buy new goal skates unless found some fantastic used deal. will get neck protector too... the cat eye masks look like a puck could get through that hole... certified mask? or one that says nothing about certified in the description? what is considered an "entry level shot? some gear says designed for that... what if someone gets off a shea weber evil twin shot? do goalies wear 2 cups? sorry if this an off base, goofy post any help would be great... thanks
  5. Hello everyone. I was recently asked to play goalie for a novice league (since I can't skate out). I have been looking up some used gear online, and found what I think is a pretty good deal. He is asking $400 for everything. He said the helmet was used once and he paid $400, the skates fit a 9.5 shoe, and he "thinks" the pads are 33". Due to the lack of detail I have asked for more pictures other than what he has provided. Overall, what do you guys think of this deal? Obviously it is hard to tell without seeing it in person, which I am going to do this weekend. What should I typically be looking for when it comes to used goalie gear? I appreciate your help in advance.
  6. We're looking for a full-time goalie for our mens C league team in Laurel MD. If anyone is interested or knows someone please PM me. Chris
  7. Howdy folks. So, none of this stuff has actually been kept in a garage. In fact, I'm trying to clean out three closets in three different cities that I have left full of gear (and the owners of said closets would like their space back). I will keep updating this as I get a chance to take pictures/have pictures taken for me. All prices in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise noted. PLAYER EQUIPMENT: CCM U+ CL Pro Pants, SR Large, Black - $70 SOLD FOR $60 Bauer LS Fusion Edge Steel and Holders, 280 - $85 for both Unused holders and steel. Steel is unsharpened, the holder is a little dinged from removal from a boot. $90 for the set, or $60 for steel and $40 for holders. Easton SE16, 7D - $135 Used off and on for a couple years, still have a lot of life left in them. Comes with shock doctor footbeds. GOALIE EQUIPMENT: Sherwood T100 Goal Pant, SR Large, Black - $65 SOLD Bauer Vapor XXX Pads, 34+1, Wht/Blk/Sil - $250 SOLD FOR $225 Bauer Vapor XXX Pads, 36+1, Wht/Sil/Blk - $200 SOLD FOR $150 Reebok Larceny Pros, 34+2, Wht/Red/Blk - $600 RBK Thighboards, black - $10 Remember these? Never used, lace-in variety. Measures 10" wide and 12" tall. PM me if you want a picture, but there isn't much to see. They are thighboards. CCM/RBK Step Goal Steel, 324/Cowling size 8 - $40 New, unsharpened. CCM Pro Tacks w/RBK Cowlings, 7.5D - $100 A few years old, but in great shape. The boot is very solid with no tears anywhere. I put RBK cowlings on them a little while back. Superfeet yellow footbeds. A decent amount of steel left, but I have a set of new STEP steel that I would sell with the skate for $30. The boot has plenty of life in it. Graf 750 Goaler Pro w/Bauer Vertexx 4mm cowling, 6.5D - $280 Only used twice (didn't end up liking the fit). They come with the original Graf cowling as well.
  8. I have been looking at a ton of different foam core sticks from various brands like CCM, Bauer, Christian, etc... I've looked at this sticks from different websites like goalie monkey or total goalie and many of the reviews on the sticks are confusing. One stick may be awesome on one website but terrible on another. I have a 26in (28in according to Goalie Monkey true size) SL825 Sherwood stick which is an awful stick thats barely intact. I have a small list of sticks that are potential for me to buy. I primarily want a foam core stick but composite is also an option. I just need a little help on which stick would be the best buy for me. I am 5ft exact. My list of potential Sticks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13aKOp2pqMzvEibqQvrzZPYy3dSrFVtRO7Ij5JT15ahk/edit?usp=sharing Thank You for helping!
  9. Hey Guys, I am trying to figure out what cages I can use to replace the cage on an NME 7 mask. I am trying to see if I can fit the Bauer NME Titanium NC cat eye cage on it but I am getting mixed responses whether it will fit or not. Does anybody know if the Titanium cat eye cage will fit on the NME 7 or will only the NME NC chrome steel cage fit on it? Any info is appreciated!
  10. I did a search but everything that came up was pretty old. Just wondering what you guys would recommend for a goalie jock? The first thing I have to decide is whether I plan to wear jock shorts or not (I'd be wearing long leg undergarment with a shock doctor cup) with a single-layer goalie jock over top, or if I'd go with something like the Vaughn Ventus double-cup. I really can't decide which I'd rather go with. Any suggestions or recommendations based on experiences? Thanks!
  11. Okay, my mentors have been having me move further and further out since I started in net. I ask and always welcome any input after every game, some I take, some from skaters I take or leave depending on the advice. "Get a wider butterfly." Is one that I'm working on daily but I'm an old grunt and my abused joints aren't as tolerant as they were 10-18 years ago. So I leave that advice I leave on the ice. Last night started up in between the hash marks and followed the play back but my angles in relation to the net were all out of whack mentally, and it felt like a gamble to keep square while moving back with the play in relation to opposing skater speed. How far do you guys play out of the crease? My comfort zone was generally heels at 3-6 inches in front of the crease as I had my 11 landmarks for my arc to keep my angles visually in relation to puck position.
  12. Hey all, obviously there have been a bajillion topics and posts in the past on stick length but I didn't see any specific to goalies. What do you guys do with your goal sticks for length? I'm sure it's a lot to do with personal preference, but any general guidelines? I heard on a TV broadcast recently (All-Star Skills Competition?) that modern goalies are cutting their sticks shorter to allow for easier stick handling (not having to have the top hand up as high). What do you guys think? At this point I've just been leaving my goal sticks the length they come, but I'm open to ideas. Thanks!
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