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  1. Iperhaos it's a coincidence yes but I don't personally use any other blades than xc so i can not really compare much myself. I don't really get leg pain at all when I'm playing games so i can't really say much about that. I previously used standard blades with no profile or anything and then using xc blades i felt i was using less energy, although I find that i instantly was able to skate a lot better being more agile etc so perhaps that can exert more energy but i can not remember noticing a large difference in tiredness.
  2. I've been using them for months and i don't personally notice much difference with leg fatigue. If anything it takes less effort to get speed due to the shallower hollow and the curve helping gain speed more quickly. Maybe your putting more effort into games while using the xc blades? Do you notice your skating better/playing better overall using xc blades or is it the same ?
  3. Yes as I said you need to adjust, however for you that is very uncommon as most are using hollow around 1/2. 1” is very very shallow and most can not handle that on normal blades. I used 1/2 hollow prior to XC blade and now I use 3/4. The adjustment for flare is very different and you need crazy adjustments due to the angle of flare. XC wouod just be a slight adjustment such as going from 1/2 to 3/4 or from 3/4 to 1” etc.
  4. No it is not same logic and sizing as flare. The hallow adjustment is not done for the same reason. You should take a slightly shallower hollow because the blade is curves so provides inclreased stability meaning, no need for the same hallow you usually use, but if you did get the same then you will have the same hallow unlike with flare because their blades flare out so a hollow adjustment is necessary. if you skate on 3/4 then I say you should use 1”. They come with 3/4 hollow on already if you get the dlc version. Try that and see how you like it. I tried 1” once and the blade just slipped because it had no bite. Just try 3/4 to start, that’s what I’m using and it seems the perfect balance.
  5. You probably have them at 3/4. The DLC blades come sharpened to a 3/4 not a 1 inch even though the package actually says 1”. I’m unsure on what you’re talking about with the extra hold on the toe. I do not experience any problems. Perhaps it’s to do with your skating style? For me I feel no negative effects. Just the extra stability and speed.
  6. I see, well I was willing to pay, and I did, in order to try this product out. It appears that the company provides heavily discounted testers but it doesn’t seem they offer free ones.
  7. It is, and I would hope that this community would share me some new products to try out too. And if they had discounts available I hope they will share it with me.
  8. Well that wasn’t my intention, in fact I requested a code from the company for the purpose of sharing… my fellow team players have benefited from it so I thought those on here may benefit too. I won’t think about others in future. My apologies 🙂
  9. Great. We can’t be giving people discounts. They must pay full price 😉
  10. Will you delete the other coupon code too ? For all we know he could be affiliated to that freestyle skater and be making money sharing that code?!
  11. No where has it been mentioned about commission…. and it’s your loss not trying it. Doesn’t affect me. I am no longer sharing things with anyone
  12. Damn I don’t work for them they are literally in Hungary, I am in the uk 😂. I am merely a big fan of their equipment and as a still quite new style of runner, I obviously would like to share their technology. Even if a company employee did come here and start sharing their products I still wouldn’t see an issue. We are all players and sharing equipment and products with each other is the whole idea in my opinion. You should appreciate it.
  13. Don’t you support and talk about your favourite NHL team ? And you probably talk positively about them. We can do the exact same with equipment. No problem in supporting fantastic equipment as there is supporting a fantastic team. Maybe if you tried them out you might support them as much as I do 😉 they deserve it
  14. Post no longer available. Can an admin delete this topic please.
  15. I’m afraid I agree with smcgreg, a large majority of rec players are unaware what profiling actually is. Most have “heard” of it but rarely will people understand annything about it. And it’s true that a large percentage of players do not even know their own ROH! They just get the “standard sharpen”. also I haven’t heard of any of those Bauer profiles myself haha. I’m very familiar with the pro sharp profiles and various others like cag, tydan power etc. I skate on a quad 0 profile myself so I’m aware of the process significantly but I did not know of those Bauer profiles.
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