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  1. The first 2 links are from the same video (March 2023). In that clip he says hopefully in the next year. The last link is from March 2022, where he said they were in the prototype phase of development. 2023 seems a little fast though, and I would expect 2024 to be a more realistic target. According to Dave Cruikshanks' linkedin profile though, D'Cosi was founded in 2017, so maybe they've been in development for a while now.
  2. So I was listening to a couple interviews with Dave Cruikshank (man behind the Easton Makos), and it turns out that he is developing a new hockey skate with his newly formed company (D'Cosi). Mentions that they should be coming out in the next year. You can check out the interviews and the discussion on hockey skates here: 9:55 mark: https://youtu.be/yYh8Zinsaws?t=590 32:50 mark: https://youtu.be/yYh8Zinsaws?t=1970 13:45 mark: https://youtu.be/Ls47f3VQkME?t=825 Big fan of the Mako IIs. Hopefully these new D'Cosi skates looks aesthetically-pleasing as well and not like a frankenstein skate like the MLXs.
  3. Awesome video man. Some possible suggestions for Part 2: Faceplate sticks: CCM RBZ Revolution and CCM RBZ FT1 sticks Flare and XCblade skate runners.
  4. CCM for sticks, gloves and protective. Bauer for helmet. I'm still rocking Easton Mako IIs for skates. If those fall apart, I have a pair of CCM supertacks for backup.
  5. Sorry to bump an old thread, but was wondering if you had any E700 Small Black helmets in your shop still available??
  6. You can filter sidelineswap to show Sold New 1S skates and the price they were listed at. Problem is, it does not show the date at which they were sold nor the final negotiated price. Based on what I saw, the last new pair of 1S skates that sold were listed at $375.
  7. At your size, I'd opt for intermediate. Getting equipment that fits properly would be more beneficial in terms of protection. The savings in cost is a bonus.
  8. For current generation of Bauer releases, Vapor is the lighter and more lower profile compared to Supreme.
  9. One of the freestyle skaters I follow on youtube is offering a coupon code for 10% off these blades
  10. I think the Ribcor skate line is being discontinued. The latest CCM catalog did not include any Ribcors in their skate lineup: https://ccmhockey.dcatalog.com/v/23CCM_Catalogue_S1_NA_EN/?page=6 You could opt for FT6s (not FT6 pro) or the Tacks AS-590 which appears to have similar stiffness index as the 100k.
  11. Quick look at the new Bauer AG5NT stick. Low kick. Green chrome. Boron material added. https://youtu.be/JhGAW04D6Pw
  12. I have the RX3 shoulder pads. No complaints on my end. Exactly what I was looking for. Sad to hear they're folding their hockey division. Hopefully I can snag a pair of Halo gloves as soon as prices start to drop a bit.
  13. The Easton Pro10 shoulder pads had some good coverage and protection but obviously tough to find older equipment. Tacks ASV pro probably your best bet for current equipment.
  14. Would they replace both skates or just the one that exploded? I suppose you could sell the replacement skates but at a little bit of a loss unfortunately.
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