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  1. The Easton Pro10 shoulder pads had some good coverage and protection but obviously tough to find older equipment. Tacks ASV pro probably your best bet for current equipment.
  2. Would they replace both skates or just the one that exploded? I suppose you could sell the replacement skates but at a little bit of a loss unfortunately.
  3. In the NHL, skate users are split at 68% Bauer, 23% CCM, 10% True (according to Geargeek). Anyone have any idea what the market split is for general public? I'm all for more selection and choices. I'm rocking the Easton Mako IIs right now.
  4. Have you had the chance to try these out yet PBH?
  5. Now if only they could bring back the Mako II skates
  6. I'm still rocking Easton's last synergy stick released back in 2016 (the GX).
  7. I personally prefer Ribcor for low kick sticks, but Vapor has the stiffer/pingier blade.
  8. Just a small correction, but the CCM catalogs list AS3 Pro as having a 215 on their index scale. The upcoming AS5 Pro has a 215 as well, and the previous generation AS1 had a 205 on the stiffness rating.
  9. Tried these on for the first time on Saturday. Fit is superb. Adjusting to the pitch wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (though I'm at +2 instead of the stock +3 as I had changed the runners to step steel). Won't be going back to the Super Tacks. Tight turns with the makos just felt so much smoother for me compared to the super tacks. I'm guessing that the super tacks was simply too stiff of a boot for me.
  10. I prefer slightly dampened blades. I find they are better for catching hard passes where for stiff blades you need cradle the puck as it comes in to prevent it from bouncing/trampolining off. I also like the feel of the dampened blades for heavier loaded shots. One of the pros for stiff blades is that you can feel exactly where the puck is on the blade (heel/toe) as you're stickhandling. And love the pop they get for quick release shots. CCM super tacks and Bauer Vapor are the stiffest blades I've ever tried. Bauer supreme is the most dampened blade on the market I believe.
  11. Snagged a pair of brand new Mako II on sidelineswap. Been looking for 6.5Ds for a couple years now and I couldn't believe my eyes when a listing for a brand new pair popped up. Looking forward to joining the Mako family.
  12. Beer League Bum provides some worthwhile insight into both the PX and AS4 Pro in his stick reviews. I believe the PX has a dampened blade feel whereas the AS4 Pro is much more livelier and that will probably be the first thing you will notice. Here's some links to his reviews for the two sticks: True Catalyst PX CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro
  13. I think Bauer's Vapor line has more of a L-shaped eyelet pattern, while their Supreme line is more of the slopped eyelet pattern. Does anyone know the pros/cons of each?
  14. As mentioned above, I'm not sure if the 2 vs 3 pc will make much of a difference in terms of keeping the elbow in place. It would come down to the straps and locking mechanism and each person's individual elbow shape. I imagine the sleeve wrap system that the Alpha LX Pro offers would be a lot more secure for most people's elbows compared to one without the sleeve. STX surgeon elbow pads also offer a sleeve wrap system.
  15. Looking at trying some of these XC Blades out. Have you heard any feedback from customers?
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