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  1. Any takeaways from the experiments? I imagine this type of blade would enhance cornering and tight turns simply due to the curvature of the blade edge. Seems like it would negatively affect speed/glide though?
  2. Has anyone heard of / tried out the XCBlade runner? https://shop.xcblade.com/en/about Looks like the blade flares out in the front and back ends of the runner (like the Flare Skate blade runner), but remains thinner like a traditional blade in the center. Interesting technology, but it seems like a drastic change and might put your skating mechanics all out of whack. Also might be a bit complicated on the sharpening/profiling end of things.
  3. Looks like Matthew Tkachuk has switched over to the Sher-wood Code V? As well as some Sher-wood gloves (Code V?) with some shot-blockers? Still hating the graphics on the stick.
  4. Noticed a brand new size 6D mako ii on eBay for anyone interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324435179553 Edit: Sold
  5. Noticed a pair of new 9.5 D Mako II skates on sidelineswap if anyone is interested. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/2812965-easton-mako-skates-size-9-5 EDIT: SOLD
  6. Looks like they changed the toe cap finally. Unfortunately not great angle to see how it looks. But yeah, the visual aesthetics are absolutely hideous.
  7. One noticeable difference will probably be in the blade feel. The Flylite will have a blade that's a feels a bit more "livelier" compared to the Trigger. Personally I've always preferred the Trigger when it comes to low kick sticks.
  8. If you can find a pair of the old Easton Synergy HSX shins, those are pretty slim.
  9. I picked up the BPM120 gloves on boxing day a few years back. Best purchase I made that year. They are on clearance at Sportchek for 20 bucks CDN but now sold out.
  10. Do you happen to know the stiffness rating of the original 2016 Super Tacks?
  11. Sher-wood was the first brand to have a sub-400 g stick in the Rekker EK15 but unfortunately it doesn't seem like they've made too much innovations since then. How well received was the Rekker EK15 when it came out? I bought the wood graphic version on clearance a few years afterwards. Great look but par for the course in terms of performance.
  12. Not sure. I think they used to list the inventory in the retail stores, which is no longer the case now. Everything you see is the stuff they have in stock at their warehouse, so just add it to cart and purchase. Looks like there is still Bauer 2S products. Bauer 2S products: https://www.sportium.ca/en/shop?q=bauer+2s
  13. Picked up some CCM Jetspeed FT1 elbow pads from Sportium online for 90 CDN (67 USD). Sportium is a sporting goods store based out of Quebec that is closing due to covid so they had clearance on some items. They have a pair of FT1 gloves for 131 CDN (99 USD), but I held off. Also picked up a pair of Easton Synergy GX shin guards from sidelineswap for 25 USD. The seller only used it for a single practice so they are like new.
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