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  1. I think the 100ks have the new asymmetrical toe box which is why you probably feel less volume compared to the 80ks or the tacks.
  2. That's just the nature of any stick really. It's probably more noticeable in the stiffer blades like Vapor and Tacks I would imagine.
  3. Don't forget about Byonic, RamonEdge, XCBlade and Blackedge
  4. I saw this graphic which shows the areas of stiffness for each of CCM's current skate lines. Is this a fairly accurate depiction of the areas of stiffness for the Ribcor 100ks from what you've experienced?
  5. That's high praise. Looking forward to trying out a pair.
  6. Some of Easton's tech has already made it's way into Bauer's protective line. The hyperlite foam on Easton's stealth cx protective line and pants was implemented on all of the Vapor 2x pro protective line and pants and it was also used in the gloves. The MDP foam system on Easton's synergy gx shoulder pads was implemented on all of the Nexus 2N protective line.
  7. Both CCM Ribcore and Bauer Vapors are low kick sticks. The Ribcore has a more dampened blade compared to the Vapor, and it will probably be easier receiving hard passes on a Ribcore.
  8. Looks like Bauer kept the same Hyperlite font/logo design as when it was used on the old Easton stealth CX sticks/pads.
  9. National Sports in Canada has the limited leather edition BPM 120 gloves for $40 CDN. Unfortunately they only ship to Canada at this time. They only made 100 of each color, and the inside of the cuff has the # /100. Also only in 14" sadly, but pretty neat vintage look. https://www.nationalsports.com/collections/senior-hockey-gloves/products/sherwood-bpm-120-sr-hockey-gloves-14-inch-black-red-white https://www.nationalsports.com/collections/senior-hockey-gloves/products/sherwood-bpm-120-sr-hockey-gloves-14-inch-navy-red-white
  10. Any takeaways from the experiments? I imagine this type of blade would enhance cornering and tight turns simply due to the curvature of the blade edge. Seems like it would negatively affect speed/glide though?
  11. Has anyone heard of / tried out the XCBlade runner? https://shop.xcblade.com/en/about Looks like the blade flares out in the front and back ends of the runner (like the Flare Skate blade runner), but remains thinner like a traditional blade in the center. Interesting technology, but it seems like a drastic change and might put your skating mechanics all out of whack. Also might be a bit complicated on the sharpening/profiling end of things.
  12. Looks like Matthew Tkachuk has switched over to the Sher-wood Code V? As well as some Sher-wood gloves (Code V?) with some shot-blockers? Still hating the graphics on the stick.
  13. Noticed a brand new size 6D mako ii on eBay for anyone interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324435179553 Edit: Sold
  14. Noticed a pair of new 9.5 D Mako II skates on sidelineswap if anyone is interested. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/2812965-easton-mako-skates-size-9-5 EDIT: SOLD
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