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  1. My toes were scrunched up against the cap, even when sitting down. My foot was completely flat except for my toes which were slightly curled up, even more curled in the 9s
  2. True literally trains employees to bake skates for 3-4 minutes to try on, not a full bake. A full bake is 8ish mins each skate, leave the top 3 eyelets undone, get the rest to 75% tightness and then seran wrap the ankle and heel. Trying them on after 3-4 mins will open them up a bit, but not enough to be fully baked, because the point is to try them on, not make them yours before buying them. That’s what it says on their app that they offer employee training on.
  3. Correct but I’m not gonna abuse their return like a rental program, I want to order customs now and get them asap so I can start using them asap without waiting another few weeks using skates I know I’m gonna get rid of. The 9.5w 9x I tried on fit decently, but they still need to be a bit wider. I only tried them on to determine length since I was shocked by the scan’s result
  4. I’m good friends with one of the guys at the store who’s also helping me with all this fitting. True does employee training though an app with videos and articles. The one about “how to fit true skates” clearly says to only bake for 3-4 minutes and let the customer wear them for about 10 minutes total. I know there’s no guarantee with the customs but even if there was, I wouldn’t want a return, I’d want to adjust or remake the skates until they fit right. SVHs are so stiff and wrap so well, you can’t get that in any other brand, and true retail wide fits are still just too narrow for me especially in my forefoot
  5. The brannock had me right between a 9 and 9.5 on my right, 9.5 and 10 on the left foot. I did a half-bake before trying them, about 3mins in the oven for both feet since I can’t just fully bake a skate without buying it, especially trues
  6. The 9 retail I tried on had my toes curled up and jammed against the end. I know trues are supposed to be tight, especially before baking. 9.5 still had me jammed up and my toes were just barely curled. I have been told the the newest jetspeeds run a bit big and wide by some of the guys at my local store. I’ll probably ask if they can predrill and if yes, what they think I should do
  7. I’m about to buy a new pair of true SVH customs and I plan to swap the holders. I am currently in 8.5wide FT6 pros which use a 271 speed blade XS holder. When I scanned for Trues, they recommend a 10wide, which was weird at first. But I tried on a retail 9wide and 9.5wide hzrdus 9x which were both a bit too short, so I don’t think their scan is wrong. I have no idea how 8.5wide FT6 pros fit me so well, but when I get my trues, I want to swap them to the XS holders. So would it be a bad idea to use my 271 holders? I know it would be ideal to use 287 holders, but I can get a pair of 295s for free. I’m betting it’ll be a big jump if I do it, but would it be more worth it to do that or stay “undersized” for my holders? Or should I get 287s or even 280? Luckily I only have one usable pair of steel for my current holders so I’ll need new steel regardless also, can I request for them to drill holes for the ccm holders since I plan to order them with the shift holders unmounted?
  8. I'm looking at buying a pro stock FT5 Pro, and HSFEHSKP is the buildcode the seller gave me. I thought FT5s were HSMHK5SP, so what could this code be?
  9. I need help figuring out what I'm buying when I buy pro stock. Bauer sticks are easy to tell, the buiild and flex are under the namebar. CCMs are too if they have the sticker on the top of the shaft, but lots of the ones I find either don't have it or the seller won't show it/say it. But what about true sticks? I read that they do not paint sticks as another stick unless it's for one of their top guys like Marner. I'm interested in trying a hzrdus px but don't want to end up with an AX9 or something random. And for CCMs, is there any way to tell what the stick is without that sticker? For example, I've bought 2 pro stock FT5s with a sticker that said HSMHK5SP, then on the namerbar underneath the flex and shaft shape, both IDs or whatever started with E36. Also, is there any way or anywhere I can order my own custom CCM sticks? Even if the minimum is 6 or 10. My dream spec is FT5 Pros in 105 flex, P90TM, basketball/bubble/bauer's griptac tactile style grip with a 4ish inch extension.
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