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  1. I just saw a highlight pack and the numbers on those TB jerseys are way darker grey than they appear in that pic. Has to be awful for the broadcast guys up high. I remember when the Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) had great letters on baby blue jerseys...or other way around, I can't remember. A bunch of the Leagues play by play guys complained and I'm pretty sure the league made them stop wearing them. 

  2. Not anything exotic or overly fancy, but decided my Escape was bigger than I needed, so I traded it in a couple weeks ago for a Focus.


    Has the winter package. Heated seats, steering wheel and mirrors, with remote start. All features I've never had in a vehicle before, so I'm enjoying it. Also enjoying filling up for less than $40 and having that last over a week.

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  3. League game tonight. We're getting thrashed. Off night for almost everyone. They score the 6-1 goal with :10 left.

    As the ref skates past the bench to the timekeeper I yell over..."just run it ref". No one on my bench really reacts, they head toward the faceoff, and I hop over the boards...look back at the ref and say again "just run it". He nods...and I realize he is. Clock is at :06 and counting. This is not entirely uncommon. I've heard and seen teams run down a clock in a blowout like that before. I tap the goalie on the pads and do the "good game, good game, good game" handshake line.

    I grab my shit and just head to the room.

    There is one woman on my team who has lots to say about everything. Apparently, she says to our captain (Rob) on the way to the rooms ...'Who's the captain of this team, you or Matt?" and huffs and puffs and goes into her room (the woman change separate from us).

    Rob comes into our room and asks "What was that about??" I said "Oh, she must have been pissed that I told the ref to run the clock...Sorry if I overstepped, but it's 6-1...and in this league, who the eff cares??"

    Rob says "I don't give a shit...you can make whatever call you want on the ice". 

    So, I ask the MSH Nation...what say you? Dick move or no?

  4. 1 hour ago, IPv6Freely said:

    And the uniforms have really grown on me. 

    They could have easily gone with black helmets, and I love that they didn't. The gray helmets look so good. I also love that Nashville wears yellow helmets. Too many white/black or white/blue combos. Nice to see some teams going in different directions.

  5. 5 hours ago, chippa13 said:

    Winning team shares $1 million, around $100k for an afternoon of work ain't bad.

    As for the skills competition, they tried it with each team's best skill guy at each thing. Nobody cared that John Rohloff had the hardest shot on the Bruins that year.

    I bet that is why they have Weber as the Habs "Last Man In" choice and not Domi or Gallagher. They want him in the hardest shot comp.

  6. So, people always seem to have a lengthy list of "snubs" when it comes to all star selections. Fact is, there are not enough spaces for every worthy player to go and the current format 3 on 3 really doesn't allow for additional roster spots. 

    During the last World Cup, the Young Guns teams of Europe/North America seemed to catch everyone's attention, and realistically were probably the best part of that event. So, why not do the same with the ASG? 6 teams instead of 4. Each division is represented, then you make 2 teams comprised of remaining age 23 and under players from Europe and North American (regardless of what division/conference they are from). You may have to alter the length of the games to make up for the extra teams, but it would allow more players to make it, and if you let the initial 4 division based teams be voted by fans, it creates an interesting dynamic where a NA team featuring Mitch Marner, could end up facing an Atlantic Team with Austin Matthews.

    Maybe give the teams representing the divisions with the top team in each Conference a bye, so it limits the number of extra games you have to play. Who knows...I'm just throwing stuff against the wall here.

    Anything stick??

  7. I don't even recall how I came to skate on that profile to begin with. I bought a pair of skates that had been done custom and returned...so not only did I get a great deal, but I got someone else's setup. I think that might have been it. The guy told me what was on the blades when I bought it. But, it is what I have gotten used to.

    I will definitely look into what JR is doing now.


    [EDIT]: This does mean the white 9k's have been retired (at least temporarily). Now I just gotta get rid of the matte black E700. haha

  8. My girlfriend dropped off new skates I bought last weekend to be profiled. I told her to ask for a "9' radius, +1 forward"... Which is what I have been skating on since I got my old skates way back in '07.

    She texted me after and said they kept asking her: "Are you sure that's what he wants...that is like 25 year old technology"

    I replaced the steel a couple years ago and at that time, no one suggested that it was obsolete or old to do a profile of that nature.

    I skated on them last week, stock off the shelf with no profile and I felt like I was skating for the first time in years. I just want these new ones to feel like my old ones did.

  9. What size did you go with? Ordering clothes online always worries me because things vary style to style. I have 2 large golf shirts from different companies. One fits like a medium, the other XL. So frustrating.

  10. On 10/1/2018 at 11:35 AM, IPv6Freely said:

    Habs name Shea Weber captain


    This is a bit odd to me. On one hand having an older guy leading the way with the kids during the rebuild actually seems like a decent idea. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of stopgap captains and almost think they should wait. I guess the team values the leadership above all else. 

    I thought they might give it to Plekanec for this year. He is only on a 1 year deal, so it's not like they would have to take it away from him when Shea is healthy (I think we all know he is the guy they want to have it). Pleky ended up scratched for G1...so what do I know! haha

    Weber is still going to be in the room and around the team...so he will be able to lead. 

    In Buffalo, Eichel only has it because it is too soon to give it to Dahlin, but he (Dahlin) will be the leader of that team eventually, and might be their best player by the end of Week 2 of the season.

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