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    Itech HC100
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  1. If you're talking about how to put it on the holder, it doesn't matter. I meant when making the passes... toe to heel or heel to toe or both ways back n forth? does it make u skate forward faster if u go toe to heel? i got a blue wheel with the machine.. is this a good wheel?
  2. toe to heel? or heel to toe? or it doesn't matter?
  3. oh.. sorry.. i'm at work.. i work at a japanese company and our internet proxy is in japan..
  4. that's the problem.. where i live, we have 1 lhs for the whole country.. and their sharpening sucks.. and they charge a bomb.. that's y i have no where else to ask these questions.. what other parts of the machine require regular maintenance? i wanna take good care of my baby haha
  5. how do you clean the table.. this machine is a bit old.. it looks like some parts are rusted.. do u polish or wax it or just put oil?
  6. The guy who sold me the machine told me that i'll definitely be breaking blades the first time i do it.. now i'm not living in canada or us where skates are readily available.. so i'd like to avoid this as much as possible. is overheating a cause of blade breakage? can i cool it down with a wet towel or something?
  7. Hi! I've just purchased a second hand portable Blademaster 850 as a first step towards my ultimate dream of owning a hockey shop. There was no instruction book but basically I received a 1 hour lesson from the previous owner but I'm still unsure about how to get started and how to improve my sharpening skills. Do you have any tips on additional equipment that i need and how to improve my skills?
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