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  1. Don't know how long the link will be on this page. Behind the scenes: Blues' photoshoot
  2. Congratulations David. I always new you could do it but it still feels like a dream. Enjoy your well deserved vacation.
  3. That look was so funny. You could tell during the game that it was suggested they just relax and take it easy.
  4. Did the girl who liked your long stick take the picture?
  5. You can move out of the hotel and start looking for your own place.
  6. Good article. Love the part how the equipment manager can't go home cause David won't get off the ice. I like your replies David.
  7. Nice goal. Way to keep your composure.
  8. Classic. There's lots of politics in hockey(as in everything else. I'm thinking of my old job right now)(we all know that)and sometimes being better is not the only consideration. I'm sure The Blues realize David is a special player and they want to bring him in at exactly the right time. They know it could make a big difference in the long run. It's about keeping everybody happy.
  9. Thanks David for a perfect lesson in perseverance.
  10. Awesome. Wow. It's official. That is great. Can you tell I'm happy.
  11. Our very own Kovy-Ribs with 31 points in six games. There's some hands in that family. He did pretty good considering some of his teammates. David Perron: Selected by St. Louis Blues round 1 #26 overall 2007 NHL Entry Draft Derrick Brassard: Selected by Columbus Blue Jackets round 1 #6 overall 2006 NHL Entry Draft Mathieu Perreault: Selected by Washington Capitals round 6 #177 overall 2006 NHL Entry Draft Mathieu Carle: Selected by Montreal Canadiens round 2 #53 overall 2006 NHL Entry Draft
  12. He continues to impress... Part about Perron in bold a little lower. 31 000 $ recueillis au tournoi À bout de souffle Charles Rooke Le Journal de Montréal 30/07/2007 11h40 - Mise à jour 30/07/2007 12h03 MAGOG | En plus d'offrir des rencontres de haut calibre, le tournoi à bout de souffle aura finalement permis d'amasser 31 000 $ pour sept oeuvres de bienfaisance de l'Estrie. Le tournoi a donc récolté 6 000$ de plus que lors de l'édition précédente, ce qui est au-delà des espérances des organisateurs. «Avant le tournoi, on se disait que si on pouvait répéter ce qu'on a amassé l'an dernier, ça serait bon, et là, on est rendus dans les 30 000 $, c'est vraiment spécial», a affirmé Yanic Perreault, le joueur de centre des Blackhawks de Chicago, qui fait également partie du comité organisateur. «On est chanceux d'avoir le meilleur joueur du monde en Sidney Crosby avec nous et on espère encore l'avoir avec nous l'an prochain», a-t-il enchaîné. Le joueur vedette des Penguins de Pittsburgh n'a pas voulu le confirmer, mais il semble que les chances soient bonnes. «La date est toujours inscrite dans mon agenda. C'est ma troisième participation en quatre ans et je m'amuse vraiment chaque fois que je viens. C'est très bien organisé», a dit le numéro 87, qui se préparait à regagner sa Nouvelle-Écosse natale. Deuxième titre pour Perreault C'est d'ailleurs l'équipe Perreault Maxi-Club de Sidney Crosby et de Yanic Perreault qui a remporté un deuxième titre consécutif hier, dans une victoire de 6 à 4 face au M-150. «Disons que c'est beaucoup plus agréable de voir le chèque que de soulever le trophée», a lancé Crosby. Si l'équipe veut remporter un troisième titre l'an prochain, elle ne pourra rien tenir pour acquis. «On s'en parle entre nous pendant la saison et les joueurs commencent leur recrutement de plus en plus de bonne heure», a raconté Perreault. Premier choix des Blues de Saint Louis lors du dernier repêchage, David Perron a édité le livre des records du tournoi à bout de souffle dans la catégorie Sport Wellington. En finale, il a marqué six buts, ce qui a porté son total à 31 pour les six matchs qu'il a disputés. Il a de plus récolté 36 mentions d'aide. On aurait entendu une mouche voler dans l'aréna de Magog lors de la demi-finale entre le Perreault Maxi-Club et le Thibault Pontiac-Buick, tellement les gens étaient concentrés sur les belles pièces de jeu qui s'offraient à eux. En plus de venir en aide à des bonnes causes, le tournoi a une autre vocation noble. «On veut également donner l'occasion à ceux qui n'ont pas la chance d'aller au Centre Bell pendant la saison de venir nous voir jouer au coût de 5 $ ou 10 $», a expliqué Perreault.
  13. "Andy Murray agrees and will make sure Perron has black skates on when the Lewiston MAINEiac returns for training camp in the fall." I would be surprised if he was serious. "Perron likes to show off which is fine if he can back it up when he faces pro competition." If Andy Strickland thinks it's showing off when you take the time and every opportunity to practice your skills I don't think he knows what it takes to become an elite athlete.
  14. Hey David, Congrats. I really enjoyed watching you hug your mom. She definitely deserved it. MAKE THE TEAM!
  15. Being the self appointed PR man for David this a is good and silly read on a-k_27. Plus it's part of the build up to June 22nd. NHL Prospect Dating Game: David Perron Posted May 21st 2007 6:40PM by Jon "J.P." Press Filed under: General NHL, NHL Draft This is one in a series of profiles of the International Scouting Service's 2007 Top 15 NHL Draft Prospects, and relies heavily on the 2007 NHL Entry Draft Media Guide. Check back often leading up to the June 22 Entry Draft for more profiles and draft coverage and analysis. Name: David Perron Team/League: Lewiston/QMJHL Vitals: 6'0", 180 pounds, left wing, shoots right Born: May 28, 1988 in Sherbrooke, Quebec The unimportant stuff: Perron is fundamentally sound, hard working and smart defensively. He led all rookies in The Q in goals and was second in points during the regular season. The important stuff: "Perry," as he has been creatively nicknamed, wears the number 39 because "it was his number in training camp." Deep.... if he could invite any three people to dinner, he'd pick Alexei Kovalev, Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky.... speaking of Kovalev, Perron patterns his game after the Russian, who he lists as his favorite player, which means either he's not doing a great job of emulating his idol or the scouting report is amiss because I can't recall the last time I read "Alexei Kovalev" and "hard working" in the same paragraph... ... his favorite musical group is Green Day and his favorite actor is Adam Sandler, which is odd as neither has been any good since before Perron was a teenager... Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match: Perron would be a good fit in St. Louis, Montreal (Perron's favorite team) could use some more grit up front, and the 'Canes could use a left wing with upside (or a pulse) somewhere in the organization. The winner? Perron would be a reach for the Blues at #9 and I doubt the Habs would want anything to do with a guy who so openly idolizes Kovalev, so welcome to Raleigh -- the Sherbrooke of the South. Edit ... spellink
  16. Congratulations. My thoughts are with you. Edit: by the way this is jp. I changed my name and avatar remember.
  17. Nearly had a 3rd one in first period as well by going through both defencemen. Not to mention the break away in which he was hooked. I wonder what his ice time is?
  18. When i saw it. I was like ... what ?!? ... great hit!. I could just see all the scouts making a note of it in their pads. The first period just ended (game 2). Letang feels threatened by you. He can't stop you and is trying to get into your head. That's one hell of a compliment.
  19. TELUS to webcast final on telus.com/qmjhl Good luck David. We miss you at Bonaventure.
  20. "Perron has been unbelievable,” says Bordeleau. “I've seen him most of the time on the road and he's been dominant. Plus, he is very good defensively. Congrats. Nice to see others see you this way. Keep proving your fans right.
  21. Mine have a 3 month life span. The sand like texture starts to wear out after a few uses and the knob wears out on one corner all together after about three months. I use an exacto knife to cut it open. Rolling it off also works.
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