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  1. I was just at a tournament in SC, and I got to try on the 750's. I was pretty dissapointed with how light you guys were saying they are. Don't get me wrong, they ARE light, but I was expecting something featherweight. They felt like a pair of gloves that need to be broken in for a couple of weeks, so I can't really go much further than that in describing how they feel. They also seemed a bit soft in terms of protection, but until I play with them I could not judge for sure. I am comparing these directly with my nylon HGT's which feel like tanks to begin with, and are as light or lighter than the 750's while being 15.5''. I also got a carbon butt end from a buddy's stealth, kinda cool IMO. It is actually very light compared to a woodie, and should be able to help out balancing a handle-heavy stick. I'll post pictures if you guys want.
  2. Yeah, it really is a gamble with pro stock gloves. Ask for some more pictures, mostly of the cuff and that area, and try and see what you can get from looking at the pictures. They look pretty good though, who knows.
  3. The gloves themselves are nice, I guess to call attention to yourself during open hockey or something. :P
  4. Hiub

    Bauer XV shaft

    Bauer Vapor XV Shaft Background: 5’ 11†180lbs. Used for High level roller hockey. Shaft: Bauer Vapor XV 87 Flex Compatible Blades: Synthesis Si-Core And Vapor XV Options: Senior only 87 or 102 flex both with stick-um grip. Initial Impression: Previous to this, I was using an R2 shaft which always felt big in my hands. The slick finish of that shaft always caused it to slip out of my hands. As soon as I picked the Vapor shaft up, the grip felt great. I left the stick uncut and decided to start using a longer stick for better reach. With both the Si-Core and the XV blade, the shaft felt very well balanced and very well weighted. It just seemed as both of my hands were carrying even loads of the stick. It felt a bit stiff at first because my previous shaft was a whip flex, but I soon got used to it. Overall, I loved the shaft straight from the start. (9/10) Stickhandling/Passing/Shooting: Oh boy, here is where this stick shines. The Stickum coating on the shaft allows me to be extremely sensitive on the puck, and make very slight stickhandling corrections very precisely becasuse no movement is lost from my hands to the shaft itself. Toe drags and quick side to side dekes are great, and the balance of the shaft only helps. I found the 87 flex for me just perfect, as I could unload bombs without putting all my weight into the shaft. This means I just swing the shaft wherever I may be and the puck just explodes forward. It just feels right when shooting like this, but it does feel like some of the power is lost when I put all my mustard into the shot. Its not that the speed of the shot is lower, but the puck seems travel turbulently. Maybe I just shoot too hard... HEH. My wrist shot, combined with the Si-Core blade, is a lazer! It's not so much the blade as it is the curve which is a Modano retail cuve. The grip really helps your wristers and the snapshots from up close, and I can pick corners with great ease without worrying about launching the stick somewhere. Passing is on par with anything I've tried, nice and crisp, as is recieving passes. Overall, I would love to try a 102 flex shaft and see how it feels, but nothing but good things out of the 87. (8/10) Weight/Balance: The weight of this shaft seems somewhat decieving. It is so well balanced that it tricks you into thinking its a tad heavy, but when you just move your wrist the whole thing just seems to follow without that lag that you feel when using a heavier stick. When I think about it, it is incredibly light, and stickhandling feels great with the shaft. (10/10) Durability: I have had the shaft for about 4 months now and still feels as strong as the day I got it. I did notice that the shaft almost "broke in" after a month or so of using it, and it became a LOT more predictable when shooting slapshots. The grip coating is still intact, and I do not play sissy hockey. Usually play the hands or the stick, playing D being used for roller hockey. I did peel off the XV stickers, as they were starting to peel off and looked kind of cheesy in my opinion They could have skimped the metallic look and just printed on the shaft like the rest of the graphics. The whole shaft looks a lot sleeker just saying "vapor." (9/10) Intangibles: The stick is a hell of a lot lighter than I would have thought, and the grip coating just feels better than I could have imagined. Easton's and the Rubber's grip was a bit too much for me, but this is just the perfect amount of tack. (10/10) Conclusion: A couple of years ago, I was using a PINK whip flex TPS Rubber, so a paintjob is not going to make or break a stick for me. It might to a 10 year old, but I prefer the shaft to perform and be durable, not look prissy. The shaft feels strong, the grip is still there after 4 months of abuse, and my shots still come out as accurately as they did when I purchased the shaft. Great durability and performance so far, and it really suits my style of play. If it wasn't for those stupid stickers and the fact that the shaft finally settled down after a couple of weeks of using it, I would give it a 10. (9/10)
  5. A good selection of custom gloves just popped up on ebay. 3 pairs of nylon HGT's, a red pair, a blue pair from Adam Oates, and another purple pair. Some other interesting stuff as well, check it out: Pro Return Gloves on eBay
  6. send me an email or a PM that way you can send me the pics and I will host them for you. Send me email to hiub@walla dot com.
  7. Hey Justin, I just noticed that the material from the Helium gloves posted here seems different than the material on the ones on the catalog you posted in the roller forum. What is the deal with that? Custom material or just prototypes? Thanks again. PS: Yeah I am afraid the black kids will gang up on me
  8. Well its different when its 25 black kids and just you :P I don't think I'd say anything either. I am in the ATL yo and all the ghetto kids wear pink too, I only call them fags when they're by themselves though.
  9. I'd throw something at him just for being a fag and wearing pink gloves to say: "look at me I'm big and good, now suck up to me and my pink gloves." No real need, unless he really is a fruitcake. Only if so it is ok, cuz you know girls like pink :D
  10. HA man it would have been funny if that was June... but yeah that girl is pretty gross. Thockey17 be ready to get pucks to the head for that, lol.
  11. Errr... Matching hair, cool... Mack I don't think that's Kelly Osbourne
  12. Hey JR are those Missions going to be nylon? Those will be sick if you get them done like that, kudos man!
  13. WOW Justin, that's Fing awesome man. Heliums aren't even out and there are custom versions running around! Show us some more pics!
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