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  1. I purchased recently from Hockey Monkey, and so far like the new shoulder pads. Although not quite as comfortable yet as the really old, worn out ones....:) https://www.hockeymonkey.com/sherwood-hockey-shoulder-pad-5030-hof-sr.html
  2. Are these available yet? Google search doesn't come up with much.
  3. Yes, this is how I purchase online at times if items are needed in short order. Takes a little bit of extra work to see where items ship from, but if you can find a closer place, you should get it in a day or two via any of the shipping carriers. For example, I live in NY, so greatskate.com will reach me in one day via ground shipping.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Congrats and prayers!
  5. I broke my tib and fib a few years back, plates on both. So, what you are experiencing is normal and part of the process. I used a pair of Reebok skates at first - wide and a soft pump, then went back to my normal Bauer skates a few months later when all the swelling and soreness decreased. As for having the plates out, I had the fib plate out, as it bothered me on the outside of the ankle. Tib plate is still in place. Just for reference, I was walking/skating at 3 months, hockey at 4 months.
  6. So, have a flip clip that won't keep the helmet adjustment in place on one side. Just slides freely. Other than playing with it a bit without success, looking for any tips/suggestions. Searching here/google didn't come up with much. No issues with getting a new helmet if I need to, but wouldn't mind getting a little more use out it for my son in mites if possible. Thanks.
  7. I hear you on the netbooks - when compared to laptops, they are very slow. Last December, I purchased a $250 HP Chromebook mostly out of curiosity. We have iphones, iPads, performance desktops, I even have a nice laptop for work (Finance/IT). The Chromebook has many advantages - it's very simple as a browser, email, and app system. The Google OS controls it, so all of family members use the Chromebooks (two now), and with the quick boot time and low cost - $200 for the 2nd one - find them to be very useful, similar to a tablet but with a keyboard and a bit more versitle. Performance is good enough - much like a tablet - good for what it does. We find that the younger kids go for the tablets, older kids/adults go for the Chromebooks. But to be honest, I haven't tried many "heavy" type apps/files, such as huge spreadsheets, graphic design, etc. Guess it depends on your needs.
  8. Have you looked into Chromebooks? They meet our needs for mobile computing. Just a thought.
  9. easy there......I understand, but find it interesting that there was a press conf around the Olympics.
  10. yeah, starting to feel like marketing hype......
  11. Well, realizing I have to wear a cage these days for safety, I thought this would be a good change to my exisitng helmet/cage. Closer to a shield or no face protection at all. I just put the new cage on my 4500 helmet, both size medium. Easy to feel the difference in weight. Fit well, but one minor thing. The original True Vision II cage has a cut out on the sides for when coming close to the helmet/ear pieces. The Re-Akt cage does not. So, it's a little tight fitting when swinging up, but works. Also, someone mentioned the bars are bigger. They are, but on the flat side. If you look at the cage from the top or bottom, you will see they are flatter/bigger. But when looking straight on, as if wearing it, they are not any bigger. Similar to the oval bars on existing cages today. Overall, unless I'm missing something, this new cage should be a good product, as it's upgrade price is a lot less than than the old iTech.
  12. Is just the cage available yet? I see the combo is out.
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