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  1. "So my main question I would like to ask is if you noticed any difference at all lengthwise after baking them and wearing them for a bit." I used to use Bauer 9.5 for years. They were just a tiny bit too long. When I went to the Mako I tried the 9.0 first. There were unconfortable and the toes felt cramped. I decided that I wanted a better fitting skate and decided to take my chances. Afteall, they could be punched. But no need for that. After baking them, they were absolutely perfect. If I were you, I would bake them and see what happens.
  2. Thank you very much for all your answers. I will check Christian. I didn't know that they make custom blades. If that doesn't work, I will take a look at the Easton with the Fosberg. Pro stock is difficult because the lie is usually not stated. Also the form of the blade might be very different. I can't remember well but it was either the Sher-Wood Bourque or Coffey that was also initially 4.5 (5.5 now). But the blade was completely different (too square). Regarding the Fedorov... When I compared it with Sher-Wood 5.0 (can't remember which), it appeared to me to be more or less the same. But I might be wrong. But definitively was not a 4.5. At least as the Sher-wood's Leclair. Again, thank you very much for you tips. I'll let you know if anything works. H.
  3. Trying to switch to a composite. Currently I use Sher-Wood 9950 or 7000 with a Leclair blade. This blade has a 4.5 lie which is perfect for me. I know what many of you will probably say: "A 5.0 lie would probably feel the same". But it is not. At least not for me. The 4.5 is superb for me while the 5.0 isn't. It doesn't seem too much but with a long shaft, at the level of the upper hand, you would see that the difference is significant. A 4.0 might work. The problem is that cannot find any composite stick with less than 5.0 lie. And now it looks like Sher-Wood is changing the Leclair to 5.0 (at least it is what it says on their web site) so it looks like soon I will not be able to get it on wood. Black Beauty has blades with 4.5 lie or less. But the Leclair I use has a nice rocker (which I like) and the BBs are flat. I admit that I never saw one but that is what the most knowledgeable members here say. Plus the reviews on them are kind of mix. Warriors have several blades that are listed 4.5 or less (Fedorov and Smyth 4.0 and Weight 4.5) but when I compared by putting them next to the Sher-Wood at the store they are more like a 5.0 or 5.5. No way the Fedorov is a 4.0! Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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