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  1. I would like to also say thank you for the upload. Its cool to see the upcomming gear. Tomas
  2. Product- Revision Hockey Tournament Wheels Background- I was very excited to get these wheels and was looking forward to seeing if the "Hype" would live up to the real world of hard and fast Tournament and In House play. Grip- This wheel is a beast! I repeat A Beast! Ok really its grips great on Sport Court. I used a Platinum and Gold set up in my Hum'er frame which is all 80mm wheels if your not familiar. Having used Trinities, Dynasties, Factory's and Rink Rats I can honestly say that these wheels put them to shame in the grip dept. I think the closest on on the grip scale would be the Rink Rat Hornets. If you like to cut hard and do lots of starts and stops then these wheels will perform perfect for all you needs. 10/10 Speed- It would seem that a wheel that grips like your on ice would be too "soft" to be fast, well that is not the case. These wheels are fast and have great rebound. There straight line speed is good and I feel like they do what I want them to do at any speed. 9.5/10 Durability- Another area I was concerned about. I have had wheels that lasted months and others that die in a week. So far I have experenced great wear. I rotate my wheels every week or every 3 skates(which ever comes first). I noticed some wear but no spider lines or cracks or chunks after 3 weeks and aprox 9 skates. 9.5/10 Intangibles- Money Money Money. These babies are expensive. around 10 bucks a wheel. Not cheap by any means, but we all know that hockey is not a cheap game to play. If your on a budget then go elsewhere. If not then do your game a favor and get a set of these wheels. 9/10 Conclusion- Revision offers 3 diffrent models of wheels based on your taste of speed, grip, and body weight, A no nonsense return policy if your wheels fail, and a all around solid wheel that does it all and then some. Final Rating 9.5/10 Tomas
  3. Background - 5'11 190, regular heel, wide forefoot. Skate size - 9D League - Men's League, Top Division(highest level, some Rhi players) Fit- The fit of this skate is awesome. Its is very comfortable out of the box even with out baking them. The stiffner package is excelent for a top end model. It reminds me of the Mission D1c only the forefoot area is stiffer and very stable. I was concerned about the skate breaking down and losing it feel, but it has kept its feel and stiffnes after playing lots of games and pick ups. The tour guys were not joking when they said this was a skate built to last and im impressed. In the Liner department this skate also rocks. It has what Tour calls Mega-Soft quilted liner with EVA foam packets which is nice feeling and has remained soft all this time. The skate also has a wider fit then last yrs Tour skates. I have been skating in a D1c EE skate and im now in a Tour 9D. This may give you an idea of the footbed fit, but its always best to try on a new skate if you can. The Beemer boot is also low cut and may take some getting used to, but it should not be a very big deal in the long run. All in all this is the best skate I have ever owned for Roller Hockey. Rating-10/10 Chassis/Wheels/Bearings- The Beemer comes equiped with the Hum'er Pro Frame by Labeda. If you are not familiar with this frame it uses all 80mm wheels instead of the 72/80 mm setup of the HiLo frame. The skate keeps the same hight as the hiLo setup by using what Tour calls DPS or Direct Power System. This is a cavity in the front portion of the outsole allowing larger 80mm wheels to be recessed into the skate. I did not feel like it took any time to get used to the new setup and I love it just as much if not more then the HL setup. Top end speed is better and I dont notice a loss of starting power or turning agility with the larger wheels, and speaking of the wheels this frame comes with Labeda Dynasty Pro( Labeda's #1 indoor wheel) and Bevo abec 7 bearings. Both are excelent for speed and grip. I am anxious to try some other high end wheels like RR hornets or Revision's and see how they work with this great new frame. Rating-10/10 Weight- This is not a light skate at all. Its not something I notice while playing, but its not very light the first time you pick it up. I would rather have a skate that had a good stiffner package and that fit well then a "light" skate that fell apart after a few skates. Rating-9/10 Protection- I have not taken any hard shots while in these skates, but I have taken a few wicked slashes and not felt anything. I think if I took one in the tounge then it would kill but anywhere else I think the skate could hold it own. Rating 9/10 Durability- Excelent. I have been looking for a pair of skates that would hold up to Tournament and high level play for awhile. I think my search is over finally. The frames are tanks, the boot has remained solid and stiff and the stitching and everything else is going strong. Lets hope it stays this way for a long time. Rating 9/10 Intangibles- While this is my first pair of Tour skates I have to admit I was skeptical about buying them. Questions like "how will they hold up" or "I wonder how the quality is" were all answered. If you have never owned a pair of Tour skates then this may be the time to consider them. I have been a loyal mission skate user for a long time, but after being "disapointed' with the 950's and sick of making "custom" skates, Tour finally came along with a skate that meets and beats all of my expectations.The only bad thing I have to say is that Axles for the Hum'er are hard to find and are expensive. You have to order them thru Tour and there like 2 bucks a piece, but this is by no means a determining factor for me when I got these skates. Rating 9.5/10 Concluision- This is the best pair of skates I have ever used. I am very pleased with the quality of this skate. It takes everything u expect from a high end skate and delivers the goods big time. The Hum'er frame, the Labeda Dynasty wheels and Bevo abec 7 bearings, the Mega soft liner with EVA foam packets, and the high end stiffner package all rolled up into a fantastic skate that will be worthy of all your skating wants and needs. All I can say is Thank You Tour and keep up the good work. Final rating 9.5/10
  4. J.R, any idea when the Hex-1 is gonna hit the Retail shelfs??? Tomas
  5. Reviewer background- 5' 11", 200 lbs Roller on SportCourt, 3 games and practice a few times a week Blade- TPS Nash pattern LH Shaft shape/flex: The shaft feels just like an M-1 and has a nice feel to it. The flex is an 85 and it felt good in the hands and not to chunky or small. Most people who had never seen it before commented on how much they liked the red and white paint job but that is trivial. Stickhandling/Passing: Felt great to me when I was stickhandling and the slickness of the shaft gave me no trouble and it felt just as good as the combo I have come from which was a TPS R-2 Blade/Tapered shaft. Weight/Balance: Before I cut the stick and put the blade in I noticed that the shaft felt pretty light. Not XN-10 light but pretty light. after I cut about 2 inches from it and put the blade in it felt like a lighter M-1 and did not feel to blade heavy or unbalanced in any one area. Overall a great feeling and lightweight combo. Durability: Not an issue yet. I have only used it for a couple of practices, but no real scuff marks or anything like that. Mission has been known from making pretty durable sticks so I imagine it will hold up to the rigors of our sport. Shooting: The high point of this shaft for me. The shaft has great response and kick. If you have a hard slapshot you may want to consider this shaft. The 85 flex is great for quick snap shots and has enough whip for quick wristers, yet can absolutly let of hammers. I use lots of one-timers in practice and games and this stick seems to fit my shooting style well and I am sure that it will fit almost everyone's idea of a hard shooting shaft. Conclusion: This is very quickly becoming my fav tapered combo. I have been big into tapered shafts like the TPS R-2 and Inno Novius and this one is right up there with them. I feel like it gives me the best of my two fav tapered shafts. The lightweight feel of the R-2 and the shooting of the Novius all in one nice looking, feeling and shooting shaft. If you're looking for the total package then look no further because Mission has a definite winner on there hands and mine. Tomas
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