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  1. I have a bunion on the side of my big toe and my Bauer 3x Pro size 7.5 fit 3 rubs. The bunion rubs where the toe cap joins the boot, so the there is no good way to punch it out.  I recently got to try a pair of Hyperlite skates 7.5 fit3, and for some reason the rubbing was less.  I was wondering if I went up a half size to a size 8 fit if they would be a little wider and not rub or at least move my foot back more towards the heel of the skate and away from where the toecap joins the skate boot.

  2. 4 hours ago, VegasHockey said:

    If you are spending that kind of money, just go custom and request an oversized toe cap.

    I looked at the My Bauer custom skate web site and that is still basically a stock skate. I have no issue with going a true Pro custom built skate, if I could find someone to fit me and order it from.  I don't live in area where hockey pro shops are close.  Can I get an oversized toe cap?

  3. I have worn Bauer Vapor skates in size 7.5 EE for a long time. I recently purchased a pair of Bauer 3x Pro skates in size 7.5 fit 3  I like the skates, but they are making my bunion worse.  The skate rubs on one foot near the joint of the big toe.  I also tried a pair of Bauer Mach Skates on size 7.5 fit 3 thinking they would be better but they were too tight in the forefoot I have tried punching out the skate but it has not solved the issue.  The skate rubs my foot were the toe cap joins with the skate.  I was wondering if going up to a size 8 fit 3 would move the toe cap forward enough to stop the rubbing?  I swear Bauer has made the skates smaller with their new fit system  (not a fan)

  4. I use wear a pair of Bauer X800 Vapor Skates size 7.5 EE.  I currently have a pair of Vapor 3x Pro size 7.5 fit 3.  I had to punch out the side of my right skate as my Bunion near the side of my big toe would rub.  After punching the skate out quite a bit the rubbing was less, but still rubbed.  I have been wearing Bauer vapor skates size 7.5 EE for years. I tried on a pair of Bauer Mach skates size 7.5 fit 3  thinking they are supposed to be the widest Bauer skate and they hurt the bunion on the side of right foot by my big toe much worse than any of my other skates.  Looking for suggestions as to why or what size skate to go to.  I am considering going back to my X800 skates.

  5. I'm looking at Tydan blades and just did the Tydan blade online assessment.  They recommended a 30/60 cag one profile with a 3/4 hollow based on my weight (250).  How accurate are their profiles?  I saw that one person recommended starting at 25/40 profile   I'm coming from a ls2 edge blades standard 5/8ths or 1/2 depending on availability (don't live in a area with great skate sharpening) .I have been skating for years and play men's league.  Thoughts and feedback, thanks ?

  6. I ordered a " in stock" Nathan Mackinnon stick, blue line mid flex (85flex).  I have used it in one men's league game so far.  The stick has good balance and pop.  I would say it is close to being on par with a bauer 2n pro.  The blade is not as dampened.  No it is not a ft4 or a geo (which I have used), but the stick works well and feels good.  The Mackinnon curve is taking a little getting use to coming from a p28.  The curve IMO is very similar to a CCM P90tm.  It is a little flatter and the lie is lower (which I like as I prefer a 5 lie)

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